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Women's Apparel Triathlon Shoes

Fi'zi:k K1 Donna Shoes
Price: $399.95
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Triathlons require specific gear, and the struggle at T1 is a perfect example of when having the proper equipment comes to light. T1 is a popular source of videos that 'one sporters' like to snicker at due to the chaos caused by the incredible coordination and balance required to put on cycling...
Northwave Tribute Triathlon Women's Shoes
Retail Price: $189.95
Our Price: $113.97
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Investing in time with a tri coach was so worth it; not only did she straighten out your swim stroke, but she also gave you some invaluable tips to shave time in transition. Now you have your Northwave Women's Tribute Triathlon Shoe clipped to the pedals of your bike, so you can hop right on your...
Shimano SH-WT60 Women's Shoes
Price: $249.95
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Like any physical discipline, triathlon requires a balancing act in your gear selection. Too often, though, you're forced to one extreme or the other -- comfort over stiffness; stiffness over breathability. However, we're here to tell you that Shimano has made your life easier with its new...
Sidi T3 Air Women's Shoes
Price: $249.95
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No matter how much you empty yourself during the cycling stage of your triathlon, it's all for naught if your feet are incapable of carrying you across the finish line. Case in point are hot spots. If your cycling shoes are giving you hot spots, that nuisance in the saddle will quickly become...