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3T Stylus 25 Pro Seatpost
Price: $114.99
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As part of 3T's setback post collection, the Stylus 25 Pro Seatpost is the Italian component designer's 'fresh new take on the two-bolt seatpost.' The major contributor setting this post apart from other offset seatposts is its sleek clamping interface. This integrated design provides a solid,...
3T Stylus 25 Team Seatpost
Price: $144.90
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The Stylus 25 Pro Seatpost is 3T's 'fresh new take on the two-bolt seatpost.' This description was derived from the seatpost's sleek new clamping interface, which is an integrated design that provides a solid, lightweight base for mounting your saddle. And, like everything 3T, the Stylus...
Easton EA70 Offset Seatpost
Price: $80.00
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Carbon is here to stay, but aluminum still remains the top choice of cockpit componentry by many of world's best cyclists. The reasons vary, but the one that we hear the most often is that aluminum provides a sense of security and dependability that can't be replicated with carbon. When you start...
Easton EA70 Zero Offset Seatpost
Retail Price: $80.00
Our Price: $29.99
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The next time that you get a chance to closely examine a few pro cyclists' bikes, take a look at their seatposts. Even with more carbon componentry infiltrating these riders' machines, you might be surprised to see that the majority of them still prefer to use aluminum seatposts. The weight...
Easton EC70 Offset Seatpost
Retail Price: $140.00
Our Price: $99.98
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Easton's new EC70 Offset Seatpost was designed for those who prefer a slight amount of offset built into their carbon posts. The lightweight seatpost was constructed with the same overall monocoque carbon technique as the flagship EC90, except for the offset clamp assembly. Other than that, you...
Easton EC70 Zero Offset Seatpost
Retail Price: $140.00
Our Price: $78.85
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Easton delivered on all fronts with its new EC70 Zero Offset Seatpost. It's a lightweight and compliant carbon post that's been designed for riders seeking the versatility provided through a neutral two-bolt post design. The seatpost was constructed with the same overall monocoque carbon...
Easton EC90 Setback Seatpost
Price: $200.00
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Light isn't good enough anymore. While the Easton EC90 Setback Seatpost is certainly one of the lightest posts on the market, it's also designed to last. To be direct, it's designed to be both tough and light. Increasing the toughness doesn't begin with overbuilding it but instead, recognizing...
Easton EC90 Zero Offset Seatpost
Retail Price: $210.00
Our Price: $199.98
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With composite technology continually being pushed to the limits, we're always on the verge of the next component boasting a 'lighter and more aerodynamic' design than was previously thought possible. And while we're all for these attributes that seemingly dominate our current world of cycling,...
Easton Haven Carbon Seatpost
Price: $130.00
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Easton's Haven Zero Setback Carbon Seatpost is only 50 grams heavier than the brand's ultra-XC-focused EC90 Carbon Seatpost, even though the Haven is built be to mounted on long-travel, all-mountain rigs that will see far more shuttle runs than leg-searing uphill churns. If it's a head scratcher...
Easton Haven Zero Offset Seatpost
Price: $90.00
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Before carbon, Easton wrote the book on aluminum components and those roots are what give the Haven Zero Offset Seatpost its respectable weight and incredible strength. Constructed from 7000 series aluminum using Easton's Taperwall technology, this post places material where it's needed most, and...
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