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SRAM Guide Ultimate Disc Brake
Retail Price: $288.00
Our Price: $209.99
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The SRAM Guide line of brakes really are the next level, and the Ultimate is SRAM's latest top-of-the-line offering. The Ultimate pairs carbon fiber levers and titanium hardware with its all-new S4 4-piston Caliper. This combination means pro-level XC-race weight with motorcycle stopping power....
SRAM Guide/X0 Trail Disc Brake Pads
Price: $23.00
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In the chaos of spring, singletrack trails can take sudden turns for the worst. In these cases, SRAM's Guide/X0 Trail Disc Brake Pads help to ensure that your rides end well by ending with you grabbing the brakes, not diving into a tree. We recommend the organic pads for lighter cyclists with a...
SRAM HSX Heat Shedding Rotor - CenterLock
Retail Price: $71.95
Our Price: $36.00
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SRAM's HSX Heat Shedding Rotor pairs with the new Red 22 Hydraulic Road Disc (HRD) to deliver you precise and power hydraulic breaking in a road groupset. The HSX rotor features stainless steel and alloy with cross-drilled technology for improved heat regulation and weight reduction. The alloy...
SRAM Hydraulic Line Kit - GUIDE R/RS/RSC, DB5
Price: $42.00
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Whether you're running SRAM's new Guide R/RS/RSC or DB5 brakes, the Hydraulic Line Kit is a wise choice to have around as a backup, or for replacing the existing line. With this kit you receive 2000mm of line (suitable for one brake) and the accompanying hardware.
SRAM Red 22 Hydraulic Disc Brake
Retail Price: $590.00
Our Price: $400.00
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When it comes to stopping, the SRAM Red 22 Hydraulic Disc Brake system gets it going. Rivaling the power and control of even the most advanced mountain biking disc brake systems, Red manages to be lighter and tighter for 2015 while addressing the thorns of the first-generation system. With the...
SRAM Red 22 Hydraulic Rim Brake/Shifter
Retail Price: $508.00
Our Price: $375.99
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In the quest for the ultimate road rim brake, SRAM pioneered the hydraulic rim brake. Even SRAM will admit, however, that the first design left a bit to be desired in the areas of performance and reliability. SRAM knew it was onto something, though, so it went back to the design room and started...
SRAM Red Aero Link Brake Calipers
Retail Price: $351.00
Our Price: $245.99
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In cycling, speed is priority 1, 1A, and 1B, so brakes tend to be the red-headed stepchild of your aero-magical carbon-fiber road-wizard setup--just stick whatever on there and you'll use it when you have to. Paradoxically, though, having top-of-the-line brakes actually helps you go faster,...
SRAM Rival 22 Brakes
Retail Price: $42.95
Our Price: $34.99
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SRAM's Rival 22 Brakes feature all the same stopping power as the Force series -- in wet and dry conditions at a fraction of the cost. In fact, across the entire component line, Force and Rival see very few differences between them. In short, they are mechanically very well matched. What sets...
SRAM Rival 22 Hydraulic Disc Brake
Retail Price: $384.00
Our Price: $325.99
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The pioneer of road-ready hydraulic disc brake systems, SRAM is confident that taking a set for a spin will leave you wondering how you were ever satisfied with anything less. To be clear, the company will be the first to admit that its first generation of the brakes needed some refinement to be...
SRAM Rival 22 Shifter/Hydraulic Road Rim Brake
Retail Price: $334.00
Our Price: $283.99
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With the exception of a few different materials here and there that add up to a fractionally heavier system compared to the higher-end Force and Red sets, the SRAM Rival 22 Hydraulic Road Rim Brakes still represent the pinnacle of braking on the road or 'cross course. Both shift and brake levers...
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