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Syncros XR1.5 Saddle
Price: $99.99
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Dirt-loving Syncros offers its minimal, race-ready XR saddle in a more wallet-friendly option with the XR1. 5 Saddle. Still designed for long rides and fast races on singletrack, the XR1. 5 is made with durable hollow titanium rails instead of carbon. Unlike their carbon counterparts, titanium...
Syncros XR1.5 Saddle - Women's
Price: $99.99
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If you like the feel and low weight of Syncros' XR1. 0 saddles but aren't as enamored with the higher price, consider Syncros' XR1. 5 Women's Saddle. With the same women's-specific shape and race-ready weight, the saddle is constructed with hollow titanium rails instead of carbon to absorb...
Terry Bicycles Butterfly Carbon Saddle - Women's
Price: $185.00
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In 1985, upon introducing a women's specific bicycle frame design to the industry, Georgena Terry created a company destined to become a household name among women cyclists throughout the world. True to her passion for cycling gear that specifically addresses the fit and needs of women, she...
Terry Bicycles Butterfly TI Saddle - Women's
Price: $154.00
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Representing the best in women's-specific saddles, the Terry Bicycles Butterfly TI Women's Saddle channels sixteen years of extensive research and design into the making for unparalleled comfort and women's-specific support. Its textured leather cover features a glossy butterfly graphic for...
Terry Bicycles FLX Gel Saddle - Women's
Price: $130.00
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Professional women racers often prefer lighter weight, less padded saddles than recreational riders. Terry Bicycles sponsored a women's road cycling team for many years and through their collaboration with riders designed a saddle that is perfect for the most pedal-happy, die-hard racer out there...
Terry Bicycles FLX Saddle - Women's
Price: $121.00
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Although the Terry Butterfly saddle is the most popular of its line, not all women need a saddle quite as wide or as padded. Professional women racers often prefer lighter weight, less padded saddles. The FLX series is the latest in Terry Bicycle's saddle design featuring a unique shape and...
Terry Bicycles Fly Cromoly Saddle - Men's
Price: $78.00
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While Terry Bicyles might be best known for their stellar line of women's products, they also make saddles like the Fly Cromoly Men's Saddle so guys can get in on the company's renowned comfortable ride. Whether you're on the rivet attacking the peloton or wandering through scenic country gravel,...
WTB Deva HP Comp Saddle
Retail Price: $39.95
Our Price: $35.95
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WTB's Deva HP Comp Saddle blends comfortable padding and support with a cost that won't leave your bank account crying. Its HP designation indicates a higher volume of padding, with an average thickness of 20mm compared to the standard Deva's 13mm for a bit of extra support. Like it's lower...
WTB Deva Pro Saddle
Retail Price: $89.95
Our Price: $80.95
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Trading out the titanium rails of its more expensive counterpart, the Deva Team for more price-conscious chromoly, WTB's Deva Pro Saddle blends the comfort you expect in a long-mile saddle with the affordability to have some cash left over for all-important snacks. Like the Team, the Deva Pro...
WTB Deva Team Saddle
Retail Price: $129.95
Our Price: $116.95
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The WTB Deva Team Saddle features ample cushioning in a women-specific design for exceptional support and comfort over long miles. WTB outfits the Deva Team with a pressure-relieving recessed center channel and its DNA padding, which conforms to your anatomy almost like memory foam to further...
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