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Giordana Trade Short-Cuff Sock - Men's - Men's
Price: $12.95
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Like all good foot soldiers, the Giordana Trade Short-Cuff Socks do what they're asked to do -- and that's to keep your pedal-pushers comfortable over countless miles. They're made predominantly of Newlife X-Dry fabric, which swiftly transports moisture away from the skin. As a feel-good bonus,...
Giordana Trade Tall Cuff Sock - Men's - Men's
Price: $14.95
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Other functions aside, there's just something nostalgic about the shorts/high socks combo. The Giordana Trade Tall-Cuff Socks remind us of childhood excursions through the woods and into town in three-striped cotton crews hiked up to the calf to protect from poison ivy, thorns, and chainrings. By...
Giro Classic Cotton Cap - Men's
Price: $15.95
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Nothing says that you're a cyclist like Giro's Classic Cotton Cap. On or off the bike, this cap offers a bit of shade from the sun, a cover from wind and rain, and a layer of insulation when it's cool. It also wicks sweat when the heat rises. The Giro Classic Cotton Cap is one-size-fits-all and...
Giro Classic Racer Socks - Men's
Retail Price: $12.95
Our Price: $9.71
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Your toes will thank you when you encase them in the Giro Classic Racer Socks. Made with Meryl Skinlife, these socks provide the utmost in moisture management and fit. Plus they look classic, which only helps your style points.The Giro Classic Racer socks are available in four sizes, from Small...
Giro Coolmax Hi-Rise Sock - Men's
Retail Price: $12.95
Our Price: $9.71
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The Giro Coolmax Hi-Rise Sock is the ideal sock for warm weather cycling. When you've been jonesing to ride all day, but can't fathom pushing the peddles when the temps are hovering close to 100, then wait for the sun to settle a bit on the horizon and pump your way to the pass. Coolmax fabric...
Giro DND Gloves - Men's
Retail Price: $25.95
Our Price: $19.46
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When you pull on the DND Gloves, you're treating your hands to technical features, expert craftsmanship, and Giro quality. So, how did this enticing level of perfection come into existence? Simple. The DND Super Fit design has evolved with Giro's diverse team of cyclists and engineers on trails...
Giro Hoxton LF Glove - Men's
Retail Price: $34.95
Our Price: $26.21
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Treat your hands to technical features, expert tailoring, and Giro quality when you pull on the Hoxton LF Glove. Intended for urban riding, the Hoxton LF uses a stylish blend of Merino wool instead of the omnipresent cycling-standard of black polyester. The merino blend offers warmth on cool...
Giro Hoxton SF Glove - Men's
Retail Price: $29.95
Our Price: $14.97
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Enjoy endless versatility and unheard-of comfort with the Giro Hoxton SF Glove. The Hoxton SF is ideal for all types of warm-weather riding, whether road or mountain. Giro combined odor-fighting merino wool, leather, and Ax Synthetic Suede for unsurpassed comfort and durability. You'll...
Giro Merino Winter Cap - Men's
Price: $44.95
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Frosty rides are less so when you're pushing the pedals with a Giro Merino Winter Cap under your helmet. Classic styling and an Australian wool blend make this cap perfect for winter conditions, whether you're riding or not.The cap is relatively light, so it's easy to toss in a pocket if you're...
Giro Merino Wool HighTower Socks - Men's
Price: $19.95
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Dropping temperatures require more calculated steps towards layering before you set out on your next ride. And thankfully, the Giro Merino Wool HighTower Socks are tall and thin, so that they'll layer comfortably underneath winter tights. Giro's wool socks are crafted in Italy from genuine Merino...
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