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SRAM Force CX1 Hydraulic Disc Brake
Price: $402.00
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The SRAM CX1 Hydraulic Disc groupset brings not one, but two major SRAM innovations to the table: the ingenious 1x11, single-chainring drivetrain platform, and road- and 'cross-ready hydraulic disc brake technology. Bolting CX1 to your bike effectively turns your rig into a 'cross weapon, and the...
SRAM Guide R Disc Brake
Price: $129.00
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For those who require predictable, powerful braking without any fuss, the Guide R just might be the solution. The new Guide platform employs a reworked master cylinder for precise feel at the lever, and this youngest-of-the-siblings "R" version receives a simple tool-free reach adjustment for...
SRAM Guide RS Disc Brake
Price: $149.00
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While the Elixirs were excellent performers, SRAM felt they could do better, so it hit the drawing board and spent countless hours testing and revising a new braking platform from the ground up, resulting in the new Guide brakes. The SRAM Guide RS Brake falls in the middle of the new Guide family...
SRAM Guide RSC Disc Brake
Price: $199.00
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SRAM has seriously stepped up its brake game with the new Guide platform, and the SRAM Guide RSC Brake tops the line. Leaving no stone unturned in the question for stopping supremacy, the RSC boasts every feature SRAM could cram into it: "R" stands for lever Reach adjustment, "S" for the new...
SRAM HSX Heat Shedding Rotor - CenterLock
Retail Price: $71.95
Our Price: $49.99
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There are many advantages of moving to a disc setup on your road machine -- no heat buildup at the rim surfaces, incredible modulation, and powerful braking in both dry and wet conditions. And so, with the introduction of SRAM's new Red 22 Hydro R (hydraulics for the road) braking group, a...
SRAM HSX Heat-Shedding Rotor- 6 Bolt
Retail Price: $71.95
Our Price: $49.99
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No more heat buildup at the rim, incredible modulation, predictable and powerful braking in wet and dry conditions -- the list goes on. These are the advantages of moving to a disc setup on your road machine. And so, with the introduction of SRAM's new Red 22 Hydro R (hydraulics for the road)...
SRAM Hydraulic Line Kit - GUIDE R/RS/RSC, DB5
Price: $42.00
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Whether you're running SRAM's new Guide R/RS/RSC or DB5 brakes, the Hydraulic Line Kit is a wise choice to have around as a backup, or for replacing the existing line. With this kit you receive 2000mm of line (suitable for one brake) and the accompanying hardware.
SRAM Red 22 Hydraulic Disc Brake
Price: $590.00
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When it comes to stopping, the SRAM Red 22 Hydraulic Disc Brake system gets it going. Rivaling the power and control of even the most advanced mountain biking disc brake systems, Red manages to be lighter and tighter for 2015 while addressing the thorns of the first-generation system. With the...
SRAM Red 22 Hydraulic Rim Brake/Shifter
Price: $508.00
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To the benefit of anyone who rides a road bike, SRAM pioneered road hydraulic brake systems, although they'll be the first admit that the initial systems could still bring even better performance and reliability to the table. After starting with a clean sheet of paper, SRAM drew up the 2015 SRAM...
SRAM Red Aero Link Brake Calipers
Retail Price: $351.00
Our Price: $345.95
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In a sport where the beauty and efficiency of speed is of the essence, it's no simple task to inject any semblance of sex appeal into a device whose entire role is to defuse that speed. The original SRAM Red Brakes were sleek and attractive enough, but there was little to differentiate between...
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