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HED Stinger 9 FR Carbon Road Wheelset - Tubular
Price: $2295.95
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Deeper is better. Right? Maybe if you love Chicago style pizza. When it comes to choosing race wheels, deep rims often bring with them instability problems caused by crosswinds. And even though you may feel fast, every millimeter of side-to side movement adds seconds to your time. To help...
HED Stinger Carbon Disc Wheel - Tubular
Retail Price: $1500.00
Our Price: $974.99
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Fast. Faster. Fastest. We sell several brands of disc wheels and everyone has their claim. We'll go so far as to tell you that the HED Stinger Carbon Tubular Disc Wheel is among the fastest of the fastest discs available today. It's faster than its brother, the HED Jet Disc by nine seconds in a...
Industry Nine Enduro 27.5in Wheelset
Price: $1210.00
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If you have mid-size wheels and a trail bike that's ready for anything, it's safe to consider yourself a new-school trail boss. However, we'd wager that there's still one piece missing from your trail equation -- Industry Nine's Enduro 27. 5in Wheelset. These wheels feature newly-designed Torch...
Industry Nine Enduro 29er
Price: $1210.00
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Nobody likes flimsy wheels, especially if you're riding a 29er, where wheel flex is most apparent. But with its proprietary aluminum spokes and a burly, yet lightweight rim shape, there's no reason to fear flex with the Industry Nine Enduro 29er Wheelset. They may be as light as other companies'...
Industry Nine Front Enduro Hub Conversion Kit
Retail Price: $30.00
Our Price: $18.00
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The Industry Nine Enduro front hub is their large diameter hub shell. It's bad, it's beautiful, and it can accommodate any front axle type known to man. We sell our Enduro wheels with a 20mm thru-axle, but for those of you wanting something different, the Industry Nine Enduro Front Hub Conversion...
Industry Nine i25 Disc Brake Road Wheelset - Tubeless
Price: $1175.00
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The exquisite anodized finish of Industry Nine's i25 Road Disc Wheelset might be eye-catching, but it does nothing for the seat-of-the-pants experience. Taking care of that is a redesigned Torch hub, 2:1-laced Sapim spokes, and a 23. 2mm-wide tubeless-ready rim. All of this adds up to an...
Industry Nine i25 Road Wheelset - Tubeless
Price: $1150.00
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When it comes to looks, few components match the finish Industry Nine's attention to detail produces. This holds true for the i25 Tubeless Road Wheelset, and to ensure performance matches expectations, a redesigned Torch hub, 2:1-laced Sapim spokes, and a 23mm-wide tubeless-ready rim team up for...
Industry Nine i35 Carbon Road Wheelset - Clincher
Price: $2650.00
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We love the smooth, fast ride of carbon rims, but let's face it, we also want a wheelset that has character. And whether it's the stunning anodized finish, or the fact that the hubs are built in North Carolina by fanatical cyclists, there's no denying that the Industry Nine i35 Carbon Clincher...
Industry Nine i35 Carbon Road Wheelset - Tubular
Price: $2500.00
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It wasn't long ago that the phrase "carbon fiber tubular" struck terror into the hearts of cyclists the world over. Thankfully, we've since moved out of those dark ages, and it's now possible get the supreme ride quality of tubulars with the aerodynamic and weight advantages of carbon hoops. And...
Industry Nine i45 Carbon Road Wheelset - Clincher
Price: $2650.00
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There's something special about the ride of a deep carbon clincher, especially when said carbon rim is laced to an especially fast-rolling hubset. Such is the case with the Industry Nine i45 Carbon Clincher Road Wheelset. With an American-made hubset, Sapim spokes, and Reynolds SLG carbon fiber...
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