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KS Zeta Dropper Seatpost
Price: $395.00
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Shaking things up, KS took the formula for mountain bike droppers and brought it to your road bike in the form of the Zeta Dropper Seatpost. Yes, you read that right--a dropper for road bikes. Compared to other droppers in the KS catalog, the KS Zeta has a discreet, minimal appearance that might...
Niner Carbon Seatpost
Price: $119.00
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Perfectly complement your Niner frame with a Niner Carbon Seatpost. Not only will the color scheme match perfectly, but you'll probably lose a little weight, and reduce some of the chatter that you put your nether regions through every time you ride. The unidirectional weave is a great vibration...
Niner RDO Carbon Seatpost
Retail Price: $199.00
Our Price: $189.05
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The Niner RDO Carbon Seatpost reduces harsh vibration when you're cruising over rough terrain, thanks to what Niner dubs an "Unstiff" carbon layup. Whether you're riding a hardtail or full-suspension rig, it's designed to deflect up to twice as much shock and vibration feedback compared to...
Niner RDO Carbon Setback Seatpost
Price: $199.00
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The Niner RDO Carbon Setback Seatpost features Niner's Unstiff Carbon Layup, which disperses energy throughout the post and deflects up to twice as much compared to other leading carbon posts. This effectively sops up shocks and vibrations for an overall reduction in rider fatigue and more...
Pinarello Dogma F8 Setback Seatpost
Price: $450.00
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The Pinarello Dogma F8 Setback Seatpost is the same post that ships with the Dogma F8 frame, using the same aerodynamic FlatBack shaping, Torayca T1100 Dream Carbon, and same carbon seat clamp you fell in love with.
Pinarello Dogma F8 Zero Setback Seatpost
Price: $450.00
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Early photos of Froome's matte-black prototype F8 frame revealed just about everything that's available on the "stock" version, minus a few choice components reserved for the likes of Team Sky riders. Such is the case, or should we say was the case, with his neutral Air8 seatpost. Well that's not...
PNW Components Bachelor 150 Dropper Seatpost - Internal Routing
Price: $319.99
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A few seasons riddled with frequent stops to readjust your saddle height at every change in grade has you looking to preserve your flow with a PNW Components Bachelor 150 Dropper Seatpost with Internal Routing. Boasting light actuations and a sealed damping cartridge this dropper puts adjustment...
PNW Components Rainier CX 27.2 Dropper Seatpost - External Routing
Price: $279.99
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We don't expect to see dropper posts gracing the frames of race-specific 'cross bikes anytime soon, but for those of us who see drop-bar equipped bikes less as a chase to the finish line and more as as a route to all-road adventures, the PNW Components Rainier CX 27. 2 Dropper Seatpost - External...
PNW Components Rainier Dropper Seatpost - Internal Routing
Price: $259.99
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PNW Components developed the Rainier Dropper Seatpost with Internal Routing for greater levels of reliability, smooth operation, and easy servicing in mind, so you can spend more time riding your favorite trails and less time messing with a finicky dropper post. It's available in a wide range of...
PRO Koryak Adjustable Seatpost
Retail Price: $245.00
Our Price: $189.95
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You're tired of playing catch up after every elevation change as your dropper-riding compatriots speed ahead while you're left fumbling with a quick-release and pondering the correct saddle height for the next set of trails. As soon as the PRO Koryak Adjustable Seatpost you ordered after the most...
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