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Race Face Aeffect Plus 27.5in Boost Wheel
Price: $319.99
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Make the most of your 27. 5+ trail bike with the tenacious traction of plus-sized tires mounted to the Race Face Aeffect Plus 27. 5in Boost Wheel. Originally introduced in standard 27. 5 and 29-inch variants, the Aeffect Wheel proves itself as a reliable choice for riding sampling everything on...
Race Face Aeffect SL 29in Wheelset
Retail Price: $549.98
Our Price: $494.98
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Wagon wheels have had their detractors from the beginning. "Too flexi," "wander on climbs," "don't track right"--we've heard it all. But in the end, they're just faster than their stunted counterparts, and when it comes to XC speed, fast is fun. Race Face's Aeffect SL 29in Wheelset embodies the...
Race Face Aeffect-R 27.5in Boost Wheelset
Price: $699.98
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Race Face's Aeffect line is made to be budget-friendly, hardworking, and somewhat bombproof to handle whatever the trail sends your way. Although relatively new to the wheel gig, Race Face relies on the expertise of sister company Easton to build solid, reliable hoops like the Aeffect-R 27. 5in...
Reynolds 27.5 AM LTD Carbon Wheelset
Retail Price: $1899.95
Our Price: $999.95
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After having the chance to ride some of the new Boost-stiffened enduro sleds, we admit that our own 142/100mm axles and alloy hoops are feeling a bit insubstantial. To address this, we partnered with Reynolds for the custom 27. 5 AM LTD Carbon Wheelset, which features DT Swiss hubs, Reynolds'...
Reynolds 27.5 AM LTD Carbon Wheelset with XD Driver Body
Retail Price: $1949.95
Our Price: $1049.95
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The mountain bike industry is prone to making radical changes almost overnight, many of which are destined to become passing fads or short-lived trends, and no particular wing of the industry is more susceptible to flavor-of-the-month syndrome than enduro. With the 27. 5 AM LTD Carbon XD Driver...
Reynolds 27.5 Enduro Blacklabel Boost Wheelset
Price: $2500.00
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With its mid-range diameter and outsized rim width, Reynolds' 27. 5 Enduro Blacklabel Boost Wheelset doesn't fear much terrain. Hell, two years ago we might have classified it as a gravity wheelset, but now we just call it "enduro." Though it's best suited for World Cup rock gardens, any cyclist...
Reynolds 27.5 Enduro Blacklabel Decal Set
Price: $12.50
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It's never a good idea to ride in bland and boring style. So, instead, pick up the Reynolds 27. 5 Enduro Blacklabel Decal Set and give your wheels some vibrancy.
Reynolds 27.5 Enduro Blacklabel Wheelset
Price: $2500.00
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Not content with leaving it's Black Label line the same for its third birthday, Reynolds released a brand new version of the 27. 5 Enduro Black Label Wheelset this year, and although it still shares some features with the versions we're all familiar with, we're looking at an all-new beast. The...
Reynolds 27.5 Plus Blacklabel Boost Wheelset
Price: $2599.99
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Like a well-aged Scotch, the Reynolds 27. 5 Plus Blacklabel Boost Wheelset connotes a particular brand of class with an appreciation for rugged, dusty trails that are to smooth tarmac as Scotch's peaty smoke is to the easy finish of caramel-tinged bourbon. The brand designed its Blacklabel wheels...
Reynolds 27.5 Plus Blacklabel Decal Set
Price: $25.00
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Bring some flash to your bike with the Reynolds 27. 5 Plus Blacklabel Decal Set. These die-cut graphics may not make you any faster, but they'll definitely help you stand out from the crowd.
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