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RockShox Reverb Dropper 1x Remote
Price: $95.00
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Since SRAM is its sister company, it's no surprise that RockShox is helping the one-by revolution along by providing a dropper post that takes the place of your front shifter. After all, with a 50t bailout gear out back, the only left-handed adjustment you need to make between climbing and...
RockShox Reverb Stealth (B1) Dropper Seatpost
Retail Price: $471.00
Our Price: $349.00
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Don't make the mistake of thinking the Rock Shox Reverb Stealth (B1) Dropper Seatpost has been sitting comfortably for all of these years, content to rely on its name and impressive legacy rather than change with the times. While you've been barreling through rock gardens and earning a few new...
RockShox Reverb Stealth (B1) Dropper Seatpost w/1x Remote
Price: $399.00
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It's no secret that the RockShox Reverb Stealth (B1) Dropper Seatpost is the most popular dropper post on the market, being omnipresent in the mountain bike community due to its silky-smooth actuation and revised internals for reliable operation. This particular version, the Reverb Stealth (B1)...
Syncros FL1.0 Carbon Offset Seatpost
Price: $199.99
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The FL1. 0 Carbon Offset Seatpost sits atop the Syncros line of offset seatposts to bring us vibration-dampening comfort for virtually any ride adventure. Made from carbon fiber with an aluminum clamp, this seatpost powers through long training miles on the road or loops on your favorite XC...
Syntace P6 Carbon HiFlex
Retail Price: $269.00
Our Price: $236.55
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The Syntace P6 Carbon HiFlex is designed to gently dampen road vibrations so you can be more efficient while pedaling. To increase comfort while still limiting sideways movement, Syntace designed the seatpost with the ability to flex backward under load. Syntace did this by meticulously arranging...
Thomson Covert Elite Dropper Seatpost
Price: $479.95
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From the company that prides itself on rigid seatposts comes something with a little more flexibility. The Thomson Covert Elite Dropper Seatpost is the next generation of the Elite Dropper post designed for internally routed cables. Not content to just follow the herd, Thomson uses custom-made...
Thomson Dropper Seatpost
Price: $450.00
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While a foray into hydraulic systems may seem a stretch for Thomson, which has always made static parts, keep in mind the manufacturer is first and foremost an aerospace contractor. That means that, while it would seem that Thomson is starting behind companies like Fox and RockShox, who have been...
Thomson Elite Seatpost
Price: $99.95
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Thomson's legendary Elite Seatpost is known across the industry for its strength, light weight, and ease of adjustment. The post and cradle are machined from a single piece of 7000-series aluminum. The head is not pressed or bonded in, which allows for higher strength at a low weight. The Elite...
Thomson Elite Setback Seatpost
Price: $99.95
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For riders who prefer a bit more of a stretched-out riding position, the Thomson Elite Setback Seatpost supports your saddle so you can give the pedals your all. The Elite provides 16mm of setback in a bent shaft design. The post is engineered from once piece of machined 7000-seriess aluminum to...
Thomson Masterpiece Seatpost
Price: $149.95
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With the Masterpiece Seatpost, Thomson has turned shedding grams into an art form, machining the already-light Elite model down to the barest amount of material without compromising any structural integrity. The result is a trail- or road-worthy seatpost that weighs 197g in the 27. 2mm size.
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