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3T ARX II Pro Alloy Stem
Retail Price: $79.99
Our Price: $71.99
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3T garnered a strong following with its original ARX alloy stem lineup, which is why it decided to use the same design platform for its new ARX II. We feel it was a smart move on the Italian component manufacturer's part, as the new stem brings everything we loved from the previous model and...
3T ARX II Pro Stem
Retail Price: $79.99
Our Price: $63.99
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The engineers at 3T aren't (quite) rocket scientists, but they do seem to recognize a solid design when they've produced one. We're pleased to report that the ARX II Pro Stem's popularity throughout the self-sponsored peloton hasn't escaped their notice, and it returns for another model year with...
3T ARX II Team Stem
Retail Price: $109.95
Our Price: $78.95
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The 3T Arx Stem originally appeared in 2007. Since then this model has enjoyed continuous subtle refinement. The Arx II Team continues the original's tradition of simple, classic construction -- but with a design that drops grams from its already low weight. The 3T Arx Team II Stem takes the...
3T Arx LTD Stealth Stem
Price: $334.95
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Satin black is cool. Many of today's top-shelf bikes are designed with a menacing mix of gloss and satin black. To upgrade one of these race-bred rigs with bright, shouty components would defeat the purpose. To hang your handlebar on anything less than the 3T ARX LTD Stealth Stem would be nothing...
Retail Price: $325.00
Our Price: $260.00
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Staying true to its purebred race roots, the 3T ARX LTD Stem features sleek, ultra-stiff unidirectional carbon construction, with titanium bolts for lightweight performance. Not only does the ARX LTD Stem ideally complement all of 3T's handlebar offerings, but it also fits most bars on the market...
Price: $324.99
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The ARX LTD Stem is the only stem in 3T's road line made from carbon fiber. While we're not sure why the Team stem didn't get the same treatment, the end result is that the ARX LTD drops an additional 7g of claimed weight compared to the closest alloy competitor in the Italian manufacturer's...
3T Integra LTD
Retail Price: $365.00
Our Price: $292.00
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As frame engineers continue to refine and rework their road frames and forks in order to build more aerodynamic machines, so too are component manufacturers going back to the drawing board in search of more efficient, wind-cheating designs. While we all know that the more accessories we bolt on...
3T Mountain Pro Stem
Price: $69.99
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The story of the difference between 3T's Mountain Pro Stem and the more expensive Team model is told in grams. The Pro Stem is made from 2010 aluminum and fastens with chromoly hardware, which adds a claimed 15g to its weight compared to the Team Stem's 7075 T6 alloy and titanium bolts. Of course...
3T Mountain Team Stem
Price: $99.99
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With its 7075 T6 body and titanium bolts, the Mountain Team Stem is the lightest offering in 3T's off-road line, comparing quite favorably with many road-specific stems. Low weight isn't synonymous with low reliability, though, and the already durable 7075 T6 alloy is made even more resistant to...
AX-Lightness Rigid Stem
Price: $755.00
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As with everything from AX-Lightness, the Rigid Stem is engineered to the gills. You can't see most of what went into the stem, but you'll feel it. While AX-Lightness builds its wheels from woven carbon fiber, it chose to use unidirectional carbon fiber for it's static components. This is because...
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