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Shimano Saint/Zee (H03C) Metallic Disc Brake Pad
Price: $55.99
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Refresh your braking power with a new set of Shimano Saint/Zee (H03C) Metallic Disc Brake Pads, which feature aluminum cooling fins and a metal compound that provides reliable braking across wet and dry weather conditions. Each pad set includes two pads, a retraction spring, and a cotter pin for...
Shimano Shimano Disc Brake Bleed Kit
Retail Price: $20.99
Our Price: $16.99
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The Shimano Disc Brake Bleed Kit gives you 50ml of Genuine Shimano Mineral Oil for bleeding out your front and rear Shimano Hydraulic Disc Brakes. Simply install the hose to the bleed screw, push fluid into the system by squeezing the bottle, and reap the benefits of powerful stopping performance.
Shimano SM-MA90 Disc Brake Adapter
Price: $7.99
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With the SM-MA90 Disc Brake Adapter, Shimano has taken an artful leap at the lowly disc brake adapter. Not only is it lighter than their older adapters, but it's more refined -- this refinement being the reason for its lightness. Where Shimano's older adapters were blocky, this one has curved...
Shimano SM-RT68 Rotor
Price: $21.99
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An aluminum core placed between steel braking surfaces and the alloy spider of Shimano's CenterLock SLX SM-RT68 Rotor effectively prevents heat buildup for consistent braking. Shimano's SLX SM-RT68 rotor is compatible with the CenterLock interface and comes in three sizes: 160, 180, and 203mm.
Shimano TL-BT03-S Disc Brake Bleed Tool
Price: $24.95
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Shimano's TL-BT03-S Disc Brake Bleed Tool includes everything you'll need to perform professional-grade bleed maintenance on your hydraulic braking system. You'll have a syringe, oil funnel, funnel stand, and tube to complete the process; however, do note that this kit is designed specifically...
Shimano Ultegra 6871 Di2 TT Brake/Shift Lever Set
Retail Price: $280.99
Our Price: $242.99
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The Shimano Ultegra 6871 Di2 TT Brake/Shift Lever Set enables rapid-fire shifting and smooth braking capabilities for time trail and triathlon events. And though it may seem counterintuitive to add a second set of shifters to your time trail or triathlon bike, this brake/shift lever set helps you...
Shimano XT BL-M785 Hydraulic Disc Brake
Retail Price: $139.99
Our Price: $84.99
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Look around at any trailhead, any race, or anywhere, and you'll see a whole lot of Shimano XT Brakes. Why? They're trusted, durable, powerful, and reliable--pretty much the holy grail of what is perhaps the most important component on your bike. Shimano designed the M785s to quickly reach the...
Shimano XT BL-M8000 Disc Brake
Retail Price: $114.99
Our Price: $94.95
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Shimano's new Deore XT Disc Brake is part of Shimano's sexy new M8000 gruppo. The new brake offers a few subtle refinements for a reduction in weight and a sleeker look. The redesigned brake features a new lever with an integrated master cylinder and, of course, a menacing black ano finish. It...
Shimano XT SM-RT86 Rotor - 6-Bolt
Retail Price: $44.99
Our Price: $30.98
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Shimano's XT Brake Rotor, the SM-RT86, sets itself apart from Shimano's lower-tier offerings through its use of an aluminum core to transfer heat away from the brake caliper. This, combined with the finned heat sinks in Shimano's XT and XTR-level brake pads, combats heat-related brake fade. What...
Shimano XTR BL-M9000 Race Brakes
Retail Price: $224.99
Our Price: $129.95
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If you're here, then you know. Shimano's XTR M9000 Race Brakes are some of the best brakes we've encountered, and we'd love for them to be on all of our bikes. The combination of low weight, consistent lever feel, and unadulterated braking power makes them sought after by XC racers, weekend...
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