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Chris King BB Conversion Kit #3
Price: $22.00
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Chris King's press-fit bottom brackets are arguably the smoothest, most durable options in the entire universe of PF30, but if your crankset has a spindle smaller than 30mm, you'll need a conversion kit to span the gap. If you need to affix your GXP 24mm crankset to your 73mm PF30-equipped frame,...
Chris King BB Conversion Kit #4
Price: $22.00
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The good folks at Chris King are known for taking their time when developing new components, and the Oregon-built press fit bottom brackets are no exception. But we're inclined to think that the PF30 bottom brackets have been worth the wait. They require adapters for cranksets with a spindle...
Chris King BB Conversion Kit #5
Price: $22.00
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If you're reading this, you're wisely considering a Chris King PF30 bottom bracket for your road bike. And that means a long service life of silky-smooth operation. However, if you're running a 24mm GXP road crankset instead of a 30mm option, you'll need the Chris King BB Conversion Kit #5 to...
Chris King BB Conversion Kit #6
Price: $16.00
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The Chris King BB Conversion Kit #6 adapts your 24>22mm mountain crankset to your Press Fit 24 frame. That means that you can now have complete freedom of drivetrain choice, and arguably the world's finest press fit bottom bracket on your Press Fit 24-equipped trail steed. This conversion kit...
Chris King Ceramic SRAM Road Bottom Bracket
Price: $225.00
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Chris King components are synonymous with precision and beauty. Anodizing in a myriad of colors, Chris King has become known for hubs that engage without drag, headsets that move buttery-smooth, and bottom brackets that rotate with fluidity. Though other brands can boast similar qualities, it's...
Chris King Mountain Bottom Bracket - Shimano
Price: $145.00
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A fortunate few companies are market leaders. Rarer still are market obliterators. These companies are so dominant and worthy of their marketshare and mindshare we sometimes wonder why their competition even bothers. And no company obliterates quite like Chris King. In unveiling their Shimano...
Chris King Mountain Bottom Bracket - SRAM
Price: $155.00
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The Chris King Nothreadset is perhaps the industry's single most iconic component. With its precision and its durability, Chris King established the standard for quality. And ever since Chris King unveiled their bottom bracket, Shimano riders have reveled in having the King name adorn their...
Chris King Press-Fit 24mm Ceramic
Price: $214.95
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While Chris King has always been revered for its steel ball bearings, there's no denying the fact that ceramics are lighter and offer a measurable reduction in friction. And, if quality and ultimate performance are your two bottom bracket requirements, look no further than this Press-Fit 24mm...
Chris King PressFit 24mm
Price: $144.95
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When Chris King finally entered the bottom bracket market, the wishes of cycling enthusiasts and shop technicians, worldwide, were answered. King's reputation of turning maintenance-intensive, grimy components into reliable, not to mention handsome, apparatuses pushed that desire. And, when you...
Chris King PressFit 30mm
Price: $164.95
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Square tapered bottom brackets were the norm when Chris King first bounced around the notion of entering the bottom bracket market. In fact, King collaborated on the Isis Drive standard, but held out on production. That's because King knew that turbulence existed, as multiple other standards were...
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