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Mavic Crossmax Quest Tire - 29
Price: $69.95
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The Mavic Crossmax Quest Tires are great, jolly beasts of long-running, flat-resisting, surface-gripping, off-road tires. The handling benefits of the Crossmax's healthy volume are further complemented by the Contact Compound, which maintains grip in all weather conditions without sacrificing...
Mavic Crossmax Roam XL Tire - 27.5
Price: $89.95
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Leave it to the tech-crazed engineers at Mavic to come up with not only rear- and front-specific tires, but tires that are also designed to work optimally in conjunction with a wheelset. The Crossmax Roam XL Tire lives behind the Crossmax Charge, and both are designed to call the Crossmax Enduro...
Mavic Yksion Pro GripLink Clincher Tire
Price: $59.95
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Though it seems obvious now, the idea of use-specific tires for front and rear wheels has only recently come into vogue among large manufacturers. Mavic, with its penchant for tech and innovation, was an early adapter and continues to lead the charge with the Yksion Pro GripLink Clincher Tire,...
Mavic Yksion Pro Griplink Clincher Tire - 2014
Retail Price: $59.95
Our Price: $44.99
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We trust Mavic's wheels, which is also why we trust Mavic's tires. It's pretty simple logic, really. Made exclusively for your front wheel, the Yksion Pro Griplink Clincher Tire relies on a dual compound and front wheel specific tread pattern to improve cornering on hair-pin turns in dry or wet...
Mavic Yksion Pro PowerLink Clincher Tire
Price: $59.95
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The engineers at Mavic have never met a piece of cycling equipment that they didn't want to improve. In the case of the Yksion Pro PowerLink Clincher Tire, this meant going so far as designing a tire to work specifically as a rear tire, capitalizing on the use-specific requirements of the point...
Maxxis Ardent Race Tire - 27.5
Retail Price: $75.00
Our Price: $60.00
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The Ardent tire from Maxxis is one of the company's best-selling slabs of rubber, in no small part because of its incredible versatility on virtually any type of terrain. Recognizing the potential in the tread pattern for even greater speed, however, engineers got to tweaking it and ended up...
Maxxis Ardent Race Tire - 29
Retail Price: $76.00
Our Price: $60.00
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It's true that Maxxis makes its beloved Ardent tire in a 29-inch diameter. However, a common bit of feedback that the company fielded about the tire was that it just wasn't quite fast enough to race on harder courses, as per so many 29-inch mountain bike riders. Not one to leave holes in its...
Maxxis Ardent Tire - 27.5
Price: $61.00
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The Maxxis 27. 5-Inch Ardent Tire is arguably the company's most versatile tire overall, with a balanced tread pattern for both speed and technical traction. Boosting the width up to 2. 4 inches provides even more stability and traction, making for the ultimate all-around trail tire. However,...
Maxxis Ardent Tire - 29in
Retail Price: $57.00
Our Price: $45.00
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The Maxxis Ardent tire was given a rounded profile and 2. 25in width for a smoother ride. It also has an aggressive tread pattern that not only allows you to float over the rough stuff, but to have plenty of traction on tap, too. To prevent energy loss, the Ardent's center tread features ramped...
Maxxis Aspen Tire - 29in
Retail Price: $50.00
Our Price: $40.99
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The XC bikes of today are capable of much more than the spindly offerings of just a decade ago, but that's left some tire manufacturers behind the evolutionary curve. That, however, is not the case for Maxxis and its Aspen 29in Tire. With a 2. 1-inch width, the Aspen's casing is large enough to...
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