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Easton Haven 26in Wheels
Retail Price: $445.00
Our Price: $266.99
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The Easton Haven 26in Wheel possesses all of the shaping and structural elements required to meet the stringent UST standards. The testing and certification is an expensive process, but Easton decided that the time and monetary commitment would offset the ease of seating beads with a floor pump,...
Easton Haven 29in Wheels
Price: $455.00
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With 29in wheels spinning at full speed, we're enjoying the plentiful options that are now available. In fact, less than five years ago, 29in UST wheels and tires weren't an option. So, in order to enjoy the benefits of riding tubeless, riders were forced to deal with sketchy rim/tape/tire combos...
Easton Haven Carbon 29in Wheelset
Price: $2600.00
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Nearly 200 grams lighter than Easton's alloy counterpart, the Haven Carbon 29in Wheelset is light, however, that's not the full extent of these wheels' appeal. Their carbon rim is also incredibly strong. And, in the world of long-travel 29ers, this is a perfect match for aggressive all-mountain...
Easton Haven Carbon Wheel - 26in
Retail Price: $1225.00
Our Price: $749.99
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We live in a world where sub-30lb, long-travel bikes are becoming commonplace. Easton's Haven Carbon 26in Wheels are a perfect match for those aggressive all-mountain rigs that favor lightness without sacrificing durability. For strength, Easton relies on its proprietary Armored Ballistic...
Easton Haven Carbon Wheel - 29in
Retail Price: $1275.00
Our Price: $944.00
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We know what you're thinking, carbon wheels can't hold up to your level of riding. But, what if we told you that the Easton Haven Carbon Wheel was made from a composite similar to those found in combat body armor? We'll assume that an eyebrow has been raised. So, now that we've opened Pandora's...
ENVE 1.45 Carbon Road Wheelset - Tubular
Retail Price: $2520.00
Our Price: $1883.00
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Every gram that you don't have to push along the road is time added and energy saved (that's why you shaved your legs and didn't drink any beer for 24 hours, right?), but lightening up your wheelset is probably the most efficient way to get a big performance boost by shaving a few grams....
ENVE 1.65 Carbon Road Wheelset - Tubular
Retail Price: $2520.00
Our Price: $1749.95
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Some use it for cyclocross, others for time trials, but regardless, one thing can be said for certain -- the ENVE 1. 65 Wheelset is insanely fast. In fact, the 1. 65 is the ultralight iteration of what was already referred to as 'the founder's favorite.' So, at an even lighter, feathery 1258...
ENVE 25 Classic Carbon Road Wheelset - Clincher
Price: $2600.00
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Tubular tires are great for racing, as long as someone else is paying, but clincher tires are about 1000 times more practical for most of us. That doesn't mean they're slow, though. For proof, just check out the ENVE 25 Classic Carbon Clincher Road Wheelset, a rocket-powered package that performs...
ENVE Classic 25 Carbon Road Wheelset - Tubular
Price: $2520.00
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You know about Enve, so there's really no point in talking about how everything that Enve touches turns to gold--really, stiff, lightweight gold--you already know. The Enve Classic 25 Carbon Road Tubular wheelset won't have any problem living up to your expectations, either. As you probably...
ENVE Classic 45 Carbon Road Wheelset - Clincher
Retail Price: $2600.00
Our Price: $1950.00
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The ENVE Classic 45 Carbon Road Clincher Wheelset offers the positives of deep carbon rims, namely the lightweight, aerodynamic, incredibly fast performance, without sacrificing the practical benefits of clincher wheels. And though most carbon wheels suffer from poor braking performance, the...
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