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HED Ardennes Plus LT Road Wheelset - Clincher
Price: $900.00
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Wide rims are here to stay, and if you still aren't sure what all the fuss is about, let us introduce you to the HED Ardennes Plus LT Clincher Road Wheelset. Some things are best left unchanged, and accordingly, the Ardennes LT keeps its aluminum rims and HED Sonic hubs. But change can be a good...
HED Ardennes Plus SL Road Wheelset - Clincher
Price: $1150.00
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Carbon fiber rims may have taken over the ProPeloton, but HED's Ardennes Plus SL Clincher Wheelset proves that aluminum is far from dead. The advantage that you'll immediately notice is HED's new and wider C2 rim profile, which boosts the width to a generous 25mm. As you're probably aware, wider...
HED H3 FR Carbon Road Wheel - Clincher
Price: $1200.00
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The H3 is highly acclaimed for its unique design, which is matched only by the number of times it's been ridden to the podium. The H3 features incomparable speed, revolutionary lateral stiffness, and superior handling abilities. Whether you're looking for the cream of the crop of time trial...
HED H3 FR Carbon Road Wheel - Tubular
Price: $1199.95
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The cycling industry sets the bar high in the world of industrial design aesthetics, and the HED H3 FR Wheels are definitely no exception. Add the aesthetics to the research and development that places them at the forefront of aerodynamic innovation, and you have wheels with low rolling...
HED H3D FR Carbon Road Wheel - Tubular
Price: $1499.95
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The HED H3D FR Carbon Tubular Road Wheel has only been in production since 2007, yet it lays claim to victories at the Tour, the Giro, and Beijing. Even the prototypes, being tested as early as 2005, were turning heads in timetrials. The H3D not only looks cool, it's also fast and you'll be...
HED H3D FR Carbon Wheel - Clincher
Price: $1399.95
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If we're honest with ourselves, it's easy to admit that disc wheels aren't always a blast on the open road, and for some disciplines of cycling, they're not even allowed. That's why HED produced the H3D FR Wheels. The H3Ds are the fastest non-disc HED wheels to date, and they excel by leaps and...
HED Jet 5 Express Carbon Road Wheelset - Clincher
Price: $1349.95
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HED doesn't fall victim to marketing hype. Even though it is a true innovator and holds several patents for torodial rim shapes and wind-cheating technologies, you don't often hear it making a big deal about an innovation. More often than not, the innovations show up as subtle changes in each...
HED Stinger 3 Carbon Disc Brake Road Wheelset - Tubular
Price: $2099.95
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If you've raced cyclocross, especially in muddy or icy conditions, you know that stopping power is paramount. Second to that, if you're going to spend a fair amount of time with your bike hoisted on your shoulder, weight is also important. Now that disc brakes are UCI legal to race, the braking...
HED Stinger 3 FR Carbon Road Wheelset - Tubular
Price: $2099.95
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When all your races seem to go uphill, you want a lightweight, aerodynamic wheelset that almost climbs by itself. HED's Stinger 3 FR Carbon Tubular Road Wheelset is so lightweight and fast that only your opponents will feel the sting, not your legs. The Stinger 3 are the first in the line of HED...
HED Stinger 4 FR Carbon Road Wheelset - Tubular
Price: $2099.95
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By now you've heard the words toroidal and hybritoroidal thrown around by virtually every carbon wheel manufacturer. But, did you know that Steve Hed was granted the patent for them in 1991? HED's first toroidal shapes and deep rims were designed in 1989. So, to put it bluntly, other...
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