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Competitive Cyclist Logo Flat Bill Trucker Hat
Price: $24.95
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From bad hair days to leisurely post-ride coffee jaunts, the Competitive Cyclist Logo Flat Bill Trucker Hat keeps your brand loyalty at the forefront of your style. The blended fabric at the crown maintains a comfortable feel, while the adjustable snapback offers a personalized fit. Additionally,...
Competitive Cyclist Logo Trucker Hat
Price: $24.95
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Does helmet hair have you down? We've got just the right pick me up with the new Competitive Cyclist Logo Trucker hat. No longer will you have to hang your head in shame when you approach the bartender with the soulful eyes at your local watering hole after your ride. Now all you need to do is...
Craft Active Extreme 2.0 Windstopper Hat
Price: $44.95
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Most days, a cap or knit beanie will keep you plenty warm on the bike, but if you aim to ride through windy, wet conditions, having something more serious helps. The Craft Active Extreme 2. 0 Windstopper Hat sits quietly under your helmet with a lightweight panel of Gore Windstopper fabric...
Craft Charge Glove - Men's
Price: $34.95
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Let's face it, you'll probably be sweaty after climbing uphill for the plunging descent on the backside of the canyon. As any rider is well aware, sweaty palms don't exactly inspire confidence when you're charging downhill at scary-fast speeds and launching side-hits into a minefield of rocks and...
Craft Compression Sock - Men's
Retail Price: $49.95
Our Price: $34.96
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Whether you're headed out on a long, demanding ride or enjoying that post-workout recovery, pull on the Craft Compression Sock. With a compressive fit, this sock is designed to reduce muscle vibration during your workout and enhance blood flow when your ride is over. A light nylon enhances...
Craft Cool Mesh Superlight Headband
Price: $19.95
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Few things are more annoying than the sting of sweat in your eyes during a particularly brutal climb or a big blurry blob of sweat on your expensive riding sunglasses. End the torment forever with the Craft Cool Mesh Headband. Not only does the Cool Mesh Headband halt sweat on its short journey...
Craft Glow Sock - Men's
Price: $24.95
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Knit with reflective yarns that spiral around your lower leg, the Craft Glow Socks ensure brilliant visibility from every angle when you're riding at dusk and dawn hours. Lightweight fabric and functional mesh vents keep your feet blissfully cool on warmer rides, with arch ribs and a touch of...
Craft Race Hat
Price: $24.95
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Made of a soft, quick-drying polyester/elastane blend, the Craft Race Hat is great for keeping your dome warm and also evacuating perspiration. The ribbed interior helps in this regard, and also makes the hat very comfortable. It comes in one size and in six color schemes, four of which pay...
Craft Rain Cap
Price: $39.95
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Sometimes, you can judge something by its name alone. The Craft Rain Cap is a strong example of this, as the name tells you exactly what it's for: repelling water. Your legs may be doing all the work while riding, but that doesn't mean you should leave your head to fend for itself. You might need...
Craft Zero WindStopper Head Band
Retail Price: $34.95
Our Price: $24.46
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If you're like us, you don't like it when your head gets too hot, but you also have sensitive ears. You've probably also discovered that headbands are the way to go. The Craft Zero Windstopper Headband will give you the sort of sweat-wicking moisture management that a summer time headband offers,...
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