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Speedplay X2 Road Pedals
Price: $185.00
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The Speedplay X2 pedal has all of the technical benefit of the X1 version: It provides knee-saving lateral rotation, without the self-centering action inherent in most pedals - your knees don't have to work against spring tension. Their compact, low-profile shape positions your foot closer to the...
Speedplay X5 Road Pedals
Price: $115.00
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Speedplay's most economical X-series pedal. The X5 uses a Chrome-moly steel spindle. They're built with needle and cartridge bearings to give them superior smoothness and longevity. The X5 incorporates an earlier release angle than the race-oriented X1 and X2 -- you'll need only a slight heel...
Speedplay Zero Pave Stainless
Price: $339.00
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The most obvious difference between the Speedplay Zero Pave Stainless and Speedplay's regular Zero pedals is that all of the excess, unnecessary material on the pedals has been cleared out. This means that there's less of a chance that road or trail debris will accumulate on the pedals and jam...
Speedplay Zero Pave Titanium
Price: $499.00
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Spring may be a long ways away, but for some of us, the love of pave lasts all year long. If your cycling routes are rough enough to rival the hardships of the northern classics, then Speedplay's new Zero Pave Titanium pedals are your ticket to a worry-free ride. Over the course of their...
Speedplay Zero Stainless Road Pedals
Price: $199.00
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Identical in design to the Zero Ti, except for the fact that the spindle is made from Stainless Steel instead of Titanium. This adds a total 42g to a pair of Zero Stainless -- meaning it weighs in at 206g/pr. Like the Ti, the Zero Stainless allows you to choose either a fixed position or up to 15...
Speedplay Zero Titanium Road Pedals
Price: $335.00
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The Speedplay Zero Pedal System allows you to choose either a fixed position or up to 15 degrees of float. Zero pedals maintain the traditional feel of a fixed system while incorporating all the well-known advantages of Speedplay X Pedal Systems. Dual-sided Zero pedals offer light weight, easy...
Price: $24.00
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Time ATAC Replacement Cleats prevent worn cleats from premature ejection or stubborn release. Brass cleats and hardware give just a little without feeling sloppy, like a handmade steel frame only way, way cheaper.
Price: $123.45
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If the Time ATAC DH 4 Pedal looks like something from outer space, that's just a coincidence. It's actually much tougher than anything from outer space. The DH 4's oversized axle and large aluminum platform make absolutely certain that if anything on your DH bike fails, it won't be your pedals....
TIME ATAC XC 12 Titan Carbon Pedals
Price: $399.99
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The pedal is one of the more crucial components. However, its importance is often overshadowed by the latest drivetrain, suspension, or wheel trends. Pedals have mountain on their plate, as they need to be light, tough, and easy to use. TIME accomplishes this with its range topping ATAC XC 12...
Price: $164.00
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For some companies, keeping weight down means a compromise of durability and function. Not for Time. The full-featured, composite-bodied ATAC XC 6 weighs a hair over 10 ounces, performs like a thoroughbred, and takes a beating like bare-fisted pugilist from the '20s.Time's ATAC (Auto Tension...
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