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45NRTH Dunderbeist Tubeless Fat Bike Tire
Price: $140.00
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Attack snowy fields and mountains filled with beautifully groomed corduroy on the 45NRTH Dunderbeist Tubeless Fat Bike Tire. Billed as a rear-specific tire, the Dunderbeist boasts beefy knobs with wide spacing to dig in on the climbs and hook up in the corners for confident control. Dual compound...
45NRTH Flowbeist Tubeless Fat Bike Tire
Price: $140.00
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Let loose on snowy fields and flowy, winter singletrack with the 45NRTH Flowbeist Tubeless Fat Bike Tire. Billed as a front-specific tire, the Flowbeist boasts tall side lugs made from a softer compound to grab the snow and guide you through the turns. Its aggressive knobs are set wide to float...
45NRTH Husker Du Fat Bike Tire
Price: $130.00
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It may seem counterintuitive, but the 45NRTH Huskar Du Fat Bike Tire uses tightly spaced knobs for low rolling resistance and the increased speed it affords. Better suited for hard-packed surfaces than many fat tires on the market, the Du Fat Bike Tires roll smoothly and efficiently over a wide...
45NRTH Nicotine Tire - 29in
Price: $80.00
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Winter forces some of us off our bikes until more favorable conditions return, but for others, the addition just won't let go of our biker brains. For year-round mountain bikers, the 45NRTH Nicotine 29" tire may just become your new best friend. Designed specifically for cold weather, the...
Challenge Criterium 320 Tire - Clincher
Price: $74.99
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Though Challenge officially categorizes the Criterium 320 Tire as an "open tubular," it is, essentially, a clincher. At least in form. In function, these tires feel more akin to tubular tires. They're supple, grippy, smart in the corners, and they ravenously devour road noise. The Criteriums aren...
Challenge Fango 33 Tire - Tubular
Price: $114.99
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It may be the legendary Challenge ride quality that initially brings you knocking at the Fango 33 Tire's Tubular door, but the mud-voiding, confidence-inspiring tread pattern is what'll convince you to stay for coffee. The Fango's handmade 300 TPI Super Poly casing is what you'd expect from...
Challenge Gravel Grinder Plus Tire - Clincher
Price: $42.39
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Enjoy the pleasure of pedaling along scenic back roads and less-traveled paths when your bike is rolling on the Challenge Gravel Grinder Plus Clincher Tire. This 38mm tire stays true to Challenge's handcrafted heritage, delivering a smooth, supple ride across rough pavement, bumpy back roads, and...
Challenge Gravel Grinder Tire - Clincher
Price: $47.99
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Challenge has already shown its dedication to providing cyclocross riders with gravel-specific options, and when the Italian company saw room for another offering, it expanded its gravel line to include the Gravel Grinder Clincher Tire. Developed with longer hard-pack and loose gravel races in...
Challenge Grifo 33 Team Edition Cross Tubular Tire
Retail Price: $129.95
Our Price: $105.99
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A 260 TPI Super Poly casing and ultra-light Latex inner tube are contributing factors to Challenge's Grifo 33 Team Edition Tubular Cross Tire being a professional's first choice. But, so is its versatile tread pattern. Dart-like arrows are separated with chevron blocks that bite into loose soil,...
Challenge Limus 33 Team Edition Cross Tubular Tire
Price: $129.95
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Where the Grifo is a do-it-all tire, the Challenge Limus 33 Team Edition Cross Tubular Tire is a do-it-muddy tire. Its lugs are designed for maximum gripping surface area and are widely spaced to shed muck. Even the side knobs are designed for traction in deep mud, and they are reinforced...
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