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3T Ionic 25 Team
Price: $159.99
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If a zero millimeter setback doesn't quite give you enough reach in the cockpit, try 3T's new Ionic 25 Team seat post. This carbon post is lightweight, stiff, and features 3T's easily adjustable Difflock seat clamp. The Ionic 25 Team was constructed from a combination of carbon and alloy. The...
3T Palladio Limited Seatpost
Price: $300.00
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Stop making compromises and see what happens when the 25mm-offset, carbon fiber 3T Palladio Limited Seatpost locks your saddle angle down to a half-degree. You know your saddle has a sweet spot, and the Paladino helps you find it and keep it there thanks to its DiffLock adjusting mechanism, which...
3T Palladio Pro Seatpost
Retail Price: $109.95
Our Price: $49.48
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The 3T Palladio Pro Seatpost's alloy clamp was designed to solve the problem of sloppy saddle-angle adjustments. The Palladio allows you to set your saddle angle precisely and won't let the saddle slip, even if the mount bolts rattle loose. The 7071 aluminum shaft, and tough alloy clamp with...
3T Stylus 0 Ltd Seatpost
Price: $249.95
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Forward and aft positioning on the bike plays a large role in how much power a rider generates. Although a more relaxed (slacker) position is more comfortable, if you want to generate maximum speed without the discomfort of sitting on the nose of the saddle, try a forward position using the 3T...
3T Stylus 0 Pro Seatpost
Price: $114.99
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The Stylus 0 Pro Seatpost falls under 3T's new zero setback post collection. The Italian component designer wanted to create a 'fresh new take on the 2-bolt seatpost,' which is exactly what was accomplished with the new post's clamping interface. This sleek design provides a solid, lightweight...
3T Stylus 0 Team Seatpost
Price: $144.90
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3T describes its new Stylus 0 Team Seatpost as a 'fresh new take on the two-bolt seatpost.' We fully agree, as the sleek post provides a solid, lightweight pillar for mounting your perch, and it possesses the same classic styling that you've come to expect from 3T. The new Stylus 0 Team seatpost...
3T Stylus 25 Pro Seatpost
Price: $114.99
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As part of 3T's setback post collection, the Stylus 25 Pro Seatpost is the Italian component designer's 'fresh new take on the two-bolt seatpost.' The major contributor setting this post apart from other offset seatposts is its sleek clamping interface. This integrated design provides a solid,...
3T Stylus 25 Team Seatpost
Price: $144.90
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The Stylus 25 Pro Seatpost is 3T's 'fresh new take on the two-bolt seatpost.' This description was derived from the seatpost's sleek new clamping interface, which is an integrated design that provides a solid, lightweight base for mounting your saddle. And, like everything 3T, the Stylus...
Easton EA70 Offset Seatpost
Price: $80.00
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Carbon is here to stay, but aluminum still remains the top choice of cockpit componentry by many of world's best cyclists. The reasons vary, but the one that we hear the most often is that aluminum provides a sense of security and dependability that can't be replicated with carbon. When you start...
Easton EA70 Zero Offset Seatpost
Retail Price: $80.00
Our Price: $29.99
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The next time that you get a chance to closely examine a few pro cyclists' bikes, take a look at their seatposts. Even with more carbon componentry infiltrating these riders' machines, you might be surprised to see that the majority of them still prefer to use aluminum seatposts. The weight...
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