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Thomson Carbon Riser Handlebar
Price: $160.00
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Thomson is a name that carries serious clout in the cycling world due to its aluminum expertise. But, that's quickly changing as Thomson systematically branches out into the world of fibers and epoxies with products like this Carbon Riser Handlebar. Due to the complexities of carbon fiber, this...
Thomson Carbon Road Handlebar
Price: $262.00
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When you do something time and time again, you can become insensitive to the world around you. In manufacturing, designs grow old as one becomes comfortable with what works. Thomson, on the other hand, not only has its hands in the cycling industry, but aerospace as well -- always keeping its...
Thomson Titanium Mountain Handlebar
Retail Price: $272.00
Our Price: $258.00
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While the Elite Dropper seatpost may be the most anticipated product from Thompson, its quiet entry into the handlebar market, with products like this Titanium Mountain Handlebar, could be just as significant. Natural growth of Thomson's product line led them to another cockpit component, which...
TruVativ Jerome Clementz Riser Handlebar
Retail Price: $197.95
Our Price: $188.00
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Synonymous with Megavalanche, Mountain of Hell, and Enduro des Nations, Jerome Clementz is an all-mountain legend whose input went directly into designing this TruVativ handlebar. The result is a 750mm-wide, 20mm riser constructed from BlackBox carbon fiber to keep weigh at a minimum. In fact,...
TruVativ Noir T20 20mm Riser Carbon Handlebar
Retail Price: $130.95
Our Price: $124.00
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At under 200 grams, TruVativ's Noir T20 Riser Carbon Handlebar provides riders with a generous 680mm width and 20mm rise for excellent control and comfort. To accomplish this, TruVativ uses a 1K unidirectional carbon fiber and layers it to enhance strength at both the 31. 8mm stem clamping zone...
TruVativ Noir T40 15mm Riser Handlebar
Price: $187.95
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Touted as TruVativ's lightest riser bar, the 720mm-wide Noir T40 with a 15mm rise provides XC riders the commanding, upright position typically associated with heavy, gravity-oriented handlebars. To accomplish this, TruVativ uses unidirectional carbon fiber and layers it to enhance strength at...
TruVativ Noir T40 Handlebar
Retail Price: $145.95
Our Price: $139.00
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A five-degree back sweep and low weight place TruVativ's 580mm wide Noir T40 Handlebar at the front of competition-ready cross-country mountain bikes. For added durability, without pushing the T40's weight over 110 grams, the clamp zone is mesh-reinforced. It's also treated with an anti-slip...
TruVativ Steve Smith Riser Handlebar
Retail Price: $82.95
Our Price: $79.00
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TruVativ's Steve Smith signature Riser Handlebar provides 30mm of rise, 780mm of width, and a seven degree back and five degree up sweep. This gives you an upright, commanding view of challenging terrain. The bar is constructed from AL-7050 aluminum that's butted to place more material where it's...
Zipp Contour SL Carbon Handlebar
Price: $294.95
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Zipp calls its Contour SL Carbon Handlebar 'the stage racer's bar,' and with its range of comfort enhancing features, we're inclined to agree. The flattened tops and ovalized hooks spread the load over more of your hands for all day comfort, even on rough roads. And despite its sub-200 gram...
Zipp Service Course Handlebar
Retail Price: $97.95
Our Price: $29.99
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Zipp handlebars have subtle shaping that separates them from the pack, and makes them comfortable, light, and strong. Like its carbon fiber counterparts, the Zipp Service Course Alloy Handlebars have a constant taper from the 31. 8mm clamp area in the center of the bar to the 24. 2mm diameter at...
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