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Industry Nine Rear Hub Conversion Kit
Retail Price: $70.00
Our Price: $67.00
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Industry Nine Rear hubs are known for ultra-quick engagement, a signature freewheeling sound, and their diesel-proof toughness. But they'll also accommodate a variety of axle options. So you can use the same super-cool rear wheel in just about any bike, no matter the axle type. The Industry Nine...
Industry Nine Torch 11 Speed Freehub Body
Price: $190.00
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The Industry Nine Torch 11-speed Freehub Body lets you rig up your road or cyclocross bike with virtually any modern drivetrain system out there. With a spacer, you can run older Shimano/SRAM 9- or 10-speed systems, but without the spacer, you'll find it easy to mount more modern 11-speed...
Industry Nine Torch Series Endcap Kit
Price: $29.95
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Need to convert your Industry Nine Torch Hubs to accept a different hub standard? We've got what you need. Several versions of the Industry Nine Torch Hubs End Cap Kit are available, so let us know if you're not sure which you need.
Industry Nine Trail 24H 29in Wheelset
Retail Price: $1169.00
Our Price: $1111.00
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When Industry Nine shook up the knobby-tire world, the burgeoning 29er movement was limited to road wheels wearing hiking boots. Industry Nine saw potential, and developed a ground-breaking wheelset that addressed the nagging issues that prevented 29ers from shining. The Trail 24H Wheelset builds...
Industry Nine Trail 27.5 24H Wheelset
Price: $1195.00
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Whether it's the nearly instantaneous engagement of the hubs, or the striking anodized colors, Industry Nine's wheels have something for everyone. And in the case of the Trail 27. 5in 24H Wheelset, you're looking at an all-new Torch hub design and a 2:1 lacing ratio that perfectly compliments the...
Industry Nine Trail 29in Wheelset
Price: $1195.00
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Getting up and over craggy, steep sections of trail requires short bursts of maximum torque at opportune moments. In other words, ratcheting. This places the highest load on two key, but little thought about components -- the pawls and the engagement ring. To counter this, Industry Nine uses a...
Industry Nine Trail Carbon 24H 27.5in Wheelset
Price: $2500.00
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Ideal for XC riders looking to capitalize on the mid-size platform, Industry Nine's Trail Carbon 24H 27. 5in Wheelset reduces its spoke count and opts for a 2:1 lacing pattern over its three-cross, 32-hole counterpart. The big news, however, is that carbon is finally joining I9's aluminum disco....
Industry Nine Trail Carbon 24H 29in Wheelset
Retail Price: $2500.00
Our Price: $2375.00
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Industry Nine manufacturers two Trail Carbon 29in Wheelsets, one with 32 spokes and one with 24 spokes. If you charge aggressive lines, or you're a bit of a bruiser, opt for the 32 hole. However, if you're light on your feet and pick quintessential XC lines, then I9's 2:1-laced 24H Trail Carbon...
Industry Nine Ultralight CX Disc Wheelset
Price: $1175.00
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In mountain biking's big-wheel battle of the '00s, Industry Nine entered the fray with engineered answers to flex and weight issues. This let the manufacturer rise to the top of the off-road market and led to the development of the Ultralight CX Disc Wheelset. One of its proven technologies...
Industry Nine Ultralite 27.5in Wheelset
Retail Price: $1195.00
Our Price: $1135.00
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At this point, we're sure that you've heard of 27. 5-inch wheels proving themselves at the highest level of cross country racing. And if you haven't heard this, well, it's because the benefits of the mid-sized wheels are easily recognized on the race course. So, if you're on board with the 27. 5...
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