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Giordana Fusion Bib Short with Nimbo Insert - Men's
Retail Price: $119.95
Our Price: $83.96
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Giordana bills the men's Fusion Bib Shorts and their Nimbo Insert as an introductory model. This confuses the hell out of us. Once you've experienced the confidently fitting stretch and moisture-managing treatment of the shorts' Moxie fabric, you'll understand why. Not only do they fit like a...
Giordana Fusion Lycra Bib Knickers with Nimbo Insert - Men's
Retail Price: $129.95
Our Price: $90.96
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As much as we'd like it to, the temperature at 7 a. m. won't suddenly jump to 70 degrees when the calendar turns over to April. The slow thaw from winter to spring is, well, it's slow, and the best way to deal with conditions that are warming but not yet warm while thawing out your frozen winter...
Giordana Fusion Men's Bib Tights
Retail Price: $159.95
Our Price: $95.97
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Somewhere between twilight picnics in the last rays of summer sun and the color-watching amazement of morning rides, winter seems to cleverly slip right in. Before you know it, chilled knees and popsicle-toes are no longer cured by adding an extra pair of socks and knee warmers. Don't let the...
Giordana Fusion Men's Shorts
Retail Price: $94.95
Our Price: $66.46
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With top-tier features and fabrics, Giordana's Fusion Shorts deliver the comfort and performance that dedicated riders demand, at a price that won't make you surrender your wallet. The Fusion is made with Giordana's Moxie fabric, which provides excellent support and is designed to move moisture...
Giordana G Shield Bib Shorts - Men's
Price: $149.95
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You're wanting to stay in shape all winter and put the hurt on your buddies come spring, but if you aren't prepared for fall showers and cool temperatures, an afternoon ride is more like playing a game of chance with Mother Nature. Avoid cold, soaked bibs with the Giordana G Shield Bib Shorts....
Giordana G Shield Bib Tights - Men's
Price: $174.95
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Leg warmers and shorts keep your knees from chilling when the temperatures are cool. But, if the multiple layers aren't taking the edge off of biting, wet winter winds, it's time to get your legs into a pair of the Giordana G Shield Bib Tights. Sewn into a comfortable race fit from contoured...
Giordana Laser Men's Compression Bib Shorts
Retail Price: $194.95
Our Price: $136.46
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Giordana's made a name for itself by using a variety of fabrics in innovative ways, and the Laser Compression Bib Shorts are no exception. They're constructed primarily from Moovix, which has a silly name, but serious benefits, including muscular support and circulation promotion, which pair up...
Giordana Laser Men's Compression Shorts
Retail Price: $159.95
Our Price: $111.96
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While many riders feel more "pro" wearing bib shorts, the truth is that it's often easier, especially when nature calls, to wear bibless shorts. Whereas many bibless shorts sit at the low end of the clothing line, however, Giordana's Laser Men's Compression Shorts feature all the fabric...
Giordana Silverline Bib Knickers - Men's
Price: $159.95
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On temperate days when tights are overkill, but standard-fare bib shorts won't suffice, bib knickers provide the most effective protection from crisp air. So, when you find yourself in this predicament, slip into a pair of Giordana's Silverline Bib Knickers and get on the road. Designed for...
Giordana Silverline Bib Tights - Men's
Price: $199.95
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Nothing is worse than feeling the cut of winter wind through your summer bib shorts. While raising feelings of inadequacy and self-loathing, your legs feel more like cement blocks than the well oiled pistons that you know them to be. Leave the light layers for more appropriate weather and step...
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