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Ibis 942 Carbon Fiber 29in Boost Wheelset
Price: $1799.00
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Ibis responds to the tidal shift towards plus-sized tire preferences and ever higher expectations of high-speed, hard-hitting durability with its 942 Carbon Fiber 29in Boost Wheelset. Boasting a beefy rim width, the 942's profile sits shallower than its 941 predecessor for better impact...
Ibis 942 Logo Carbon 29in Boost Wheelset
Price: $1299.00
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Way ahead of their time, the engineers at Ibis shocked the mountain bike world with the incarnation of the ultra-wide 941 Wheelset a few years back. Now that the industry has finally caught up, Ibis has doubled down on their dedication to producing the best wide wheels on the market with the...
Ibis 942/938 Rim Decals
Price: $29.99
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Although cycling has roots in minimalism, it's still fun get flashy from time to time. If that's true for you, check out Ibis' 942/938 Rim Decals, which add pop and pizzazz to any matching wheelset.
Industry Nine AR25 TL Disc Road Wheelset
Price: $1195.00
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Aspire to more than pristine pavement with Industry Nine's AR25 TL Disc Road Wheelset and venture off the usual path to chunky chipseal, fire roads, and even the occasional cyclocross course. A wide, 21. 5 internal rim width gives wider road tires and knobby 'cross tires a stable platform that...
Industry Nine Back Country 450 27.5in Plus Wheelset
Price: $1275.00
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Taking design cues from I9's highly popular Ultralite 235, Trail 245, and Enduro 305 wheels, the Industry Nine Back Country 450 27. 5 Plus Wheelset strikes the optimal balance between efficient climbing prowess, sturdy construction for technical trails, and widened footprint for optimal traction...
Industry Nine BackCountry 360 27.5in Boost Wheelset
Price: $1265.00
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Made to pair with today's beefy tire trends, Industry Nine's BackCountry 360 27. 5in Boost Wheelset strikes a balance between efficient climbing and durable construction, with a widened footprint for optimal traction with plus-sized tires. Boost axle compatibility adds a dose of stiffness for...
Industry Nine Big Rig Carbon Fat Bike Wheelset
Price: $2649.95
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You've just added a shiny, beautiful new fat bike to the cycling stable, but something isn't right. The carbon frame is spotless, the suspension will give you a super plush ride when you venture out in the snow, and you've fitted it with a top of the line cockpit. And then you realize that you...
Industry Nine C29 TL Carbon Road Wheelset - Tubeless
Retail Price: $2300.00
Our Price: $1299.95
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The long-distance relationship between Industry Nine and Reynolds Cycling is one that we're all lucky to experience. Across the miles between North Carolina and Utah, I9 and Reynolds combine their expertise in carbon fiber and hub design to create wheelsets with a pedigree unmarred by the classic...
Industry Nine C41 TL Carbon Road Wheelset - Tubeless
Retail Price: $2300.00
Our Price: $1299.95
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It's no secret that Reynolds and Industry Nine have had a chummy relationship over the past few years; it's benefited us all. I9 hubs spinning with their signature hum on Reynolds' lithe carbon rims is a combination that rivals the industry's best, and we're thrilled to see evidence of the wheel...
Industry Nine C58 Aero Disc Wheelset
Retail Price: $2950.00
Our Price: $2360.00
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Fast, stable, reliable, and made in the good 'ol US of A are all characteristics Industry Nine is proud to say its new C58 Aero Disc Wheelset fully embodies. These new wheels are exclusive to Competitive Cyclist, and they're made by North Carolina's talented group of wheelbuilders for those...
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