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ENVE SES 4.5 Carbon Clincher Road Wheelset - DT Swiss 240 Hub
Price: $2900.00
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The ENVE SES 4. 5 Carbon Clincher Road Wheelset with DT Swiss 240 Hubs has garnered a storied reputation as a jack-of-all trades that's as capable on soaring ascents as it is railing criterium corners and settling into a blistering pace off the front of the peloton. This version comes outfitted...
ENVE SES 4.5 Carbon Road Wheelset - Clincher - ENVE Carbon Ceramic Hubs
Price: $3500.00
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ENVE has reached such a superior level with their SES 4. 5 Carbon Road Clincher Road Wheelset, that in addition to the ENVE Carbon Ceramic Hubs, they should pack a fresh pair of podium shoes in the box. And maybe a cycling cap, too, to ensure that no one has an excuse for wearing a baseball hat...
ENVE SES 7.8 Carbon Road Wheelset - Clincher
Price: $2900.00
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Speed is something that all cyclists and triathletes want more of, and we're constantly searching for ways to be more efficient, more aerodynamic, and eke out a few more watts. Add a big dose of fast to your aero steed with the SES 7. 8 Carbon Road Clincher Wheelset, which ENVE bills as its...
ENVE SES 7.8 Disc Wheelset - Clincher
Price: $2900.00
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Opting in on the power and modulation of a disc brake road whip shouldn't mean that you have to give up on the never ending quest for speed and aerodynamics. With that in mind ENVE brings you the SES 7. 8 Disc Wheelset, which boasts all the wind-cheating, screaming speed of the original SES 7. 8...
Fulcrum Racing 5 DB Wheelset - Clincher
Price: $450.00
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Tuck those deep-dish carbon 'cross racing tubulars safely away in the closet and outfit your favorite mud-shedding steed for salty winter base miles with the Fulcrum Racing 5 DB Clincher Wheelset. Built to mesh perfectly with your disc-brake equipped frame, these wheels house tires ranging from...
Fulcrum Racing Quattro Carbon Wheelset - Clincher
Price: $1550.00
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Perusing various carbon fiber hoop offerings can quickly spiral into a vortex of sky-high costs and withered hopes after checking your bank account. The Fulcrum Racing Quattro Carbon Clincher Wheelset is here to put an end to that spiral, delivering smooth carbon speed at a significantly lower...
Fulcrum Racing Zero Carbon Wheelset - Clincher
Retail Price: $2272.00
Our Price: $1999.95
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The Fulcrum Racing Zero Carbon Clincher Wheelset builds on the stiffness and general efficiency of the original aluminum-rimmed Zero with an upgrade to carbon fiber for improved responsiveness and speed off the line. Utilizing a technology Fulcrum dubs Momag, the Zero Carbon rims feature a...
HED 11-Speed Freehub Body Conversion Kit
Price: $150.00
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Just because your drivetrain has recently graduated to eleven-speeds, doesn't mean that your freehub body has. Chances are that your current HED wheels aren't compatible with an 11-speed Shimano/SRAM cassette, which is why HED created its 11-Speed Freehub Body Conversion Kit. Now, converting your...
HED Ardennes Plus BLACK
Price: $1499.95
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The HED Ardennes Plus Black wheelset is a lightweight and stealthy addition to any bike. Their black braking surfaces create a solid dark finish to the tire edge, resulting in a clean, stealthy look without the usual jarring silver stripe found on most aluminum rim braking surfaces. That rim...
HED Ardennes Plus CL Road Wheelset - Clincher
Price: $900.00
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Popular for its super-wide rim profile, HED's Ardennes line has always been synonymous with smooth-rolling value. New for this year, the HED Ardennes Plus CL Road Wheelset adopts a wider 25mm rim for even smoother performance. Ultimately, the boosted width increases the tire contact on the road,...
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