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Mavic XD Driver
Price: $99.95
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The Mavic XD Driver allows you to use Mavic's Crossroc, Crossride, Crossmax, and Deemax wheels (2012 and newer) with SRAM's 1x11 drivetrain by replacing either the TS-2 or ITS-4 freehub bodies with the new XD standard, as required by SRAM's 10-42t 11-speed cassette. The Mavic XD Driver includes...
Mercury Wheels M5 Clincher Wheelset
Retail Price: $2399.95
Our Price: $899.95
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It's appropriate that Mercury Wheels' name and logo reference a Roman god who is the patron of, among other things, travelers and thieves. Atop Mercury's M5 Wheelset, Eric Marcotte journeyed from his day job in Arizona to Chattanooga, Tennessee to nab the 2014 US national championship ahead of...
Mercury Wheels X3 27.5in Wheelset
Price: $799.00
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Our first taste of Mercury, Utah's own sandaled god of speed, came on the road in the form of the US championship-winning M5 carbon wheels. We were converted pretty handily, and several Competitive staffers can be seen on the roads spinning the distinctive logo. Given this enthusiasm, we...
Profile Design 38/TwentyFour Carbon Clincher Wheelset
Price: $1899.99
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If you walked into any high-end bike shop in the '90s, you'd see the Profile Design logo prominently displayed as the go-to brand for aero bars and wind-cutting triathlon accessories. Since then, Profile has expanded its offerings with additional componentry, including wheels. With the 38...
Profile Design 58/TwentyFour Carbon Clincher Wheelset
Price: $1999.99
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Long known for its aero bars and wind-cutting triathlon accessories, Profile Design has expanded its reach over the past few years to include additional componentry, including wheels. The 58/TwentyFour Carbon Clincher Wheelset combines Profile's long-established expertise in aerodynamics and...
Profile Design 78/TwentyFour Carbon Clincher Wheelset
Price: $2099.99
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For the past few decades, Profile Design has led the industry in aerobar design and expanded its purview to include additional accessories and componentry. During this expansion the company dipped its toes into the world of wheels to create the 78/TwentyFour Carbon Clincher Wheelset. Happily for...
Reynolds 46 Aero Carbon Road Wheelset - Clincher
Retail Price: $2675.00
Our Price: $2407.50
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While Reynolds has a quiver brimming with world-class race wheels, it's calling the 46mm its "signature rim depth." The reason for this is its exceptional versatility and optimal aerodynamics across every discipline of riding. From your ultra-fast weeknight crit series to the steepest of the...
Reynolds 46 Aero Carbon Wheelset - Tubular
Retail Price: $2575.00
Our Price: $2317.50
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Very few wheels are foolhardy enough to make the claim to be a do-it-all wheelset: climbing, flats, 'cross, whatever. Fewer still are able to actually make that claim without falling flat on their faces. With its strength, aerodynamics, and tubular setup, the Reyonlds 46 Aero Carbon Tubular...
Reynolds 46 Aero Disc Carbon Wheelset - Clincher
Price: $2675.00
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The only way that Reynolds could have made the 46 Aero Carbon Wheelset any more versatile for everyday use in the years to come is making a clincher version and adding disc brake compatibility. Clinchers mean that a flat tire doesn't finish a ride prematurely, and since disc brakes seem to be the...
Reynolds 58 Aero -
Price: $2775.00
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Believe it or not, but some of us here have at Competitive Cyclist hold degrees in physics. And while we're no engineers, in a cycling world becoming more and more driven by complex science, it's helped us understand and interpret the aerodynamics du jour. Along these lines, we remember less than...
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