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Mavic 15mm Front Hub Adapter
Price: $7.90
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If you upgraded a fork, and ended up with a 15QR, you can swap out the standard Mavic spacers for the 15mm Front Hub Adapter and hit the trail. The Mavic 15mm Front Hub Adapter is available in one size and in the color Black.
Mavic Crossride Adapter
Price: $7.50
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Convert any Mavic Crossride from spindly 135mm QRs to the modern 142x12 thru-axle standard with this Adapter. It works with all Crossrides from 26ers to the 29ers. Simply remove the old end caps and install these to hit the trail with improved stiffness and strength with very little weight penalty.
PowerTap 15mm Alloy Freehub Body Kit
Price: $74.99
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You use your PowerTap hub every single day. And no matter how clean you keep your bike and drivetrain, chances are that, sooner or later, the grooves on your freehub start to show signs of wear. Rather than having to replace the entire hub, or send it back for service, the easily-installed...
PowerTap Front Hub
Price: $99.99
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Match your PowerTap G3 with the PowerTap Front Hub to give your bike a more finished look. Your bike will look better. You will feel happier. The world will be a better place. For years, PowerTap had a problem. Not only was its powermeter hiding underneath a rather bulky rear hub, but the hub...
PowerTap G3 Hub
Retail Price: $789.99
Our Price: $710.99
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The PowerTap G3 Wireless Hub is definitively PowerTap's top offering. Where the earlier generation stood out for its larger-than-normal diameter, this one has a powermeter disguised inside a traditional-looking 57mm flange diameter and subtle matte Black finish. It's also significantly lighter....
PowerTap G3 MTB Disc Hub
Price: $789.99
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You train with power on the road all winter, but once the trail conditions take a turn towards race season, you're left relying upon perceived exertion and heart rate zones for your training and racing. With PowerTap's G3 MTB Disc Hub, you'll finally be able to utilize power analysis off of the...
PowerTap G3C Hub
Price: $1289.99
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Ceramic Speed bearings are said to be the lightest, smoothest, and most durable bearings on the market. When you read about pro teams replacing stock bearings with ceramics, Ceramic Speed is the company they rely on. These bearings are hybrid ceramic, with steel races and rounder-than-round...
PowerTap GS 20 Hole Straight Pull Front Hub w/ DT Swiss Internals
Price: $219.99
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If you're going to train on a PowerTap rear hub, you should be sure that your front wheel matches. After all, your bike deserves a little love. The GS 20 Hole Straight Pull Front Hub w/DT Swiss Internals, is a perfect match to your GS PowerTap rear hub. PowerTap partnered with DT Swiss to create...
PowerTap GS 24 Hole Straight Pull Hub w/ DT Swiss Internals
Price: $1089.99
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PowerTap has been designing power hubs for over 15 years -- adapting to changing technology, going from bulky wired units to streamlined wireless models, it keeps ahead of the curve in terms of power metrics. And compared to many crank-based systems PowerTap hubs are not only less expensive, they...
Salsa Stainless Flip-Offs Skewer - Pair
Price: $60.00
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It's hard not to smile when you see Salsa skewers. With their bright bursts of color, they're simply a pleasant sight on any bike. After all, the original incarnation of Salsa was run by a guy who always found a way to make bike parts fun. The Salsa Stainless Flip-Offs Skewers first came about...
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