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Race Face Crank Boots
Retail Price: $9.99
Our Price: $8.49
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The Race Face Crank Boots offer an attractive and affordable solution to protecting your favorite cranks from the inevitable bashing and smashing incurred by riding through rough terrain and rock gardens. Crank Boots are especially useful with low-slung trail rigs, as the lower bottom bracket...
Race Face Narrow Wide Chainring
Retail Price: $44.99
Our Price: $40.49
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Toss your double and triple-cranksets aside for the streamlined Race Face Narrow Wide Chainring. Offered in 30 through 38-tooth options for a wide range of gearing possibilities, the Narrow Wide Chainring is an optimal solution for cutting precious grams off your bike, while eliminating front...
Race Face Narrow Wide Cinch Direct Mount Chainring
Retail Price: $69.99
Our Price: $59.49
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Of all the recent innovations in mountain biking, the Narrow Wide tooth profile featured on the Narrow Wide Cinch Direct Mount Chainring is arguably the most understated progression. Race Face has designed a tighter interface between the inner and outer links to prevent the chain from jumping....
Race Face Next SL Crank Arms - Fat Bike
Retail Price: $459.99
Our Price: $390.99
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It seems paradoxical to pursue low-weight gear when you're riding a fat bike, but just because the tires and wheels are big and heavy doesn't mean everything else on the bike needs to weigh more. In fact, those jolly fat tires mean that the other components should try even harder to lose weight....
Race Face Next SL Fat Bike Crankset
Retail Price: $459.99
Our Price: $390.99
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The 100mm bottom bracket compatible Next SL Fat Bike Crankset uses hollow carbon arms and a direct-mount ring to boast a ridiculously low weight. And, Race Face uses carbon and aluminum sourced from the United States and manufacturing resources in its Canadian facility to produce industry-leading...
Race Face Next SL G4 Crank Arms
Retail Price: $479.99
Our Price: $407.95
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It would've been easy for the engineers at Race Face to sit back and relax for a while after the release of the Next SL, surveying their line of lithe carbon componentry with pride and satisfied nods of approval. We're glad to say that they chose not to do this, and because of it, the...
Race Face Next SL G4 Crankset
Retail Price: $539.95
Our Price: $485.95
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Rather than deciding to leave its top-of-the-line Next SL alone for a few years, Race Face returned to the drawing board quickly for the design, setting ambitious, but unsurprising goals to eliminate weight and improve lateral stiffness on what's now known as the Next SL G4 Crankset. By trying to...
Race Face SIXC Crank Arms - 83mm Spindle
Retail Price: $459.99
Our Price: $390.99
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Do you just happen to be looking around for the world's lightest DH-rated production crankset? Step right this way and check out the Race Face SIXC Carbon Crank Arms with 83mm Spindle. Made in-house of ultra-high-density unidirectional carbon fiber, and formed with a proprietary hollow-molding...
Race Face Turbine Crank Arms
Price: $199.95
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If you're as particular as we are about your crankset situation, then you're not keen to leave arm, ring, and spindle choice to the troglodytes who spec bikes in order to save big manufacturers money instead of meeting your exacting criteria. So ditch the selfsame slop in favor of Race Face's...
Race Face Turbine Fat Bike Crankset
Retail Price: $269.99
Our Price: $229.99
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Under the influence of newfangled CAD software, CNC machines, and colorful anodization, the late '90s burgeoning aftermarket favored alloys milled into impossibly complex, eye-pleasing shapes. Out of that primordial soup, Race Face's Turbine crank emerged -- honest in both form and function; it...
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