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Chris King BB Conversion Kit #9
Price: $24.00
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New crank and an older frame? No problem. First, pick up Chris King's ingenious new Threadfit 24 Bottom Bracket. Now, if you are running road bike cranks with a tapered 22-24mm spindle, such as certain SRAM, Bontrager, Truvativ, or Zinn cranks, and your bike has a 68mm-wide BB shell, you're going...
Chris King Ceramic SRAM Road Bottom Bracket
Price: $225.00
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Chris King components are synonymous with precision and beauty. Anodizing in a myriad of colors, Chris King has become known for hubs that engage without drag, headsets that move buttery-smooth, and bottom brackets that rotate with fluidity. Though other brands can boast similar qualities, it's...
Chris King Press-Fit 24mm Ceramic
Price: $214.95
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While Chris King has always been revered for its steel ball bearings, there's no denying the fact that ceramics are lighter and offer a measurable reduction in friction. And, if quality and ultimate performance are your two bottom bracket requirements, look no further than this Press-Fit 24mm...
Chris King PressFit 24mm
Price: $144.95
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The wishes of cyclists and shop technicians around the world were answered when Chris King introduced the PressFit 24mm Bottom Bracket. Their reputation for turning troublesome components into reliable and easy-to-tune parts was solidified with this PressFit 24mm Bottom Bracket. First, the bottom...
Chris King PressFit 30mm
Price: $164.95
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It took a few years, but the aluminum wizards at Chris King finally graced us with a bottom bracket designed specifically for PressFit 30 bottom bracket shells. The PressFit 30mm bottom bracket ensures that your cranks will spin as freely as possible, thanks to King's house-made steel ball...
Chris King PressFit 30mm Ceramic
Price: $224.95
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The Chris King PressFit 30mm Ceramic bottom bracket brings smoothness, reliability, and quality to PF30-equipped frames. Both cups house 24 ceramic balls in each cartridge--providing a measurable reduction in friction and weight when compared to steel. That means you'll be riding faster. Bearings...
Chris King ThreadFit 24mm Bottom Bracket
Price: $148.95
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Before the dizzying array of bottom bracket standards that all just look like a gaping hole in your frame, bottom bracket cups used to thread in to precisely-manufactured frames, and lasted darn near forever, rarely creaking. The Chris King ThreadFit 24mm bottom bracket is the perfect match for...
Chris King ThreadFit 24mm Bottom Bracket - Ceramic
Price: $219.95
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Chris King has solved the dilemma of buying a new crankset only to find out it doesn't fit your existing bottom bracket. The new ThreadFit 24mm Bottom Bracket is essentially a modular system able to "fit" most any crankset with the simple addition of an adapter. This bottom bracket features an...
FSA BB30 Bottom Bracket
Retail Price: $49.99
Our Price: $42.49
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The people at FSA are borderline nuts about all things related to bottom brackets, cranksets, and the integration of the two. Little wonder, then, that pressing the FSA BB30 Bottom Bracket into your frame will yield a smooth, durable ride. It spins on reliable, no-nonsense stainless steel...
FSA Mega Exo Cartridge Sealed Bottom Bracket
Retail Price: $54.99
Our Price: $44.00
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This winter, treat yourself to some new bottom bracket bearings courtesy of the FSA Mega Exo Cartridge Sealed Bottom Bracket, then set about trying to destroy them as soon as the trails are rideable in spring. This will be a tall order, as the bottom bracket's aluminum external cups are precisely...
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