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Mavic Cosmic Carbone 40 Wheelset - Clincher
Price: $2499.90
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If we haven't already, investing in a set of carbon clincher hoops for training and racing is something we all plan on doing at some point. It's something of a no-brainer. The speed and aerodynamic benefits of carbon rims are well-proven and worthwhile, but the one area in which carbon clinchers...
Mavic Cosmic Carbone 40 Wheelset - Tubular
Price: $2699.00
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Just as not every pro rider is capable of a victory at Roubaix, not every high-end wheelset is created with the right mix of technology and construction to excel in the brutal conditions of the Hell of the North. Mavic's Cosmic Carbone 40 Tubular Wheelset is one of those that can, and has, with a...
Mavic Cosmic Carbone SLE Carbon Road Wheelset - Clincher
Retail Price: $1999.90
Our Price: $1399.99
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The Mavic Cosmic Carbone SLE Carbon Clincher Road Wheelset takes a daily beating, and the carbon fairing gives you an aerodynamic race advantage without the weight penalty you'd incur if the entire wheel were alloy. You can easily ride cobbles or take hair-pin turns for your morning training...
Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon Exalith Wheelset - Clincher
Price: $1799.00
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Carbon braking surfaces are continuously evolving, with new innovations every year promising to approach, meet, or even surpass the braking on alloy rims. But with the Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon Exalith Clincher Wheelset, braking isn't an issue. Neither are weight or aerodynamics. Obviously, they...
Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon Wheelset - Clincher
Price: $1299.90
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Every cyclist benefits from the aerodynamic advantages of deep carbon rims on race day, but the inherent drawbacks -- iffy braking, possible heat failure, not wanting to expose them to daily abuse -- mean that we also rely on training wheels for shoulder season base miles or days where we're not...
Mavic Cosmic Ultimate Wheelset - Tubular
Price: $3749.90
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As seen in press photos of Cannondale Pro Cycling's team issue bikes, the Mavic Cosmic Ultimate Tubular Wheelset delivers eye-catching aesthetics in a featherweight and aerodynamic package. At a claimed 1,185g per set, these wheels climb like a mountain goat while a 40mm deep profile slices...
Mavic Crossmax SL 27.5 Wheelset
Retail Price: $999.90
Our Price: $698.99
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The Crossmax SL 27. 5 Wheelset features rims that are 23mm wide and incorporate Mavic's ISM 4D milling process. This removes any excess material from the already stripped clean Maxtal rims. Additionally, the FORE process threads the spokes' holes rather than just drilling them--making the rims...
Mavic Crossmax SL Pro LTD 29 WTS Wheelset - 29in
Price: $1099.90
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There's only one way you're going to get to see all of Park City, UT's hundreds of miles of perfect XC trails in a single long weekend: go really, really, really fast. All the energy gels, protein powders, and recovery drinks in the world will only speed you up so much, so to really max out your...
Mavic Crossmax SL Pro LTD WTS 27.5in Wheelset
Price: $1099.90
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Mavic's Crossmax SL Pro LTD WTS 27. 5in Wheelset may self-identify as an XC race platform, but the adoption of the new 27. 5in wheel standard means that it can also nimbly navigate rock gardens and steep climbs without the wheel flop of its larger, 29er counterpart. Its number one job remains...
Mavic Crossmax SL Pro LTD WTS 29in Wheelset
Price: $1099.90
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Despite all the advanced technology and convoluted acronyms and initialisms on the Crossmax SL Pro LTD WTS 29in Wheelset's spec sheet, Mavic's top-end 29er XC wheel has one very specific job: to go really, really fast. Few entries on that spec sheet play as large a role in its ability to...
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