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Ambrosio Ambrosio Excellence Rim
Price: $99.95
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Aside from the brutal weather, die-hard fans, and legendary cobbled sectors, nothing signifies the Spring Classics quite like those traditional box-section rims trusted by professional riders year after year. Sure, we've seen carbon hoops begin their inevitable takeover in all facets of road...
Campagnolo Bora One 35 Wheelset - Clincher
Retail Price: $2736.00
Our Price: $1663.15
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The median depth of Campagnolo's Bora One 35 Wheelset strikes a balance between the advantages of low rotational mass for climbing and drag-reducing aerodynamics for holding speed on the flats. They also exhibit no signs of compromise in the build, the hubs, or the price, bringing a modern-width...
Campagnolo Bora One 50 Wheelset - Tubular
Retail Price: $2430.00
Our Price: $1799.95
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In terms of race pedigree, you'd be hard pressed to find a rim that enjoys more time on the podiums of Europe than Campagnolo's iconic Bora rims. With the Bora One 50 Wheelset, Campagnolo brings this proven rim design into the self-sponsored racer's range by mating it to Ultra Smooth Bearing (USB...
Campagnolo Bora Ultra 35 Wheelset - Tubular
Retail Price: $4155.00
Our Price: $2995.95
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Let's get one thing out of the way: yes, the Campagnolo Bora Ultra 35 Tubular Wheelset costs over $4000. Now that you're sure your eyes aren't deceiving you, let's try and answer the obvious question: why? The simple answer is that the Bora Ultra 35 is a pro-level race-day rim, as in "I'm leading...
Campagnolo Bora Ultra 50 Wheelset - Tubular
Retail Price: $3687.00
Our Price: $2749.95
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The Campagnolo Bora Ultra 50 Wheelset is perhaps the most immediately recognizable piece of cycling componentry in the world. Those deep rims and iconic script just scream class. They've long been associated with the greatest performances of grand tour cycling, with only the names of the riders...
Campagnolo Bora Ultra 80 Wheelset - Tubular
Retail Price: $4105.00
Our Price: $3399.95
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Campagnolo's wind-cheating Bora Ultra 80 Wheelset takes its name from the "north wind" of the Mediterranean. This is an appropriate choice, because -- if there was ever a wind that you'd want to keep from gaining purchase on you, it's the Bora, whose top speed of 136 miles per hour almost doubles...
Campagnolo Shamal Mille Wheelset
Price: $1425.00
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When Campagnolo introduced the Shamal, it was the shape of things to come, quite literally. The aero-shaped alloy rim would kick-start the development of aero alloy rims, followed by aero carbon rims, which more or less brings us to present day, and Campy's latest iteration of the Shamal, the...
Chris King FunBolts
Price: $68.45
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Chris King FunBolts are used primarily with their single-speed hubs. However, it's possible to use them with a standard ISO Disc Rear hub because those have an axle with removable QR adapters that are threaded into place. Why would you want to use FunBolts you might ask? They offer a bit more...
Crank Brothers Cobalt 2 29in Boost Wheelset
Retail Price: $550.00
Our Price: $495.00
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Look no further than the Crank Brothers Cobalt 2 29in Boost Wheelset if you're seeking an eye-catching upgrade to your XC whip or trail bike. This version of the Cobalt 2 accommodates the latest Boost standards of modern XC and trail machines. Boost eliminates the excess flex that 29-inch wheels...
Crank Brothers Iodine 2 29in Boost Wheelset
Price: $550.00
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Using smart design principles and quality materials, the Crank Brothers Iodine 2 29in Boost Wheelset offers reliable strength, stiffness, and acceleration to enthusiast-level enduro riders. One of the solid design foundations upon which this wheelset is built is the Twinpair spoke technology,...
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