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DT Swiss XRC 1250 Spline Carbon 27.5in Wheelset
Retail Price: $3075.00
Our Price: $1999.99
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Mass is the enemy of almost all bicycle dynamics, but to eliminate weight too aggressively from critical parts of a bike can mean a sacrifice in strength, stiffness, and ultimately, control. What to do? If you're piloting an XC or trail-worthy rig, one no-brainer of an upgrade is a wheelset like...
DT Swiss XRC 1250 Spline Carbon 29in Wheelsest
Retail Price: $3075.00
Our Price: $1799.99
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For XC riders or anyone else concerned with achieving maximum speed and efficiency on a mountain bike, weight is the foremost enemy. To maintain control is also key, however, which is why solidity and reliability of parts is important. It makes achieving the balance between weight and strength a...
e*thirteen components TRS+ Wheelset - 29in
Retail Price: $1200.00
Our Price: $849.99
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E*thirteen components' methodology to wheels is a refreshing and effective solution to the rotational weight dilemma. By moving mass to the hub, via large flanges and shorter spokes, the TRS+ 29in Wheelset accelerates fast without becoming a flex'y flier in the rough stuff. This design increases...
Easton EA70 SL Road Wheel - Clincher
Price: $260.00
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As a long-standing option in the lineup, the Easton EA70 SL clincher wheel has proven itself as a durable performer. For this year, the rim profile gets bumped up to 17. 5mm internal width, which provides a more stable tire profile, which is especially noticeable if you've made the jump onto the...
Easton EA70 XC 29in Wheels
Retail Price: $315.00
Our Price: $249.99
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The Easton EA70 XC 29-inch Wheels falls nicely into a gaping hole in the world of mountain bike wheels. Known for its stiffness and durability, the EA70 is tough enough for trail riding and light enough for XC race, all without breaking the bank. It may not be the lightest wheelset on the market,...
Easton EA70 XCT 29er Wheel - Tubeless - 29in
Retail Price: $300.00
Our Price: $135.00
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Constructed from aluminum, the EA70 XCT 29er Tubeless Wheels ride on years of alloy know-how from the specialists at Easton. In fact, the signature EA70 alloy rim combines the durability of aluminum with a weight that rivals some competitors' carbon alternatives. Adding to the strength side of...
Easton EA70 XCT 29er Wheel - Tubeless - 29in -
Retail Price: $300.00
Our Price: $180.00
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Murder out your impervious singletrack wrecking ball with the Easton EA70 XCT 29er Wheel. The EA70 XCT offers all of Easton's top-shelf technology, like welded Easton aluminum rims, sturdy butted spokes, and sealed cartridge bearings, at a fraction of the price. The XCT is also available in a...
Easton EA70 XCT Wheel - Tubeless - 26"
Retail Price: $435.00
Our Price: $239.99
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The Easton EA70 XCT Wheelset makes some of Easton's most innovative all-mountain features available to those of us who don't have the initials M. D. or D. D. S. at the end of our names. The EA70 boasts welded rims, butted spokes, generous 19mm internal rim widths, and sealed cartridge bearing,...
Easton EA90 RT Road Wheel - Tubeless
Retail Price: $722.45
Our Price: $577.96
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There is no better reason to switch to a tubeless tire than the frustration of having to change flats, and no better reason to get the Easton EA90 RT than its speed, cornering stability, confident flat protection, and exceptional durability. New for your 2012 season is the EA90 RT, with a...
Easton EA90 SL Road Wheel - Clincher
Price: $390.00
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The EA90 is a long standing go-to wheelset for those that put a hurt on their wheels, and for this year, the Easton EA90 clincher wheel gets a facelift. It gets a wider, tubeless compatible rim, which will please anyone that's been paying attention to the recent development in rim shapes. But the...
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