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SRAM XX1 BB30 Crankarms - 168 Q-Factor
Price: $330.95
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Given the immediate acclaim that SRAM's XX1 group set has received, it's not surprising that SRAM is focused on improvement rather than replacement. However, you're probably wondering how this is even possible with XX1? Well, given XX1's wide array of possible chainring, Q-Factor, and bottom...
SRAM XX1 Chainring
Price: $92.00
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SRAM's XX1 is a fresh approach to drivetrain designs that builds on proven, and preferred, principles of established riders and racers alike. One-by setups are nothing new, but none have offered the ratio spread, chain retention, and performance driven technology that this 11-speed group does....
SRAM XX1 GXP 168 Q-Factor Crankarms
Price: $289.95
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When SRAM first introduced serious mountain bike components, it caught a certain juggernaut sleeping on the job. This, thankfully, pushed the industry to the high standards that we enjoy today. SRAM hasn't letup either, as is proven with the XX1 drivetrain and its corresponding XX GXP Crankarms...
SRAM XX1 GXP Crankarms Q-Factor 156
Price: $289.95
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When we first introduced SRAM's new XX1 group set to the site, we were blown away by the demand for its blend of rugged sensibility and diverse functionality. We understand the support, especially considering that the aforementioned is paired with an 11-speed setup. However, after compiling...
SRM BB-Mounted Sensor Cable
Price: $70.00
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For all of the advanced technology built into an SRM PowerMeter, we struggle to name a single bicycle component that's more frustrating to install. Specifically, the source of SRM installation angst focuses on the power pickup of an SRM sensor cable. That's why there's the SRM BB Sensor Cable....
Storck Powerarms G2 Crank Arms
Price: $1170.00
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It should really come as no surprise that the engineers at Storck would lay claim to producing one of the lightest carbon cranksets in the world, seeing as their familiarity in the realm of bicycle composite design and manufacturing is matched by few. As such, the new Storck Powerarms G2 (second...
TruVativ X0 2.2 BB30 10-Speed Crankset
Retail Price: $474.00
Our Price: $261.00
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If nothing else, BB30 cranks like this Truvativ X0 BB30 2. 2 10-Speed Crankset will allow more heel and ankle clearance as we pedal, potentially eliminating the scraping between shoe and crankarm that some of us have grown accustomed to with outboard bearing crank designs of late. If this sounds...
TruVativ X0 DH GXP Singlespeed Crankset
Price: $444.00
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Downhill-specific cranksets have always been incredibly stiff and could survive a nuclear blast; until now they could also serve as effective boat anchors. The Truvativ X0 DH Crankset is poised to change half of that tough-but-heavy reputation. The reason for the weight reduction is that the X0...
TruVativ X0 GXP 2.2 Crankset
Retail Price: $431.00
Our Price: $258.60
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This Truvativ X0 GXP 2. 2 10-Speed Crankset uses carbon fiber like the top shelf XX crank, but there are a few differences. Unlike the XX crank, there's no alloy spine connecting the threaded pedal insert and the crank/spindle connection. SRAM engineers figured out a way to eliminate it, instead...
TruVativ X9 2.2 Crankset with GXP Bottom Bracket
Retail Price: $277.00
Our Price: $166.20
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With XX, SRAM finally made double cranks a reality for mountain bikes. One key element was the 11/36 10-speed cassette. The other parts of the equation were a dedicated crank/chainring set and matched front derailleur and shifter. And with this success, 2x10 has trickled down into other groups....
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