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Juliana Lock-On Grips
Price: $18.00
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Like the bikes, Juliana's Lock-On Grips were developed with the needs of more petite riders in mind, and are only compatible with Juliana handlebars. This means the grips have a smaller diameter so female riders can wrap their hands around them. This, however, does not come with a sacrifice in...
Lizard Skins Aaron Chase Signature Grip
Price: $9.95
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Install a fresh set of Lizard Skin Aaron Chase Signature Grips on your gravity-defying tiny dancer and shred dirt jumps with no-nonsense dexterity.
Lizard Skins Bearclaw Lock-On Grip
Price: $30.00
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Your helmet cam is on, your heart is pounding, and your friends are cheering you on. You picked your line and you're going for it with confidence. Down the trail, you make it through the first sharp berm, no problem. You make it over the teeter totter, and now you're pushing it to get up off the...
Lizard Skins Charger Lock-On Grip
Price: $30.00
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When you ride a lot, your grips continually and silently deteriorate--until you're left with minimal cush, and max pain. Install the Lizard Skins Charger Lock-On Grip and restore your bike's cockpit to a paw-pleasing state.
Lizard Skins DSP Grip 30.3mm
Price: $26.95
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Lock-on grips rewrote the book on attaching mountain bike grips to handlebars, but they have drawbacks. One of which is weight, the other is unequal pinching from the clamps. And, in this day and age of fragile carbon bars, that can create serious problems down the road. Lizard Skins, however,...
Lizard Skins Logo Lock-On Grip
Price: $30.00
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Grip the Lizard Skins Logo Lock-on soft gel exterior and rip it. The security of a stiff, twist-free plastic inner and aluminum clamps let you ride without loose, throttle-twisting grips.
Lizard Skins Moab Grip
Retail Price: $9.00
Our Price: $8.10
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If you've ridden in Moab, you know that its particular brand of slickrock can make you feel like you've aged 20 years in an afternoon. It's nice to have a little extra cushion while riding there, especially for your hands. The Lizard Skins Moab Grip provides the little bit of extra cushion and...
Lizard Skins Peaty Lock-On Cheers Grip
Price: $29.95
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Install the comfy Lizard Skins Peaty Lock-On Cheers Grip and roll with a non-slip, dampening, and secure grip.
Lizard Skins Single Compound 494 Grips
Price: $9.00
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If you're looking for simplicity and durability in your grips, the Lizard Skin Single Compound 494 Grips are your basic do-it-all solution. Made with the same quality that's made Lizard Skins a known quantity, the 494 Grips are the non-locking, git-er-done compliment to your trail bike. If you...
Oury Grip Lock-On Grip
Price: $24.99
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Oury grips have a long history of use in ATVs, bmx, motocross, and watersports. The design is as practical as timeless. Large blocks offer excellent padding and control, while the Lock-On feature ensures throttle grip is something reserved for moto sports.
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