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Race Face Turbine 3/4in Riser Handlebar
Retail Price: $69.99
Our Price: $59.49
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Race Face's 3/4in Turbine Riser places you roughly 19mm higher for a commanding position on technical terrain. And, with a combined nine-degree rearward and six-degree upward sweep, this 725mm-wide alloy handlebar puts all-mountain and trail ergonomics first. The Turbine's cold-drawn, seamless...
Race Face Turbine 35 20mm Rise Bar
Retail Price: $79.99
Our Price: $67.99
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Lighter, stiffer, stronger. These have been the top industry buzzwords since there was a bike industry. Race Face has achieved the trifecta with its Turbine 35 20mm Riser Bar. The 35mm center diameter means they were able to reduce the amount of material needed to make the bar while making it...
Renthal Fatbar
Retail Price: $84.95
Our Price: $76.99
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For the past five years, Renthal has made a name for itself in the trail-riding scene by making some the most bombproof equipment that wins world championships. Renthal's acclaimed Fatbar is built with a stout 7000-series aluminum, and is tapered and balanced to produce the ultimate combination...
Renthal Fatbar Carbon
Retail Price: $169.99
Our Price: $149.99
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The numbers don't lie, and they're pretty impressive. The DH-ready Renthal Fatbar Carbon riser handlebar is 780mm wide and weighs just 225 grams. The bar employs intuitive dimensions: a seven-degree backsweep and five-degree upsweep. The unidirectional carbon fiber used in its construction allows...
Renthal Fatbar Lite
Retail Price: $84.95
Our Price: $74.99
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Pick up the Renthal Fatbar Lite for the sturdy feel and extra leverage afforded by 740-millimeter wide bars, all without adding extra weight to your favorite trail or Enduro-race bike. In fact, the Renthal Fatbar Lite only weighs 270-grams, making it one of the lightest aluminum riser bars on the...
Renthal Fatbar Lite Carbon
Retail Price: $164.95
Our Price: $154.99
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Constructed from ultralight unidirectional carbon fiber, the Renthal Fatbar Lite Carbon weighs a miniscule 180 grams, which is quite impressive considering its 740mm-wide stature. Best suited for enduro, trail, and XC disciplines, the Fatbar Lite Carbon bar is the trail-tuned version of Renthal's...
Storck RBC180 Handlebar
Price: $390.00
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Storck knows the importance of a lightweight, rigid, and dependable cockpit, which is why its engineers devote the same time and attention to detail toward designing its components as they do its complete bikes. The new RBC180 Handlebar expresses this to the fullest, as its super low weight,...
Storck RBC220 Handlebar
Price: $300.00
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With Storck being revered in the world of carbon fiber frame design, it only made sense that its engineers develop a line of high-end componentry to complement their bicycles. The new RBC220 Handlebar perfectly illustrates this, as it was built to provide precise cockpit control using Storck's...
Syncros AM1.0 Carbon 10 Rise 35mm Handlebar
Price: $144.99
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The Syncros AM1. 0 Carbon 10 Rise 35mm Handlebar packs a big punch of strength and control out on the trail with a beefy clamp diameter and wide stance built with all-mountain riders in mind. This bar lets riders attack a wide range of terrain with confident handling. The AM1. 0 Carbon is...
Syncros FL1.0 Carbon 15Rise Handlebar
Price: $144.49
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The Synchros FL1. 0 Carbon 15Rise Handlebar provides solid steering and precise control across a wide variety of trails. Hit the cross-country course one week, light enduro the next, and then onto a weekend of marathon racing with confidence that this handlebar will steer you through it all. The...
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