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Profile Design Century Aluminum Clip-on Aerobar
Price: $99.95
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As its name suggests, Profile Design's Century Aluminum Clip-on Aerobar is made to cheat the wind but maintain comfort on long rides spent in the wind alone. Whether your day in the saddle consists of 112. 6 miles between a swim and a run or a 100-mile charity ride punctuated with aid station...
Profile Design Jammer GT Aluminum Clip-On Aerobar
Price: $139.95
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When getting your road bike tri-ready, clip on Profile Design's Jammer GT aerobars without having to worry about making major fit adjustments to your bike. The shorter extension length of the bars makes them easily adaptable to the setup of a road bike, and the F-19a aluminum keeps the Jammer GT...
Profile Design Ozero TT Aluminum Basebar
Price: $154.95
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While the double negative implied by its name may be a bit of an overstatement, the Profile Design Ozero TT Aluminum Basebar's hydroformed silhouette gives it an understated aerodynamic footprint compared to previous iterations while still maintaining UCI legality. The signature, tapered tops...
Profile Design Prosvet Carbon Basebar
Price: $274.95
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Plenty of innovation happens inside and outside of UCI regulations, so deciding which side is best to be on comes down to what type of racing you'll be doing. With Profile Design's Prosvet Carbon Basebar, you won't be UCI-legal, but for plenty of triathlons, that's not a requirement. These bars...
Profile Design Svet R Carbon Basebar
Price: $274.95
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Given their solitary, no-draft nature, we wouldn't disagree if someone claimed that properly dialed bike fit is more important for triathlons and time trials than any other cycling discipline. With the exception of the occasional (prolonged) pass, a triathlete or TT specialist is in the wind 100%...
Profile Design Svet Zero Carbon Basebar
Price: $274.95
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Developing a set of base bars that offer the least possible amount of wind resistance while maintaining a UCI-legal 3:1 ratio is a goal that requires a good deal of fine-tuning. Profile Design took its time a few years ago with the Svet Zero Carbon Basebar, and has since not felt compelled to...
Profile Design T1+ Carbon Aerobars
Price: $239.99
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Profile Design continues to push the boundaries of aerobars, even though it effectively invented them decades ago. The T1+ Carbon Aerobars have been selected as the official aerobar of the Ironman Triathlon, and given that they include a carbon fiber construction and Profile's brand new F-35...
Profile Design T1+ Clip-On TT Bars
Retail Price: $139.99
Our Price: $111.99
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When you need no-nonsense extensions that simply work, the Profile Design T1+ Clip-On Time Trial Bars are the answer. This is a lighter, simpler, easier-to-adjust version of Profile's old Stryke clip-on setup, which itself was lighter, simpler, and more adjustable than its predecessors. Their...
Profile Design T2 Wing Base Bar
Price: $79.99
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With the option of buying your base bar and extensions as a kit-of-parts, riders of all levels and budgets are now able to fully customize their triathlon or time trial bike. The Profile Designs T2 Wing Base Bar gives you the same wind-cheating shape as a carbon bar, only in a more economical...
Profile Design T2+ Carbon Clip-On TT Bars
Price: $239.00
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Profile Design is a veritable one-stop shop for customizing your time trial or triathlon position. In addition to several base bars, they also have over a half dozen extensions to choose from. The T2+ Carbon Clip-on Bars are one of the more popular extension shapes for maximum hand positions and...
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