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Fi'zi:k Tritone 5.5 Saddle - K:ium Rails
Price: $224.95
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At first blush, it's easy to write saddles off as having nothing to do with aerodynamics, but the saddle is one of two contact points that ultimately determine your posture on the bike. Fi'zi:k designed the Tritone 5. 5 K:ium Saddle to get you lower and present less surface to the wind by letting...
Fi'zi:k Tritone 6.5 Saddle - 7x9 Carbon Braided Rails
Price: $299.95
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The Fizik Tritone 6. 5 Carbon Saddle takes the celebrated design of the Tritone 5. 5, widens it by a crucial 10mm for wider riders, and slaps on carbon-braided rails to save weight and improve ride quality. It maintains the Tritone's design advantages of vastly improved comfort and enhanced...
Fi'zi:k Tritone 6.5 Saddle - K:ium Rails
Price: $224.95
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The Fizik Tritone 6. 5 Kium Saddle is a slightly wider version of the Tritone 5. 5, designed to better support men and women with wider sit bones in a triathlon/time trial position, while also helping to reduce aerodynamic resistance. How's that possible? Read on. First, we'll point out the...
Fi'zi:k Tundra 00 Braided Saddle
Retail Price: $319.95
Our Price: $256.00
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If your tires have ever kicked up a sunbathing, trail-camouflaged snake, you know the danger of airborne serpentines. The Fi'zi:k Tundra's specially-designed Carbon Wing Flex shell will stoically deflect any potentially pissed off snake. Wing Flex shell is designed to give where the inner thigh...
Fi'zi:k Tundra M3 Saddle - 7x9 Carbon Braided Rails
Price: $199.95
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The beauty of carbon rails is that they add a critical amount of vibration-dampening (especially to some hardtails) that make them worth it. With that in mind, if you're a hardtail-riding, cross-country enthusiast, then you could do much, much worse than the Fizik Tundra M3 with Braided Carbon...
Fi'zi:k Volta R1 Snake Saddle
Retail Price: $300.00
Our Price: $224.99
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It's a simple fact, snakes slither. Their spines are highly flexible and uninhibited movement is natural. Fi'zi:k uses the Snake, in its Spine Concept Fit System, to describe the cyclist who is not defined by one movement. A rider who is categorized as a snake not only moves continuously on the...
Juliana Primiero Saddle
Price: $75.00
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Dedicated to the fairer side of the mountain bro-deo, Juliana's products, like this Primiero Saddle, provide the features and details to make the most of your singletrack endeavors. Like the bikes and other Juliana accessories, Futrado's input, alonside a wealth of other professional riders, have...
Prologo Nago Evo Nack Saddle
Retail Price: $285.00
Our Price: $176.00
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Prologo designed the Nago Evo Nack Saddle to be a race saddle with the durability to withstand long seasons of use. True, Prologo designs lighter race-level saddles, but the Nack utilizes Nano Aluminum Carbon Kevlar, rather than carbon fiber, for the rails. This means that you retain the...
Prologo Nago Evo Tirox Saddle
Retail Price: $138.00
Our Price: $84.99
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Prologo's Nago saddle shape splits the different between the company's more rounded Scratch saddle and the flat Zero saddle. If you don't want to pick between the two, and if you don't want to pay a bundle for titanium or carbon fiber rails just to save a few grams, then the Prologo Nago Evo...
Prologo Scratch Pro Plus Tirox Saddle
Retail Price: $139.00
Our Price: $84.95
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Prologo's saddles are placed into one of three categories based on their shape. Flat, semi-round, or round. The Scratch Pro Plus Tirox Saddle lands in the third category. Its rounded shape makes it a good choice for riders who tend to stay seated, even while climbing. The Scratch Pro Plus Tirox...
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