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Rotor BB30-24 Converter Bottom Bracket - Road
Price: $89.95
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Buy a frame with a BB30 bottom bracket but want to keep running your BB24 crankset? Don't sweat it, because Rotor designed the BB30-24 Converter Bottom Bracket to let you swap out your cranks between the two frames. It's labyrinth seals create a maze that prevents fluid from escaping and dirt...
Rotor BB30-24 Converter Mountain Bike Bottom Bracket - Ceramic
Price: $275.00
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Rotor made the BB30-24 Converter Mountain Bike Ceramic Bottom Bracket for people who want to run the crankset they like, regardless of spindle diameter. The BB30-24 makes installing a conventional 24mm spindle diameter in a BB30 frame possible. Buttery-smooth ceramic bearings keep you rolling...
Rotor BB30-24 Converter Mountain Bike Bottom Bracket - Stainless
Price: $89.95
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Rotor designed the BB30-BB24 Converter Mountain Bike Bottom Bracket to make changing components between frames a breeze. Now you're able to use the 24mm cranks of your choosing with that BB30 frame. Rotor created a smooth, aftermarket converter using its labyrinth seals. Labyrinth seals have a...
Rotor BB30-24 Reducer MTB - Bottom Bracket - Ceramic
Price: $299.95
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Are bottom bracket options driving you mad? Do you feel like a puppet in the hands of frame manufacturers who change specs yearly? Do you want to use your existing BB24 crankset on your new mountain bike rig, but it just doesn't fit? Not to fear, Rotor's BB30 to BB24 Converter has your back....
Rotor BSA 30 Ceramic Road Bottom Bracket
Price: $260.00
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Rotor's new 3D+ Cranks are lighter and stiffer than their standard 3D crankset thanks to the larger, 30mm alloy spindle. So with the benefit of instantaneous power transfer, why not employ ceramic bearings to have the most efficient drivetrain possible? That's why Rotor builds this BSA 30 Ceramic...
Rotor Press Fit 4624 Bottom Bracket
Retail Price: $79.95
Our Price: $59.96
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The Rotor Press Fit 4624 Bottom Bracket is designed to do one thing -mate your Press Fit 30 BB shell to your 'old' standard 24mm-spindle cranks. There are variations for Shimano MTB and road cranks, as well as SRAM GXP MTB and road cranks. The Shimano version will also likely work with most FSA...
Shimano Dura Ace BB86 Bottom Bracket
Price: $31.99
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The 86mm bottom bracket is a relatively new, reasonably beefier BB standard that allows frame designers a little more leeway to play around with seat tube, downtube, and chainstay designs. The new, larger shell requires a larger bracket, obviously, and Shimano designed the Dura-Ace BB86 Bottom...
Shimano Dura-Ace BB-R9100 Bottom Bracket
Price: $35.99
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Our modern world of bottom brackets is something of a labyrinth; if you can decipher the clues to find your way to the one that works for you, we commend you. But if a few shadowy paths still leave you uncertain or confused, let us try to illuminate one of them for you. The Dura-Ace BB-R9100...
Shimano Dura-Ace SM-BB9000 Bottom Bracket
Price: $34.99
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If the History of Bottom Brackets 101 wasn't taught in your school, you probably don't know that Shimano was one of the first to adopt the external bottom bracket. Its Dura-Ace SM-BB9000 Bottom Bracket sits at the top of the line in terms of being serviceable, reliable, and exceptionally durable....
Shimano Saint BB80D Bottom Bracket
Price: $24.99
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Shimano's Saint groupset is built to weather the big hits and hard drops of downhill racing. The Shimano Saint BB80D Bottom Bracket pairs with the Saint FC-M815 HollowTech II crankset to keep the pedals turning effortlessly run after run. Featuring silky smooth sealed bearings and longer drive...
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