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3T Ventus II Limited Handlebar
Retail Price: $1260.00
Our Price: $755.95
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The iconic Ventus won gold and silver in the 2008 Beijing time trial. You'd think that accolades like that would be enough of a reason to keep the Ventus just as it is. However, 3T doesn't rest on its laurels. It completely renewed the aerobar with a redesign that is sure to make the Ventus II as...
3T Xida Pro Handlebar
Price: $64.99
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Oversize handlebars are now the norm. And while we like the stiffness and strength inherent in the 31. 8mm clamp diameter, we haven't always liked the oversize (in terms of width) bulged center section. The engineers at 3T have created the Xida Pro Alloy Handlebar with what they call a "compact"...
3T Xida Team Handlebar
Price: $124.99
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If you're the kind of rider that prefers to save a few dollars and still have fine gear, the 3T Xida Team Carbon Handlebar offers up an aesthetic equal to its higher priced sibling. Instead of the spendy high modulus carbon used in the Xida LTD, the Team uses a more general purpose carbon fiber....
Deda Elementi Carbon Blast Aero Handlebar
Price: $300.00
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If you've been itching to get into stage races or triathlons, but haven't committed to the point of a multi-thousand-dollar time trial bike, the Deda Carbon Blast Aero Handlebar is for you. The Carbon Blast mounts to your existing road bike's handlebars, and offers an ergonomic extension that...
Deda Elementi Kronos Due Aero Handlebar
Retail Price: $660.00
Our Price: $594.00
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When your competition is the clock, every passing second is like a competitor tearing around you for the lead. For such a formidable opponent, you need every possible advantage at your disposal, and the Deda Kronos Due Aero Handlebars give you the leading edge. Built for an aggressive pursuit...
Deda Elementi M35 Handlebar
Retail Price: $350.00
Our Price: $174.99
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Just when the 25. 4mm and 26. 0mm clamp diameters of yore were fading into obscurity and we were pretty much left with 31. 8mm for both mountain and road handlebars, Deda introduces their M35 Handlebar. With its 35mm top section, the M35 is 50% stiffer than a comparable 31. 8mm bar. The 35mm...
Deda Elementi Zero100 Alloy Handlebar
Price: $150.00
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Maybe you've heard that carbon fiber is stronger than aluminum. But if you feel more confident with aluminum, we won't argue; we'll just show you this bar, the Deda Elementi Zero100. The Zero100 is the aluminum entry in the new Deda Rapid Hand Movement (RHM) design initiative. Deda noticed that...
Easton EA70 Ergo Handlebars
Price: $80.00
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First there were round bends. Then anatomic bends, then removable faceplate stems unleashed bar designers to get really creative. That creativity was further expanded when carbon-fiber became a viable handlebar material. There are so many shapes, so many styles today, but we're starting to see...
Easton EA70 XC Riser Handlebar -
Retail Price: $75.00
Our Price: $60.00
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Like the EA70 XC flat bar, Easton's Riser Handlebar employs its aluminum knowhow to produce a feathery bar with excellent strength and stiffness. It's plenty wide, at 685mm (27in), for single speed use, and provides plenty of room for cockpit controls. Each of Easton's designs pass rigorous...
Easton EC70 SL3 Handlebar
Price: $210.00
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Compact bars continue to be exceedingly popular among the pro ranks. One reason is that they make it easier to position your hands closer to the brake levers when riding in the drops. With the lightning-quick shifts required to launch or cover attacks, easy access the controls is a must. The...
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