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Shimano 105 CS-5800 11-Speed Cassette
Price: $69.99
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The advent of the latest Shimano 105 groupset meant re-engineering the 105 cassettes to work with the 11-speed configuration. The new CS-5800 cassette not only features one more cog, it was also designed to optimize shifting across the entire range of gears. The CS-5800 features the same gear...
Shimano Dura-Ace CS-9000 11-Speed Cassette
Retail Price: $269.95
Our Price: $189.95
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In the cycling world, not much can happen with the addition of three grams. Try to imagine the best possible upgrade to your bike that falls within this weight. Give up? Well, we thought of something for all of you 7900 users -- the Shimano Dura-Ace CS-9000 11-Speed Cassette. You read that right...
Shimano Ultegra 6800 Cassette
Retail Price: $99.95
Our Price: $69.99
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Shimano knew that the Ultegra 6800 cassette would reside as the heart of the new 11-speed system, which is why it devoted considerable time on a feature known as 'rider-tuning.' What this means is that you receive an updated range of useable gearing options with the advent of the 11-speed design....
Shimano Ultegra CS-6700 Cassette
Retail Price: $99.95
Our Price: $85.00
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We'll tell you straight up that while we appreciate the appeal of Dura-Ace cassettes, we understand why you would choose Ultegra for your bike. Smart racers routinely save money by going with Ultegra cassettes; the money saved can go for other weight shaving measures. On the plus side, Shimano...
Shimano XT Dyna-Sys CS-M771 Cassette
Retail Price: $84.95
Our Price: $58.99
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For their Dyna-Sys 10-speed system, Shimano added another cog to their venerable XT level cassette. So like the previous 9-speed versions, the CS-M771-10 XT Cassette has the same Hyperglide tooth and ramp shapes to help the chain move effortlessly across its range. The XT 10-Speed Cassette uses...
Shimano XTR CS-M9000 11-speed Cassette
Retail Price: $349.99
Our Price: $249.95
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Shimano's all-new XTR groupset sees a swarm of huge refinements descend upon the legendary groupset, and one of the stars of the new show is the Shimano XTR CS-M9000 11-speed Cassette. The cassette features an intricate, computer-designed layout of its teeth and shift gates, because Shimano...
Shimano XTR Dyna-Sys Cassette
Retail Price: $279.95
Our Price: $181.99
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Just when we thought the 970 XTR cassette was the nicest thing we'd seen from their Sakai City factory, along comes the CS-M980 XTR 10-Speed Cassette. The biggest difference from the last generation is that this 980 Cassette has 10 cogs rather than nine. And with the addition of the largest...
SRAM Cassette XG-1080
Retail Price: $273.00
Our Price: $189.99
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SRAM's XG-1080 10-Speed Cassette is a lot like the XG-1099 XX Cassette. It's light and shares the same mesmerizing go-fast aesthetic. But it's way more affordable due to its construction. Where the XX cassette is machined from one block of steel, the XG-1080 is composed of individual, easy to...
SRAM PG-1050 Cassette (10-Speed)
Retail Price: $84.00
Our Price: $49.00
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The SRAM 'PowerGlide' shifting experience is well-known in the cycling world today, as it should be. The crisp, positive, and reliable shifting that results from the PG cassettes have resulted in many converts to SRAM's smooth design platform. From its Apex group on up through Red, SRAM's leading...
SRAM PG-1070 Cassette
Retail Price: $107.00
Our Price: $96.99
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With the introduction of the Force and Rival road groups, SRAM brings some long-overdue fresh thinking to component design. Their creativity and innovation doesn't stop at components with inherent sex appeal like shift levers and cranksets. It extends even to traditionally mundane parts like the...
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