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Vittoria Corsa Evo SC Tire - Tubular
Price: $104.95
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For the Corsa Evo SC, Vittoria builds the tire with its 320 tpi corespun cotton/poly casing. It's the highest thread count available on the market. This higher thread count makes for a more responsive tire since there is more structure and less matrix, not unlike optimizing the fabric/resin ratio...
Vittoria Corsa SL Tubular Tire
Retail Price: $109.95
Our Price: $104.95
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Vittoria's Corsa CX is easily one of the most popular tubulars for pro racers, so how was the Italian brand supposed to make it better? It was no small challenge, but Vittoria stepped up to the plate, adding an even faster rolling rubber compound, and calling it the Corsa SL Tubular Tire. And...
Vittoria Cross Evo XG II Tire - Tubular
Retail Price: $119.95
Our Price: $109.95
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Muddy cross races and the Vittoria Cross Evo XG Tire go together like Lance and the Maillot Jaune. Wide-spaced knobs provide mud-shedding properties, and the ability to run a low PSI (35) allows for optimal grip in sloppy conditions. Corespun 320 TPI Casing (poly-cotton and KEVLAR) offers...
Vittoria Cross Evo XM II Tubular Tire
Retail Price: $119.95
Our Price: $49.95
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Widely spaced knobs give the Vittoria EVO XM Tire superior mud-shedding capabilities, and a new softer rubber compound provides cornering grip so tight you'll think you're on rails. Corespun 320 TPI casing (polycotton and KEVLAR) for added strength and reduced rolling resistance42mm full RVC...
Vittoria Cross Evo XN Tire - Tubular
Retail Price: $119.95
Our Price: $109.95
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Knobs work great in loose material, but tend to offer higher resistance on hard, dry terrain. The Vittoria Cross EVO XN Tire offers the best of both worlds. A diamond-pattern tread on the top of the tire reduces rolling resistance, while side knobs bite into corners like a pit bull. The 320 TPI...
Vittoria Cross XG Pro Tire - Clincher
Retail Price: $61.99
Our Price: $40.29
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Bring on the dirt and mud--there isn't much the Vittoria Cross XG Pro Tire can't handle. The PRB 2. 0 puncture-resistant belting wards off pesky flats, while the foldable bead and nylon 150 TPI casing offer a supple ride with top-notch performance. Widely spaced knobs shed mud and reduce rolling...
Vittoria Cross XG TNT Tire - Clincher
Price: $54.95
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Take the tubular plunge without resorting to messy glues or expensive wheels with the Vittoria Cross XG TNT Tire. Similar to the ease of a UST system found on mountain bike tires, the Cross XG TNT features Vittoria's all new TNT (Tube No Tube) technology, allowing you to mount the tire to any...
Vittoria Cross XL Pro
Price: $49.99
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Even though tubular tires allow for lower air pressures and more puncture resistance, not everyone wants to splurge on a tubular wheelset. Vittoria's Cross XL Pro tires take the best of the Cross XL tubulars and translate them into a clincher version. The Cross XL was built upon a 150tpi casing....
Vittoria Diamante Pro IV
Price: $59.99
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Oftentimes, when companies add tires to their lines, there really isn't a discernable difference between the old model and new model. The Vittoria Diamante Pro IV however, has been redesigned for higher speeds and better grip than the Diamante III. The tire is endowed with Vittoria's Isogrip...
Vittoria Diamante Pro Light III Clincher Tire
Price: $71.95
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A favorite of racers and enthusiasts everywhere, the new Vittoria Diamante Pro Light III continues the evolution of its predecessor. For nearly tubular-like ride quality, the company's Open Corsa CX Clincher is the way to go, but if you're after raw speed, grip, and feathery weight, the Diamante...
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