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Shimano XTR FC-M9000-1 1x Race Crank Arms
Retail Price: $368.99
Our Price: $249.95
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Answering the demand for one-by mountain drivetrains, Shimano has engineered the XTR FC-M9000-1 one-by Race Crank Arms, as part of the new XTR 9000 groupset, to be a light and reliable crank for those who prefer simplicity. The XTR M9000 crank arms are designed with the same hollow-armed alloy...
Shimano XTR FC-M9000-2 2x Race Crankset
Retail Price: $525.99
Our Price: $377.98
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Shimano's latest XTR crankset is, undoubtedly, its best mountain crankset ever. The crankarms themselves have received a few upgrades, mainly to reduce weight, but the chainrings have been extensively. The result is that the XTR FC-M9000-2 2x Race Crankset is lighter and stiffer than any XTR...
Shimano XTR FC-M9020-1 1x Trail Crank Arms
Retail Price: $369.99
Our Price: $199.96
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Without getting into any of Shimano's new technology, just take a look at the XTR 1x Trail Crank Arms. They're stunning. Shimano's slow march back towards aesthetically-pleasing parts has been good to see, and the new XTR kit looks to be the crowning achievement. Now, while Shimano maintains that...
Shimano XTR FC-M9020-2 2x Trail Crankset
Retail Price: $525.99
Our Price: $349.98
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As its name might suggest, Shimano intends the XTR FC-M9020-2 2x Trail Crankset for off-road cyclists who require beefy gear because they literally hit the trail when they hit the trail. It's a built-up version of Shimano's Race crankset, made to stay stiff and sturdy when you're riding the...
Shimano XTR FC-M9020-3 3x Trail Crankset
Price: $547.99
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When temperatures dip into the mid-50s, we rarely ride without knee warmers. Given this level of protection from the chill, it seems silly to subject our knees to mechanical abuse with insufficient gearing up front. Shimano's XTR FC-M9020-3 3x Trail Crankset brings a dose of knee-saving granny...
Shimano XTR M9000 1x Chainring
Retail Price: $119.99
Our Price: $89.95
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With the advent of Shimano's XTR one-by drivetrain, a simplified, lighter crankset was finally married to the most precise, smoothest shifting mechanical rear derailleur in off-road scene. At the heart of this drivetrain is the XTR M9000 1x Chainring, which brings the same carbon-reinforced...
Shimano XTR M9000-1 1x Race Crankset
Retail Price: $559.98
Our Price: $339.95
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While some manufacturers are constantly chasing trends and new standards, Shimano's approach is typically more measured. In the case of the XTR M9000-1 1x Race Crankset, the advantage to this circumspect manner manifests as a virtually perfect one-by racing drivetrain. It's important to stress...
Shimano XTR M9020-1 1x Trail Crankset
Retail Price: $559.98
Our Price: $315.00
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If you're building up a brand new dual suspension dream machine, spec it with Shimano's XTR M9020-1 1x Trail Crankset so you know it's prepared to rally over every rough spot and big hit with signature Shimano solidity. Shimano trusts always-reliable aluminum to craft the M9020, carefully...
Shimano Zee FC-M640 Crankset
Price: $125.99
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Shimano's Zee Crankset is designed for the downhiller on a budget (um, that'd be all of us, Shimano). At any rate, the thick-walled aluminum arms and steel axle are built to take a beating season after season. They come equipped with a single 36-tooth chainring, and are compatible with 10-speed...
Shimano ZEE FC-M645 Crankset
Retail Price: $127.99
Our Price: $111.99
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When it comes to bang for the buck, Shimano's Zee components -- like this 83mm bottom bracket-compatible Zee FC-M645 Crankset -- are hard to beat. Thick-walled aluminum construction with a reinforced steel axle ensures flex and failure are absent from gravity-fueled runs. These two-piece cranks...
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