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3T Ergonova Pro Handlebar
Retail Price: $119.95
Our Price: $99.99
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Aluminum tubing has come a long way since the days when you could only get it in three shapes: round, round, or round. With the ability to shape aluminum tubing just about any way they want, bicycle component manufacturers can shape aluminum to do amazing things, like reducing fatigue after hours...
3T Ergonova Team Handlebar
Retail Price: $349.95
Our Price: $227.49
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The Ergonova Team Handlebar isn't the most luxury-priced piece of kit in 3T's line, but it may be the most common handlebar at the start line of most local races and criteriums. The reason for its widespread appeal is rooted in its carbon construction, which follows the same lines as the more...
3T Ergonova Team Stealth Handlebar
Retail Price: $369.95
Our Price: $249.95
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The 3T Ergonova Team Stealth Handlebar was designed with compact drops and a shorter reach to provide a comfy yet race-worthy ride for any type of rider. The Stealth version takes all the attributes of the Ergonova Team and packages them up in a sleek, monochromatic finish. The Ergonova Team...
3T Ergosum Limited Handlebar
Retail Price: $399.95
Our Price: $299.99
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The 3T Ergosum Limited Handlebar is constructed using high-modulus carbon fiber for the ultimate in stiffness while still maintaining its place as one of the lightest handlebars on the market. Similar to its sibling, the Ergonova LTD, the Ergosum features a shallow drop, but utilizes the...
3T Ergosum Pro Handlebar
Price: $104.95
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3T's Ergosum Pro Handlebar returns with the same design tweaks that fit your body rather than forcing your body to adapt to it. Instead of a rounded curve, the drops describe two flattened lengths connected at rounded angles. These flat areas provide two definite platforms for you to anchor your...
3T Ergosum Team Stealth Handlebar
Price: $368.95
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The angled length of the 3T Ergosum Team Stealth Handlebar's drops may once have been a novelty, but they're no longer a rare sight in the peloton or the bike shop. The rise of the ergonomic drop began with the trend of ever more aggressive stack heights: as the bars got lower, the riders began...
3T Exsero Pro Handlebar
Retail Price: $74.95
Our Price: $28.99
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Sure, 3T designs some of the most lauded carbon handlebars around. But, sometimes you don't want to break the bank every time you buy a new component for your prized steed. The Exsero Pro Handlebar is the perfect addition to your mountain bike, with all the design features of the Exsero Team...
3T Extendo Team Carbon Handlebar
Retail Price: $154.95
Our Price: $55.99
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The ultra-wide 3T Extendo Team Carbon Handlebar will give you the leverage needed for trail-owning control. A 12-degree rearward sweep and eccentric-to-central-clamping bar outer sections allow you to easily find a wrist-friendly position that'll reduce fatigue--and further enhance control.
3T Flat LTD Handlebar
Price: $154.99
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The 3T Flat LTD Handlebar was designed with a multi-faceted rider in mind. Technical cross-country one day, light enduro the next weekend, with a bit of single track and a marathon racing thrown in the mix for fun. With 3T's commitment to safety and testing, drawing from protocols that meet...
3T Flat Team Handlebar
Price: $129.99
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Unfortunately, finding the right handlebars is largely a process of trial and error, but if you're a rider who likes to tackle a little bit of everything -- fast XC rides, all-mountain explorations, races, and some technical downhills -- the 3T Flat Team Handlebar might save you some time, money,...
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