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ENVE Twenty9 XC Carbon Wheelset
Retail Price: $2550.00
Our Price: $1624.99
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Though the pitched battle between the 26in versus the 29er proponents seems to have ended, the debate between the two can still be a fun topic around the bike shop. Tradition is certainly on the side of 26" wheels, but then again so much of the mountain bike ethos revolves around debunking...
HED Ardennes FR Disc Brake Road Wheel - Tubular
Retail Price: $1350.00
Our Price: $539.99
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In the past two years, you've probably been just as frustrated as us with the slow crawl that's been 700c disc wheel progression. Prior to the HED Ardennes FR Disc Brake Tubular Wheel, you could only check one of two boxes on your wish list -- either disc ready and clincher, or tubular and...
HED Ardennes FR Wheelset - Clincher
Price: $1400.00
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Unlike many rims that go skinny to get fast, the Ardennes FR Wheels feature a 23mm wide rim. This allows the tire to seat better at the bead and also provides more tire contact with the ground. This means lower rolling resistance as well as extra security when taking a corner hard. It also means...
HED Ardennes Plus BLACK
Price: $1600.00
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The HED Ardennes Plus Black wheelset is a lightweight and stealthy addition to any bike. Their black braking surfaces create a solid dark finish to the tire edge, resulting in a clean, stealthy look without the usual jarring silver stripe found on most aluminum rim braking surfaces. That rim...
HED Ardennes Plus CL Road Wheelset - Clincher
Price: $900.00
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Popular for its super-wide rim profile, HED's Ardennes line has always been synonymous with smooth-rolling value. New for this year, the HED Ardennes Plus CL Road Wheelset adopts a wider 25mm rim for even smoother performance. Ultimately, the boosted width increases the tire contact on the road,...
HED Ardennes Plus LT Road Wheelset - Clincher
Price: $900.00
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The Ardennes Classics. Depending on your point of view, they're either the tail end of the best part of race season, or the very beginning of the interesting stuff. They favor the climbers, but also a strong all-rounder, but most of all they favor the rider who can go hard all day long. The HED...
HED Ardennes Plus SL Road Wheelset - Clincher
Price: $1150.00
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If the tech sheet, marketing copy, and glowing reviews from major publications aren't enough to sell you on the plush, efficient ride of HED's Ardennes Plus SL Road Wheelset, then just head to your local two-wheeled hotspot and count the number of times you see that unmistakable branding roll by...
HED Ardennes SL Disc Brake - Clincher
Price: $1100.00
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Tubular tires are fast, smooth, and awesome to ride, but they're pretty impractical if you don't have a team car following you around on all your training rides. For most of us, clinchers are where it's at, and if you can throw ultra-modern disc brakes into the mix as well, you're going to be...
HED Ardennes SL Disc Brake - Tubular
Price: $1100.00
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In 2007, HED spearHEDed (sorry, sorry) the wide rim revolution with its 23mm rims. Now, it's leading the charge yet again with the Ardennes SL Disc Brake Tubulars, ushering in an era of wide rims and disc brakes, which we're confident represent the future standard of cycling. Add to this the ride...
HED Disc Thru Axle Conversion Kit
Price: $35.00
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Sometimes a product name says it all, so we have to make up a story in order to justify the copy space. HED's Disc Thru Axle Conversion Kit is one of those instances, and the story goes like this: Once upon a time, a pair of quick-release HED Sonic Disc Brake hubs wished it were thru-axle...
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