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SRAM Rival 22 BB30 Crankset
Retail Price: $217.95
Our Price: $190.00
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Since the introduction of SRAM's much-lauded Red 22 group a few years back, it only makes sense that the performance-obsessed folks at SRAM have incorporated their 22-speed design to their workhorse groups, such as SRAM's Rival 22. As such, the SRAM Rival 22 BB30 Crankset features trickled-down...
SRAM Rival 22 GXP Crankset
Price: $192.00
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Given that the two are sister companies, it's only logical that SRAM would get around to offering its workhorse Rival 22 Crankset in a model compatible with TruVativ's GXP (Giga X Pipe) bottom bracket. The GXP's defining elements include a left bearing with a smaller diameter to mate with the...
SRAM Rival Crankset with GXP Bottom Bracket
Price: $229.00
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Comparing any SRAM Rival component to its Red counterpart is an easy task because SRAM makes the story so easy to follow: Rival and Red components are functionally identical across all component types. What makes Red feel so special (shifting, braking, ergonomics, etc) carries directly into the...
SRAM X-Glide 11-speed 110BCD Chainring
Retail Price: $133.95
Our Price: $120.56
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The SRAM X-Glide 11-speed Chainring is 5mm thick for added stiffness and decisive shifting control. With the same upshift rivets that make SRAM'S XX mountain groupset so fast, the X-glides are made from CNC-machined 7075-T6 aluminum for precise shape and ramp. Ideal for use with SRAM X-glide...
SRAM X-SYNC Direct Mount Chainring
Retail Price: $99.00
Our Price: $89.10
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SRAM's X-Sync Direct Mount Chainring features X-Sync's tall, square teeth to engage the chain sooner on each rotation for maximum control with a one-by drivetrain so the chain doesn't get bored and wander off onto your pedal spindle. The teeth also alternate between narrow and wide with...
SRAM X01 BB30 Crankset
Retail Price: $424.00
Our Price: $259.95
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Anyone who's ever dealt with granny-ring-induced pedal feedback knows that front derailleurs are for the birds, as far as mountain biking is concerned. So if you're ready to ditch the front derailleur, and you're looking for the simplest, lightest setup, the SRAM X01 BB30 Crankset fits the bill....
SRAM X01 BB30 Direct Mount Crankset
Retail Price: $446.00
Our Price: $401.40
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The SRAM X01 BB30 Direct Mount Crankset takes everything you know about traditional bottom bracket and crankset setups and turns it on its head by essentially eliminating the spider altogether and mounting the chainring directly on the spindle. This may seem a little bonkers, but it results in a...
SRAM X01 GXP Direct Mount Crankset
Retail Price: $414.00
Our Price: $372.60
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SRAM's one-by drivetrain revolution may be the highlight of the mountain bike tech coming out of the innovative manufacturer's Illinois headquarters, but the X01 GXP Direct Mount Crankset may be a close second place. The X01 Direct Mount cranks effectively eliminate the spider for an interface...
SRAM X01 X-SYNC Chainring - 94 BCD
Retail Price: $98.00
Our Price: $53.96
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The SRAM X01 X-SYNC 94BCD Chainring aids in your ability to quickly swap gear ratios, thanks to its 30 to 38-teeth increments. The other big story with this chainring is its tall, square teeth that engage earlier than triangle-shaped teeth found on traditional chainrings, locking together when...
SRAM X01 X-SYNC Chainring- 104 BCD
Retail Price: $105.00
Our Price: $70.00
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Customize your ride with the SRAM X01 X-SYNC 104 BCD Chainring. With five available ratios from 32 to 38 teeth in two-tooth increments, you can pick the gearing that works best for the terrain you're about to tackle. Once you're dialed in, SRAM's special machining process makes sure your chain...
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