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Maloja MikeM. Shorts - Men's
Retail Price: $129.95
Our Price: $97.46
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Lining up at your XC race kitted out in bright, head-to-toe Lycra isn't really your style. You'd rather leave a little more to the imagination, and we understand. Maloja does too, and the alternative mountain bike brand created its MikeM. Men's Shorts to leave you feeling a bit more covered on a...
Maloja NeilM. Shorts - Men's
Retail Price: $94.95
Our Price: $71.21
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What's the best part of trail riding? Well, it's entirely subjective to different riders, but we firmly believe that escaping to the mountains makes all the hard work worthwhile. Confidently pedaling into the surrounding peaks and forests, the Maloja Men's NeilM. Shorts lives for fat-tire...
Maloja RinaldoM. Shorts - Men's
Retail Price: $149.95
Our Price: $59.98
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At once techy and casual, the Maloja RinaldoM. Men's Mountain Biking Shorts are a thing of beauty. They're made primarily from cotton, which gives them a comfortable, laid-back feel, but incorporate just enough elastane to stretch comfortably for easy pedaling. They're also burly enough to...
Maloja VentM. Shorts - Men's
Retail Price: $224.95
Our Price: $89.98
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Tough as nails and considerably more comfortable, the Maloja VentM. Men's Mountain Bike Shorts are an aggressive freerider's dream. It's inevitable that you'll have close encounters with trees, rocks, dirt, and bears (OK maybe not bears) when you're ripping berms and hitting jumps, but the VentM....
Mavic Stratos H2O Men's Shorts
Retail Price: $179.95
Our Price: $80.99
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While the Stratos Shorts are an established hit with trail riders around the globe, the addition of rain-ready materials only makes them that much better and more capable. Called the Mavic Stratos H2O Men's Shorts, the all-weather shorts will quickly become your new go-to pair once you feel how...
Norr Fjora Dri1 Pant - Men's
Price: $238.95
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Purpose-built to help you weather your bike ride, the Norrona Fjora Dri1 Pant gives royal treatment to a cyclist's most valuable assets: his legs. Besides, you've never been one to let a few raindrops ruin your high-mileage afternoon, so step into the Fjora Dri1 Pant and continue your die-hard...
Norr Fjora Dri3 Shorts - Men's
Price: $198.95
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We all want our trail days to be perfectly sunny, cool, and dry, but that's not how it works. Besides, a little water keeps the dirt nice and tacky, so you might as well embrace the rain in the Norrona Fjora Dri3 Shorts. they're made with a Dri3 membrane -- a waterproof and breathable layer that...
Norr Fjora Flex1 Short - Men's
Retail Price: $144.95
Our Price: $94.22
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Spin the cogged circle in Norrona's Fjora Men's Shorts. Features like articulated knees, zippered thigh ventilation, and an adjustable waistband will keep you cool and comfortable while you ride your bike. Stretch panels provide excellent freedom of moment, and the fit is roomy enough to allow...
Norr Fjora Flex1 Softshell Pant - Men's
Price: $178.95
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Made to encourage your all-weather mountain biking addiction, the Norrona Men's Fjora Flex1 Softshell Pants keep you pedaling when the weather gets nasty. Spray some mud up on your corners, but whatever you do, keep going. Fresh cold ones await you back at the bottom of the singletrack beauty you...
One Industries Atom Shorts - Men's
Price: $79.95
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The dobby weave of One Industries' Atom Shorts not only gives its body extra texture, but it also helps to reinforce the polyester fabric for additional strength. This is important if your riding style and budget demand durable gear. The Atom's body is also cut with the expertise expected from...
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