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SRAM BB30 Ceramic Bottom Bracket Assembly
Retail Price: $195.00
Our Price: $149.99
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All in all we're impressed with the BB30 concept. Lighter, stiffer, smoother is great; add in SRAM's BB30 Ceramic Bottom Bracket bearing assembly and it's even more impressive. Even lighter, even stiffer, even smoother. In other words, faster in every direction. This Assembly is compatible with...
SRAM GXP 83 Bottom Bracket
Price: $39.00
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Many frames designed for extreme riding are built with an 83mm bottom bracket shell. It's a result of the wider axles used to optimize wheel stiffness to improve durability. The extra width in the back necessitates extra width in the cranks to get a proper chainline. If you have an 83mm shell and...
SRAM GXP BB86 Bottom Bracket
Retail Price: $35.00
Our Price: $28.00
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Since the idea of a bottom bracket "standard" is in flux these days, SRAM offers just about every option on the planet. This is their GXP Road Pressfit bottom bracket system. This is comprised of two sets of steel bearings, each in a nylon cup with a lip. You press each set into a side of a BB86...
SRAM GXP BB92 Ceramic Bottom Bracket
Price: $195.00
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Sometimes options are really good, as in the times that you can buy some speed. Ceramic Bearings are smoother, faster, and well...smoother and faster. SRAM offers bottom brackets in every possible dimension and this GXP Pressfit MTB Bottom Bracket with Ceramic Bearings is designed to be pressed...
SRAM GXP Blackbox Ceramic Bottom Bracket
Retail Price: $199.95
Our Price: $179.95
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Part of the allure of SRAM's Red component group is that it's designed and made with a pull-out-all-the-stops attitude, and that insistence on lighter, faster, better goes all the way to the bottom bracket. SRAM Red uses the GXP/Blackbox Ceramic Bottom Bracket. It's structurally identical to the...
SRAM GXP Team Bottom Bracket
Retail Price: $39.00
Our Price: $28.95
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Typically unsung, this SRAM GXP Team Bottom Bracket is what you'll find supporting your SRAM road or Truvativ mountain crankset. It's identical to the bottom brackets used in the Force and X0 groups. SRAM's bottom brackets, while interchangeable between all SRAM and Truvativ cranksets, are brand...
SRAM PF30 Bottom Bracket
Retail Price: $40.00
Our Price: $32.99
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SRAM makes their PF30 Bottom Bracket Assembly to fit frames that use this pressfit standard. If your bottom bracket shell has a 46mm ID, then this is the bearing set that you'll need to install your BB30 crankset. Be aware that it will work with any brand of BB30 crank as well. While SRAM's GXP...
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