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HED Stinger 5 FR Carbon Road Wheelset - Tubular
Price: $2099.95
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The icons of our sport are not the brawniest of men, at least not physically. Mentally, though, their toughness far outweighs muscles,and it is that toughness that makes them compelling to watch. Like these icons of sport, the HED Stinger 5 FR Carbon Tubular Wheelset isn't the biggest, deepest or...
HED Stinger Disc FR Carbon Road Wheel - Tubular
Price: $1699.95
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When aerodynamics trump all other considerations, the HED Stinger Disc FR Carbon wheel is the weapon to meet and exceed all expectations. The longer toroidal bulge makes the Stinger much more aerodynamic than even its carbon disc siblings. And, because of the lenticular, rather than flat, sides,...
Ibis 735 Carbon Boost Wheelset - 27.5in
Price: $1799.00
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Ibis is known for producing fast-spinning, hard-hitting wheelsets that push the boundaries of what's possible on the trail, and the 27. 5in Ibis 735 Carbon Boost Wheelset is no exception. Featuring an updated hybrid carbon layup that Ibis claims increases strength compared to its predecessors and...
Ibis 738 27.5in Boost Wheelset
Price: $549.00
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When the trail ahead looms in formidable proportions, you'll be happy to have the Ibis 738 27. 5in Boost Wheelset under your ride. Its massive 34mm internal rim width and burly 38mm external width lays down a giant, stable footprint for confident grip in loose situations. The 738 allows super-low...
Ibis 741 Carbon Rim
Price: $449.95
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When it comes to hammering singletrack, manufacturers have come to realize that wider rims are better rims. Ibis is leading the wide-rim charge with its 741 Carbon Rim. The 741 adds width without adding a ton of weight, so you get more traction and stability without much more weight.Wider...
Ibis 741 Carbon Rim Decal
Price: $29.95
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You've got speed, strength, and enduro bravery that (occasionally) borders on foolishness. This is all due in some part to your Ibis 741 wheels, so repay them with some special heraldry with the 741 Carbon Rim Decal set.
Ibis 742 Carbon Fiber 27.5in Boost Wheelset
Price: $1799.00
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In an industry ever-devoted to bigger and gnarlier, it's refreshing when a manufacturer manages to get all the benefits of the latter without the weight penalty of the former. Ibis' 742 Carbon Fiber 27. 5in Boost Wheelset manages that feat by incorporating Boost spacing and a titanic rim width...
Ibis 742 Carbon Fiber 27.5in Wheelset
Price: $1799.00
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The shifting tides towards beefier tires and bigger capability makes wheels like Ibis' 742 Carbon Fiber 27. 5in Wheelset a welcome addition to the stable. Compared to its predecessor, the 741, the 742 drops some weight with a lowered rim height but still boasts the same titanic rim width. The...
Ibis 742 Carbon Rim
Price: $525.00
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In the tide towards plus-sized tires and the ability to rock ever increasing levels of gnar, Ibis brings its 742 Carbon Rim to the table as a lightweight platform with the strength to weather the biggest hits. It features a beefy rim width that sits shallower than that of its predecessor, the 741...
Ibis 742 Logo Carbon 27.5in Boost Wheelset
Price: $1299.00
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The engineers at Ibis were ahead of their time when they launched the original 741 Wheelset a few years back, considering they were the only manufacturer offering an ultra-wide option for aggressive trail and all-mountain use. Now that the industry has finally caught up, Ibis has doubled down on...
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