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FOX Racing Shox 36 Float 29 160 3Pos-Adj FIT4 Fork (51mm Rake)
Price: $979.00
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We're guessing you're probably well aware of FOX's dominance on the suspension market, especially with the 36 Float leading the charge everywhere from hyper-technical descents to long rides across formidable alpine ranges. Even with its dominance in all-mountain riding and enduro racing, the...
FOX Racing Shox 36 Float 29 160 HSC/LSC FIT Boost Fork (51mm Rake)
Price: $1049.00
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It's hard to believe the suspension gurus at FOX set out to improve the 36 Float 29 160 HSC/LSC FIT Boost Fork (51mm Rake), especially considering its unbelievable success in the world of enduro racing and aggressive all-mountain riding. We'd be hard pressed to doubt their motives, stoked about...
FOX Racing Shox 36 Float Negative Plate Spacer
Price: $5.00
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A few years ago, you'd have laughed if someone told you that you'd want less travel up front. Fast forward to now, and though you love having 160mm to smooth over mistakes and soften your landings, you're craving a firmer, faster ride for the time being. Start embracing the climbs, not just the...
FOX Racing Shox 36 TALAS 27.5 160-130 3Pos-Adj FIT4 Fork - 2017
Retail Price: $1099.00
Our Price: $934.95
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Designed for all-mountain aficionados and dedicated enduro racers, the 2017 FOX Racing Shox 36 TALAS 27. 5 160-130 3Pos-Adj FIT 4 Fork delivers unflappable stiffness mated to 30mm of adjustable travel with the simple flick of a switch. The 36 TALAS gives riders the option of dropping the front...
FOX Racing Shox 40 Float 27.5 HSC/LSC Fit Fork
Price: $1699.00
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The 2016 downhill World Championships were dominated by Rachel Atherton and Danny Hart, both aboard FOX 40 Factory forks along with countless World Cup. Riders looking for adjustability, smooth performance, reliability, and a stiff chassis count on the FOX 40 to guide them, at high speed, over...
FOX Racing Shox Dust Wiper Kit
Price: $25.00
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The Fox Dust Wiper Kit works with Fox's ultra-smooth Kashima coating to make Fox forks some of the smoothest-functioning in the industry. Unfortunately, dirt can eventually cause the seals to leak and will need to be replaced when the fork is overhauled. Fox partnered with legendary seal...
FOX Racing Shox Float Air Seal Kit
Price: $14.00
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Keep your Fox Float shocks working like new by servicing them with the Fox Float Air Seal Kit. It comes with a bundle of seals and bushings to fit all types of Float shocks, along with a pack of fluid for lubrication.
FOX Racing Shox Float Volume Spacer
Price: $1.50
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Before you pack up the car and head to Moab, firm up your ride in anticipation of the big hits and steep drops you're about to rally all over with the FOX Racing Shox Float Volume Spacer. This innocuous plastic bit proves that good things come in small packages. By taking up space in your fork, a...
FOX Racing Shox Heritage Fork and Shock Decal Kit
Price: $20.00
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Customize your fork and CTD rear shock with the FOX Racing Shox Heritage Fork and Shock Decal Kit. This decal kit draws inspiration from '70s retro graphics, giving you a slew of bold colors to match your favorite trail rig.
FOX Racing Shox Kabolt Axle
Price: $44.95
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When seconds matter, shaving a few grams can make or break a trip to the podium. Fox Racing Shox crafts the Kabolt Axle for weight-conscious racers looking to drop that bulky QR from the front axle in order to get every last advantage on the course. The 100mm version clocks in at a claimed 40g...
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