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SRAM Rise 60 26in Wheels
Retail Price: $1122.00
Our Price: $614.99
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When SRAM acquired Zipp, a longtime (20 plus years) composite component and wheel specialty manufacturing company, it also acquired the expertise to not just enter the wheelset market, but to offer significantly advanced, highly developed products like the Rise 60 Wheelset. The Rise 60 uses...
SRAM Rise 60 29in Wheels
Retail Price: $1157.00
Our Price: $924.99
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With the new Rise 60 29in Wheels, SRAM delivers lightweight, fast-rolling, and downright bombproof hoops to hang with the most committed XC and trail riders. The Rise 60 features a new asymmetrical rim shape and uses incredibly strong and aerodynamic stainless steel and bladed Sapim CX-Ray spokes...
SRAM Rise XX 29in Carbon Tubular Wheelset
Price: $1300.00
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When you think about the performance advantages that tubular road and cyclocross tires provide -- smoother ride, less rolling resistance, the ability to run lower pressures safely, the lower weight than tire-and-tube combos, and more -- it makes sense that they're massively popular under the pros...
SRAM Roam 50 27.5in Alumimum UST Wheel
Price: $486.00
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You're not alone if you feel like 27. 5-inch wheels have swept through the mountain bike industry almost overnight. And, as a result, we've found that many brands are now completely reevaluating their approach to building trail bikes. In this spirit of throwing out old assumptions, SRAM started...
SRAM Roam 50 29in Aluminum UST Wheel
Price: $486.00
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When designing the new Roam 50 29-inch wheel, SRAM started with a completely blank slate. This from-the-ground up approach is evident once you take a close look at the Roam 50's design. The most obvious departure from conventional design is the Roam 50's asymmetrical spoke bed. This is to offset...
SRAM Roam 60 29in Carbon Clincher UST Wheel
Price: $1229.00
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Modern trail bikes maintain composure in situations once reserved for downhill race bikes, and as a result, wheels are now confronted with more abuse than ever. At the same time, riders are demanding bikes that are light enough to comfortably pedal all day. These seemingly incompatible goals are...
Stan's NoTubes 12x142 Conversion for ZTR/3.30/3.30Ti Rear Hub
Price: $33.95
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We always want our bikes to perform the best that they can. This means that the smallest details and facets of our bikes will inevitably receive upgrades, and naturally, axles fall under this category. And if you're an advocate of Stan's No Tubes, you'll be happy to know that it's introduced a...
Stan's NoTubes 15mm Conversion for ZTR/3.30/3.30Ti Front Hub
Price: $14.95
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If you're a Luddite, then the standard QR that comes with Stan's light and lively wheels will work fine. On the other hand, if you're a technophile, then you'll want to pop for the 15mm Conversion for ZTR/3. 30/3. 30Ti Front Hub. Simply remove the standard QR end caps, install these units and you...
Stan's NoTubes 15mm End Caps for ZTR HD/3.30 HD Front Hubs
Price: $20.00
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Trying to throw your Stan's ZTR HD or 3. 30 HD hub-equipped front wheel on a bike with a 15mm thru-axle? You'll want these 15mm End Caps, designed for such a purpose. Pop out the stock 20mm caps and these will fit right in their place.
Stan's NoTubes Arch EX 27.5in Wheelset
Price: $610.00
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With innovations rolling through today's trail bike scene at a blinding speed, we're not surprised to find vetted wheel-makers like Stan's NoTubes leading the charge. However, we're still amazed that a wheelset as light and tough as the new Arch EX 27. 5in Wheelset could be offered at this price....
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