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Ergon SME3 Pro Saddle
Price: $129.95
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Just as Ergon changed the way we look at bar grips, it has taken the saddle and redefined it. Using FEM analysis to map the load and stress areas, it optimized the shape for more shock absorption while providing ample sit bone support. The SME3 Pro Saddle was designed specifically for enduro...
Ergon SR3 Pro Carbon Saddle
Retail Price: $239.95
Our Price: $179.98
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Ergon's carved out a niche among endurance mountain bikers by taking rider comfort to new heights, and now it's set sights on the road market. The SR3 Pro Carbon Saddle tops this new range of saddles with carbon rails, a composite shell, and three widths. Ergon's first products were handlebar...
Ergon SR3 Pro Saddle
Retail Price: $169.95
Our Price: $152.95
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Like the range-topping road saddle from Ergon, the SR3 Pro Saddle shares the attention-to-detail expected from this German company. This means that you'll find the same respected shape, in three separate widths, as the Pro Carbon in order to ensure the long-ride support that's only achievable...
Ergon SRX3 Pro Carbon Saddle
Price: $199.95
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Every range of saddles has a top-tier model--that model that the pros turn to for support and comfort for long training hours and even longer races. The Ergon SRX3 Pro Carbon Saddle takes the top step on Ergon's road line with lightweight construction and body-mapped support. Ergon constructed...
Fi'zi:k Aliante Braided Carbon Saddle
Retail Price: $270.00
Our Price: $204.99
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When researching your next saddle, browsing manufacturer website info and reading highly subjective Internet reviews can only get you so far. Beyond actually taking a demo saddle out and trying one, the true selling power of a bike's most personal component is spread by word of mouth; at...
Fi'zi:k Aliante Gamma K:IUM Saddle
Retail Price: $139.95
Our Price: $112.00
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The Fizik Aliante Gamma Twin Flex K:ium Saddle is built with a Twin Flex shell. It's not unlike the Wing Flex technology used on the Arione saddle, but at the same time, it's totally different. The general concept of creating controlled flex is the same; Fizik uses two different materials to...
Fi'zi:k Aliante Gamma Versus Saddle - K:ium Rails
Retail Price: $150.00
Our Price: $120.00
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Fi'zi:k's Aliante Gamma Versus K:ium saddle was designed to provide the utmost comfort for the everyday cyclist, without sacrificing Fi'zi:k's key engineering ideals. To do this, Fi'zi:k had to determine a generalized, yet proper fit, and so the Spine Concept was created. Within this concept, Fi...
Fi'zi:k Aliante Gamma XM Saddle
Retail Price: $149.95
Our Price: $120.00
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When you set out to buy a new saddle, you'd like to be able to demo each and every one and put it through the wringer. But, that's not practical. So what do you do? You rely on word of mouth and friend's recommendations. The Fi'zi:k Aliante Gamma XM Saddle's praises are being sung loudly. The...
Fi'zi:k Aliante R1 Saddle - 7x9 Carbon Braided Rails
Price: $299.95
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If you're in the hunt for a new saddle type, then we can't recommend a better starting place for any rider and any application than the Fizik Aliante R1 Saddle with Carbon Braided Rails. It's been the sweetspot for so many cyclists from all rides of life that it may be both the beginning and the...
Fi'zi:k Aliante R3 Saddle - K:ium Rails
Price: $199.95
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We can think of two reasons why few saddles on the market enjoy such a devoted following among our riding set as the Fizik Aliante R3 Saddle with Kium Rails. First, it satisfies our secret weight weenie and not-so-secret frugal streak by putting a sub-230 gram saddle into the self-sponsored...
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