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Selle SMP Stratos
Price: $260.00
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Selle SMP set out to address pressure at the perineum region with its SMP4BIKE collection of saddles. The Stratos is a minimal design that falls right into this category, as it relies on the Italian brand's innovative shape to keep you comfortable, supported, and pressure-free while out racing,...
Selle SMP TRK Man
Price: $79.00
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For those looking for a reasonably priced saddle with plenty of cushion, a central pressure-relief channel, and a fairly wide platform, Selle SMP's TRK saddle answers the call. The TRK is best suited for cyclists with medium-wide and wide pelvises, as it features a longer and wider body, with...
Terry Bicycles Butterfly TI Gel Saddle - Women's
Price: $159.00
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In 1985, Georgena Terry created a company destined to become a household name among women cyclists throughout the world. True to her passion for cycling gear that specifically addresses the fit and needs of women, she expanded the line to include saddles, the primary touch-point while riding. And...
Terry Bicycles Butterfly TI Saddle - Women's
Price: $154.00
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For 16 years, Terry has been designing and testing saddles for female athletes, and the Butterfly represents the best of its research and development. Introduced to the market in 1999, although it has undergone subtle changes throughout the years, The Butterfly series remains the go-to saddle for...
Terry Bicycles Damselfly Saddle - Women's
Price: $136.00
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Terry Bicycles is committed to researching and designing saddles that cater to all levels of female cyclists --from the casual rider to the consummate professional. The Damselfly was developed at the behest of Terry's cycling team, with a unique profile specifically designed to maximize...
Terry Bicycles Falcon X Saddle - Women's
Price: $95.00
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Terry Bicycles began its foray into women's saddle design with the Butterfly saddle in 1999. Since then it has continued to develop and design women's specific saddles with the input from female riders at all levels. The Falcon X Saddle is recommended for riders who are looking for more fore-aft...
Terry Bicycles FLX Carbon Saddle - Women's
Price: $211.00
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Terry Bicycles has been designing women's specific cycling gear for 28 years. Through continuous research and development, it has designed some of the most sought after women's saddles the world over. Terry's FLX Carbon saddle is the lightest saddle in the FLX line. Weighing in at a minimal...
Terry Bicycles FLX Gel Saddle - Women's
Price: $130.00
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Professional women racers often prefer lighter weight, less padded saddles than recreational riders. Terry Bicycles sponsored a women's road cycling team for many years and through their collaboration with riders designed a saddle that is perfect for the most pedal-happy, die-hard racer out there...
Terry Bicycles FLX Saddle - Women's
Price: $121.00
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Although the Terry Butterfly saddle is the most popular of its line, not all women need a saddle quite as wide or as padded. Professional women racers often prefer lighter weight, less padded saddles. The FLX series is the latest in Terry Bicycle's saddle design featuring a unique shape and...
Terry Bicycles Liberator Race Saddle - Women's
Price: $117.00
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For over 25 years, Terry Bicycles has been designing women's specific bikes and accessories. Their saddles are the culmination of years of research, development, and collaboration with females riders from the casual to the professional. The Terry Liberator Saddle is just one of their highly...
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