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Fox Racing Ranger Gel Glove - Men's
Retail Price: $32.95
Our Price: $24.71
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While the Ranger is available in short-fingered and gel-free models, the Ranger Gel Gloves represent the most protective, most comfort-minded option in the line. They combine full finger coverage (crucial on tight trails lined with grasping brush) with pockets of gel padding that help absorb...
Fox Racing Ranger Gel Short Glove - Men's
Retail Price: $29.95
Our Price: $22.46
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Keeping sweat off the grips can be the difference between a successful day on the dirt and an embarrassing--no to mention costly--user error yard sale over the edge of an overcooked berm. By placing a layer of four-way stretch material against your hands, the Fox Racing Ranger Gel Short Gloves...
Fox Racing Ranger Glove - Men's
Retail Price: $24.95
Our Price: $18.71
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Trail gloves are a delicate balancing act: we like padding, but we also like bar-feel; we like coverage, but we don't want to be stifled and sweaty all day. Fox Racing's Men's Ranger Gloves strike that balance, eschewing the padding of their Ranger Gel stablemate and extending a sheathe of...
Fox Racing Ranger Gloves - Men's
Retail Price: $24.95
Our Price: $14.97
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When rides start getting real -- you know, "real long" or "real tough" -- turn to the Fox Racing Ranger Men's Gloves. The Rangers feature a double layer Clarino synthetic suede palm for exceptional grip and durability without losing that essential input and feedback. A lightweight, flexible air...
Fox Racing Ranger Short Gloves - Men's
Retail Price: $21.95
Our Price: $13.17
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If you're a roadie-turned-endure-rider who's in love with half-finger gloves, or an XC rider who likes his fingers free, Fox Racing's Ranger Short Gloves are there for you. Like all Fox gear, they ooze dirt pedigree with padded Airprene knuckles, a double-layer Clarino palm, and silicone gripper...
Fox Racing Reflex Gel Gloves - Men's
Retail Price: $32.95
Our Price: $19.77
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Gel gloves have traditionally been the best friends of bike path cruisers and weekend casualistas, but the Fox Racing Reflex Men's Gel Gloves see things a little differently. Sure, they sport comfortable gel padding in strategic spots, but they manage to do so without losing the responsiveness...
Fox Racing Reflex Gel Short Gloves - Men's
Retail Price: $29.95
Our Price: $17.97
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Gloves shouldn't be a prison for your fingers. With Fox Racing's Reflex Gel Short Gloves, you'll have all the protection you need for long XC rides and the finger freedom to snap photos and identify items in your rear pockets by touch. Like the regular Reflex gloves, the Reflex Shorts have an...
Fox Racing Sidewinder Glove - Men's
Price: $34.95
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Fox Racing calls its Sidewinder Gloves the most versatile in its line. When you reach for the brake levers while barreling through finger-whipping brush, you'll understand why. Despite the top-of-hand protection, your fingers will still find the brake lever because of mesh gussets in the joints....
Fox Racing Sidewinder Polar Glove - Men's
Retail Price: $44.95
Our Price: $22.47
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With the standard Sidewinder glove a proven favorite of dirt lovers everywhere, Fox has taken steps to make a version that can withstand not just mud and grime, but the cold, too, with the Fox Sidewinder Polar Gloves. Fox uses its proprietary Airprene padding over the knuckles for sufficient...
Fox Racing Signature Flexfit Hat
Retail Price: $26.45
Our Price: $19.84
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Maybe you're stopping at a gas station for snacks while driving out to the trailhead for a secret enduro mission. Maybe you've got bad intentions and don't want anyone to know until it's too late. Maybe you're confronting the public for the first time after giving yourself a bad haircut as a...
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