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OneUp Components Sprocket Kit for Shimano 11sp
Price: $90.00
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Get more out of your Shimano 11-speed drivetrain with the OneUp Components Sprocket Kit. Shimano's 11-46t has a huge, clunky 9T jump from 37-46t, which means that the shift to the biggest sprocket feels like you're shifting into a granny ring. So, adding the OneUp 45t sprocket to the Shimano...
OneUp Components X-Cog for SRAM XX1/X01
Retail Price: $90.00
Our Price: $74.95
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Instead of chalking that $400 cassette you got last year up as a loss after wearing it out quicker than you anticipated, pick up the OneUp Components X-Cog for SRAM XX1/X01 to get rolling again without handing over a hefty amount of cash. Made from tough, lightweight 7075-T6 aluminum, the X-Cog...
Shimano 105 CS-5800 11-Speed Cassette
Retail Price: $44.99
Our Price: $40.94
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Sure, new Shimano's CS-5800 has 11 nickel-plated steel cogs to give you extra gearing options, but all the gears in the world aren't much good if you can't shift smoothly between them. Shimano optimized the ratios between each and every cog to provide smooth shifting and make sure that your...
Shimano Dura-Ace CS-R9100 11-Speed Cassette
Retail Price: $226.99
Our Price: $189.95
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Shimano's groupsets often often miss call-outs for European elegance or relentless pursuit of weight loss at all cost and innovation for innovation's sake, instead earning their loyal following through the incredible dependability and meticulous engineering of the Dura-Ace CS-R9100 11-Speed...
Shimano SLX CS-M7000 Cassette
Retail Price: $73.99
Our Price: $52.92
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We're not afraid to assert that Shimano is the de facto leader in trickle-down technology. The brand consistently executes progressive changes across its componentry in a methodical, rather than frantic, fashion, then spreads those changes across the rest of its line like a fairy godmother in a...
Shimano Ultegra 6800 Cassette
Retail Price: $72.99
Our Price: $52.99
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If you're putting together a workhorse group, going sub-primo on the cassette makes a lot of sense. It's the first part that'll wear out if you're logging serious miles, and since it sits at the center of the wheel, its effect on rotational weight is quite low. Shimano's Ultegra 6800 Cassette...
Shimano Ultegra CS-6700 Cassette
Retail Price: $62.99
Our Price: $49.99
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Shimano's Ultegra-level cassettes are one of the gems of cycling components. Significantly cheaper than the top-line Dura-Ace offerings, they're also more durable, and only slightly heavier. And, they're heavier in the center of a wheel, where their effect is negligible. Shimano's improved its...
Shimano Ultegra CS-HG800 Cassette
Retail Price: $89.99
Our Price: $84.99
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Ultegra might be the heart and soul of Shimano's line, and while we appreciate the precision, weight, and performance that goes into Dura Ace, we find Ultegra to be the perfect sweet-spot in the price-to-performance ratio. Shimano has created gear ranges in the Ultegra line for the most elite...
Shimano Ultegra CS-R8000 Cassette
Retail Price: $79.99
Our Price: $64.95
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Shimano's Ultegra group is one of the most popular out there with good reason: it's the perennial favorite when you factor the performance-to-dollars equation. With different demands for drivetrain ranges required for road, gravel, and CX riding, Shimano has created cassette ranges designed to...
Shimano XT CS-M8000 Cassette
Retail Price: $86.99
Our Price: $64.95
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Shift smoothly across everything from steep, rock-strewn trails to smooth-buffed XC loops with the Shimano XT CS-M8000 Cassette. Whether you're overhauling your trail bike's chewed-up cassette or converting to a 1x11 drivetrain, this 11-speed cassette shaves precious grams while standing up to...
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