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SRAM Road Disc Brake Pads - Sintered
Retail Price: $25.95
Our Price: $15.65
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As part of the testing process that went into developing the new Hydro R (hydraulics for road) brake groups, SRAM's engineers spent considerable amounts of time experimenting with different brake pad compounds. For several of the tests, riders wore weighted vests while descending Italy's steep...
SRAM S700 Hydraulic Disc Brake
Price: $469.00
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SRAM wants everyone to come to the party, which is why, when re-engineering its road and cyclocross hydraulic disc brake systems for 2015 for its newest 11-speed drivetrains, it also extended the technology to its older 10-speed drivetrains by offering up the S700 Hydraulic Disc Brake system. To...
SRAM X0 Carbon GS Disc Brake
Price: $185.00
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SRAM split its X0 Disc Brakes into two distinct versions. One aimed for aggressive trail riders, aptly named "Trail" -- for those who prefer power and adjustments over weight -- and the X0 Carbon GS, which favors low-weight over complexity. While the Trail model differs greatly from previous...
SwissStop Disc Brake Pad Set
Price: $28.00
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The Swiss Alps, no doubt, are home to some spectacular and demanding mountain bike terrain. SwissStop's testing facility is nestled there as well. Their technicians tirelessly test and re-test brake pad compounds so you can ride with confidence knowing the best stopping power and control...
SwissStop Disc S Brake Pads
Price: $33.99
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SwissStop prides themselves on research and development, with results that can be seen and felt in its line of sintered metallic Disc S Brake Pads. In its ISO 9001 certified laboratory and production facility, SwissStop uses pressure and heat below the melting point to bond an engineered mix of...
SwissStop FlashPro Black Prince Brake Pads
Price: $50.00
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Compatible with both Shimano and SRAM brakes, SwissStop FlashPro Elite Black Prince Brake Pads are for carbon rims only. FlashPro means that the pads are compatible with Shimano and SRAM brake calipers. To better the performance over the previous Flash pads, the FlashPro has deeper asymmetrical...
SwissStop FlashPro Original Black Brake Pad Set
Price: $25.00
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SwissStop is one of those rare companies whose obsession puts them above their peers in the industry. You see, SwissStop pads are made by a Swiss company named Rex Articoli SA. They manufacture high-tech rubber bits for industry. In fact, SwissStop brake pads are the only consumer item that they...
SwissStop FlashPro Yellow King Brake Pad Set
Price: $50.00
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SwissStop Yellow. That's the answer we give when asked about brake pads for carbon rimmed wheels. And it's no secret that wheel manufacturers like Mavic choose SwissStop because they make the best carbon-specific brake pads on the market. In fact, SwissStop Yellow King pads come with Mavic's...
SwissStop Full FlashPro BXP Brake Pads
Price: $34.00
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We've never made it a secret that we favor SwissStop's Yellow King and Black Prince compounds for carbon braking surfaces. However, we've been noticing a recurring trend for those who aren't so carbon inclined in their wheel choices -- running stock brake pads. We'd like to say that life is too...
SwissStop Full FlashPro Elite Black Prince Brake Pads
Price: $55.00
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Compatible with both Shimano and SRAM brakes, Swisstop Full FlashPro Elite Black Prince Brake Pads are for carbon rims only. The 'Full' in SwissStop Full FlashPro means that this brake pad kit comes with pads and holders. There will be no stripped set screws or lost parts. Simply remove your old,...
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