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Industry Nine Trail Carbon 24H 29in Wheelset
Retail Price: $2500.00
Our Price: $2375.00
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Industry Nine manufacturers two Trail Carbon 29in Wheelsets, one with 32 spokes and one with 24 spokes. If you charge aggressive lines, or you're a bit of a bruiser, opt for the 32 hole. However, if you're light on your feet and pick quintessential XC lines, then I9's 2:1-laced 24H Trail Carbon...
Industry Nine Ultralight CX Disc Wheelset
Price: $1175.00
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In mountain biking's big-wheel battle of the '00s, Industry Nine entered the fray with engineered answers to flex and weight issues. This let the manufacturer rise to the top of the off-road market and led to the development of the Ultralight CX Disc Wheelset. One of its proven technologies...
Industry Nine Ultralite 27.5in Wheelset
Retail Price: $1195.00
Our Price: $1135.00
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At this point, we're sure that you've heard of 27. 5-inch wheels proving themselves at the highest level of cross country racing. And if you haven't heard this, well, it's because the benefits of the mid-sized wheels are easily recognized on the race course. So, if you're on board with the 27. 5...
Industry Nine Ultralite 29in
Retail Price: $1195.00
Our Price: $1135.00
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If you're looking for a competitive advantage, consider the sub-1500 gram Industry Nine Ultralite 29in Wheelset. A tubeless rim, proprietary spokes, and a quick engaging hub will liven up any crosscountry bike. To begin with, I9 spokes are machined from 7075 aluminum, they're straight pull, and...
Industry Nine XD Driver
Price: $165.00
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Industry Nine's wheels are much like SRAM's XX1 components -- they're both modern takes on traditional designs. Because XX1 thinks outside the box, it requires a specific freehub body. Industry Nine offers its XD Driver to convert any I-9 wheel to be compatible with XX1 cassettes. The XD Driver...
Mavic 20mm Adapter For Crossmax SX/ST
Price: $8.00
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Whether you're upgrading your fork to thru axle and need your 2012 Mavic Crossmax SX or XT to work with the new front end, or you want to be able to swap your Crossmax SX or XT wheelset between bikes and need to convert from quick release to 20mm thru axles, you're going to need Mavic's 20mm...
Mavic Aksium One Disc Wheelset
Price: $299.90
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Stepping over into the world of road disc brakes may seem like a big leap, but you needn't break the bank for the sake of the experiment. The Mavic Aksium One Disc Wheelset is a bombproof entry-level disc-ready wheelset that's not too heavy, looks great, and is built on the proven Aksium wheel...
Mavic Aksium One Wheelset
Price: $249.90
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A stand-by training wheelset for countless dedicated cyclists, the Aksium One Wheel System is also widely considered a quick, easy, and very cost-effective upgrade over your stock wheels. Of course, being Mavic, the wheelset is also beautifully executed, and clearly better-looking than anything...
Mavic Alloy Valve Extender
Price: $10.00
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This Mavic 60mm Alloy Valve Extender is just the thing for pairing with their line of aero wheels, like the Cosmic Carbone Ultimate. It looks similar to any other alloy valve extender, but Mavic gave it a special purpose. The inflation end has been designed to function as a tool to open and close...
Mavic Cosmic Carbone 40 C Carbon Road Wheelset - Clincher
Price: $2750.00
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We are well aware of the benefits provided by a well-designed pair of carbon clinchers. The low weight, stiffness, solid aerodynamics, and reliability continue to be the reasons that we mount them up on our machines for both training and racing. But, there's always that one lingering cloud that's...
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