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FOX Racing Shox Float Volume Spacer
Price: $2.00
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Before you pack up the car and head to Moab, firm up your ride in anticipation of the big hits and steep drops you're about to rally all over with the FOX Racing Shox Float Volume Spacer. This innocuous plastic bit proves that good things come in small packages. By taking up space in your fork, a...
FOX Racing Shox Fork Seal Kit
Price: $25.00
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The Fox Fork Seal Kit keeps newer (2016+) Fox 32/34 or 36/40 Forks with the Fit4 damper running smoothly on the trail. The seals in this kit are an important first line of defense from the flinging muck and fine dust that accrues on your fork stanchions during rides. FOX recommends replacing them...
FOX Racing Shox Heritage Fork and Shock Decal Kit
Price: $20.00
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Customize your fork and CTD rear shock with the FOX Racing Shox Heritage Fork and Shock Decal Kit. This decal kit draws inspiration from '70s retro graphics, giving you a slew of bold colors to match your favorite trail rig.
FOX Racing Shox Kabolt Axle
Price: $44.95
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When seconds matter, shaving a few grams can make or break a trip to the podium. Fox Racing Shox crafts the Kabolt Axle for weight-conscious racers looking to drop that bulky QR from the front axle in order to get every last advantage on the course. The 100mm version clocks in at a claimed 40g...
FOX Racing Shox Rear Shock Rebuild Kit
Price: $18.00
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You wouldn't drive your car for thousands of miles without changing the oil, would you? Well, the same goes for the FOX shock on your trusty mountain bike, requiring regular maintenance to keep it operating smoothly. The Fox Rear Shock Rebuild Kit is just what you'll need to keep your FOX Factory...
FOX Racing Shox Suspension Fluid - 32oz.
Price: $25.00
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For proper maintenance of your Fox Suspension products, we strongly recommend using Fox Suspension Fluids. Three versions are currently available (although the green stuff is now discontinued and will soon disappear): The 10-weight Red Fluid is a damping fluid only, to be used in all FIT dampers,...
Lauf Carbonara Fat Bike Suspension Fork
Price: $890.00
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Lauf's forks have garnered quite the buzz with their leafspring design and unique aesthetic, and there may be no place that maintenance-free bump absorption is better suited than on a fat bike. Inherently quirky, the Lauf's design seems right at home on a burly frame matched with beefy tires and...
Lauf Grit Suspension Fork
Price: $790.00
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If road cycling is the epitome of long-held traditions and narrowly defined style, then gravel is its antithesis, eschewing mainstream mannerisms to push the edges of unique and utilitarian design. As such, it isn't surprising that Lauf has adapted its eye-catchingly unparalleled leafspring...
Lauf Trail Racer 29/27.5+ Boost Suspension Fork
Price: $990.00
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In the never ending quest to push the limits of N+1, building up that new hardtail frame with a Lauf Trail Racer 29/27. 5+ Boost Suspension Fork may just be the perfect way to create a unique addition to your quiver of discipline-specific rides. Its eye-catching leafspring design doesn't attempt...
MRP Ramp Control Cartridge
Retail Price: $139.95
Our Price: $131.55
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Transitioning from lift laps to your favorite trail system usually means making some compromises in your fork's performance unless you've got the time and tools to fiddle with tokens at home. MRP's Ramp Control Cartridge looks to take the hassle out of ramp-up adjustments, replacing the token...
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