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DeFeet Levitator Lite 1in - Men's
Price: $12.95
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DeFeet set out to improve upon its indestructible Aireator design, aiming to create a new sock that would be cooler and lighter without sacrificing the strength and durability of the beloved Aireator. It started by adding more ventilation around the midfoot and then reducing the weight of the...
DeFeet Levitator Lite 5in Socks - Men's
Retail Price: $12.95
Our Price: $9.71
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Lightweight is the name of DeFeet's sock game, and the Levitator Lite 5-inch Socks come out on top. Based on the Aireator model, the Levitator introduces even more ventilating mesh material for 360 degrees of airflow around the middle of the foot without compromising durability at the toe and...
DeFeet LeviTator Lite NoSee Um Bike Sock - Men's
Price: $11.95
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Slip on the Defeet Men's LeviTator Lite No See-Um Bike Sock and take to the trails for the entire day. Defeet made the ultra lightweight No See-Um sock with nylon and Coolmax material to give you a comfortable sock without the bulk or extra weight. A close fit hugs your foot, and enhanced airflow...
DeFeet Levitator Print Trail 6in Socks - Men's
Price: $13.95
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For the Levitator Print Trail 6-inch Socks, DeFeet incorporated Coolmax EcoMade material into a stretchy synthetic blend for a highly wicking, highly breathable fabric that'll keep you dry for an entire day of trail riding. The forefoot is padded for a bit of cushion without stifling your foot,...
DeFeet Levitator Trail 6in Socks - Men's
Price: $13.95
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DeFeet's latest addition to its All-Mountain category is known as the Levitator Trail. Designed with subtle padding and a tall cuff, the Levitator Trail 6-inch Socks are perfect for keeping your feet comfortable and supported during all of your trail rides, adventure tours, and gravel adventures....
DeFeet Levitator Trail Irie 6in Sock - Men's
Price: $14.95
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When it designed its Irie socks, DeFeet was inspired by long, reckless days on the trail complete with the friendly greetings of fellow cyclists at the trailhead. The socks aren't just about trail-ready looks though -- made out of a blend of synthetic fibers including DeFeet's recycled CoolMax...
DeFeet Memphis 6in Sock - Men's
Retail Price: $14.95
Our Price: $11.21
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Memphis 6in Sock
DeFeet On The Rocks 6in Sock - Men's
Price: $14.95
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Whether you prefer to sip cocktails on the porch after a day on the trails, bunker down with a book of equations, or just admire the symmetrical beauty of a well-proportioned geometric design, the DeFeet On The Rocks socks are the perfect pairing for the cubically inclined. Their six-inch cuff...
DeFeet Petal Power Sock - Men's
Price: $10.95
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Put the pedals to the metal and shred some trail in the DeFeet Petal Power socks. With their two-inch cuff height, these socks sit at a more traditional length for cyclists and triathletes alike looking to fend off tall-sock tan lines while still rocking some sass in the saddle. The socks are...
DeFeet Pizza Party Aireator Hi-Top 6in Sock - Men's
Price: $12.99
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Besides complementing your kit with mouth-watering appeal, the DeFeet Pizza Party Aireator Hi Top 6in Sock delivers airy-cool comfort through rigorous rides and casual jaunts alike. CoolMax EcoMade recycled yarns actively wick moisture to promote evaporative cooling. Mesh ventilation rapidly...
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