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Race Face SIXC DH Handlebar
Price: $159.99
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If you're in the market for a downhill-worthy carbon bar, your choices are limited to a very select few that live up to the rigors of testing like that done at Race Face's facilities in Vancouver, Canada. The company is thoroughly obsessed with blowing the lid off of rider capability, and making...
Race Face Turbine 3/4in Riser Handlebar
Price: $69.99
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Race Face's 3/4in Turbine Riser places you roughly 19mm higher for a commanding position on technical terrain. And, with a combined nine-degree rearward and six-degree upward sweep, this 725mm-wide alloy handlebar puts all-mountain and trail ergonomics first. The Turbine's cold-drawn, seamless...
Renthal Fatbar
Price: $84.95
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Those who dabble in both motocross and the pedal-type of bicycle activities will likely be familiar with the Renthal name, having been producing some of the winningest handlebars in motocross out of the factory in Manchester, UK, for several decades now. Since moving into mountain biking in 2010,...
Renthal Fatbar Carbon
Price: $164.99
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Legendary motocross component manufacturer Renthal derives its name from a mash-up of the last names of the company's two founders, Andrew Renshaw and Henry Rosenthal. The brand crossed over into the world of mountain biking in 2010, and the Renthal Fatbar Carbon represents a similar sort of...
Renthal Fatbar Lite
Price: $84.95
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Renthal made its name over the decades by crafting some of the toughest, smartest, and winningest motocross components in the world. As of 2010, the company turned its attention to the world of mountain biking, and since then has landed no fewer than six world championships to its name. Want to...
Renthal Fatbar Lite Carbon
Price: $159.95
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It might seem a bit of a stretch that world-renowned motocross component manufacturer Renthal stepped onto the mountain bike scene only a few years ago and already claims to have engineered a superlight trail-ready carbon fiber handlebar. That is, until you realize that the UK-based company not...
Ritchey SuperLogic Carbon Rizer Handlebar
Retail Price: $189.95
Our Price: $132.97
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You like your bars a little higher than flat, but not chopper-style. The Ritchey SuperLogic Rizer Carbon Handlebars give you a little lift without making your trail bike look like a motorcycle. Full-carbon construction provides rigor-mortis-like stiffness to make sure you get some dividends on...
Ritchey WCS Carbon Evo Curve Handlebar
Retail Price: $299.95
Our Price: $224.99
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The semi-flat, oval profile of Ritchey's WCS Carbon Evo Curve Handlebar, with a four-degree sweep, provides an ideal perch for palms and wrists. It also helps smooth the transition to the hoods for quick response, and it allows the progressive, rotated-upward position that's preferred by many...
Storck RBC180 Handlebar
Price: $390.00
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Storck knows the importance of a lightweight, rigid, and dependable cockpit, which is why its engineers devote the same time and attention to detail toward designing its components as they do its complete bikes. The new RBC180 Handlebar expresses this to the fullest, as its super low weight,...
Storck RBC220 Handlebar
Price: $300.00
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With Storck being revered in the world of carbon fiber frame design, it only made sense that its engineers develop a line of high-end componentry to complement their bicycles. The new RBC220 Handlebar perfectly illustrates this, as it was built to provide precise cockpit control using Storck's...
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