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PowerTap GS 24 Hole Straight Pull Hub w/ DT Swiss Internals
Price: $1089.99
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PowerTap has been designing power hubs for over 15 years -- adapting to changing technology, going from bulky wired units to streamlined wireless models, it keeps ahead of the curve in terms of power metrics. And compared to many crank-based systems PowerTap hubs are not only less expensive, they...
Salsa Stainless Flip-Offs Skewer - Pair
Price: $60.00
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It's hard not to smile when you see Salsa skewers. With their bright bursts of color, they're simply a pleasant sight on any bike. After all, the original incarnation of Salsa was run by a guy who always found a way to make bike parts fun. The Salsa Stainless Flip-Offs Skewers first came about...
Salsa Stainless Flip-Offs Skewer - Rear
Price: $30.00
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We're suckers for extra pops of color on our bikes. And when you throw in a well executed design that we'll use every day, our hearts just melt. The Salsa Flip-offs Rear Skewer is exactly the kind of component that we're talking about. It's one of those beautifully designed components that add...
Salsa Titanium Flip-Offs Skewer - Rear
Price: $48.00
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Almost 20 years ago Salsa introduced the Titanium Flip-Off Skewer. As a testament to phenomenal design, the Flip-Off remains unchanged to this day. The ultralight Ti Flip-Off has been a staple on high-end road and mountain bikes since the early '90s, and it doesn't look like that will be changing...
Salsa Titanium Flip-Offs Skewer - Set
Price: $64.95
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Undoubtedly, you've seen the Salsa Flip-Offs Skewers on a bike. The bright bursts of anodized colors pop off of wheels like Chris King hubs, but with a more conservative price. The Titanium Flip-Offs Skewer Set comes with the same lever and anodized colors as with the stainless-steel rod...
SRAM Predictive Steering RS-1 Front Hub
Price: $238.00
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RockShox's new RS-1 fork has literally turned bicycle suspension upside down, introducing an inverted, motorcycle-style fork chassis to the mountain biking world. In doing so, engineers achieved greatness, but along the way created a problem that needed a solution -- how to keep two...
Stan's NoTubes 20MM End Caps for 3.30HD Front Hubs
Price: $20.00
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Stan's NoTubes 3. 30HD hubs are up to whatever trail, or fork, you throw at them. The 20mm End Caps for 3. 30HD Front Hubs make it especially easy to install an applicable wheelset to your 20mm thru-axle-equipped bike. Whether 9mm QR or 15mm thru-axle end caps are already installed on the front...
Zipp Titanium Aero Quick Release Skewer - Pair
Price: $80.00
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Zipp Aero Titanium Skewers are surprisingly light. In fact, you could install them on your bike and carry three energy gels in your back pocket and still come out nearly equal to a set of Campagnolo skewers. But this lightness doesn't transcend other considerations, like aerodynamics, strength,...
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