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Assos Messenger Bag
Retail Price: $15.95
Our Price: $10.37
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Lighter than a backpack and more substantial than your reusable grocery tote, Assos' Messenger Bag is the ideal companion for keeping your goods close at hand while on the move. The bag's made of 80% recycled plastic, features the iconic Assos cyclist on one side and the slogan "Have a good ride!...
Chrome Barrage Cargo Backpack - 2075cu in
Price: $180.00
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Chrome Bags is well known for creating messenger-style bags that can carry the kitchen sink, literally --plus a six pack for after your day's work is done, shoes, your wallet and a few random items with room to spare. And though those bags have their place, you don't always need thousands and...
Chrome Berlin Messenger Bag
Price: $219.00
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Load the Chrome Berlin Messenger Bag with enough food for a day and plenty of beverages, and head to the Love Festival for some serious fun. This massive bag has enough room to hold all of your clothes, so you can enjoy the parade au naturale--although carrying this large messenger might cover...
Chrome Bravo Laptop Backpack
Price: $159.95
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Heading out into nasty weather with your $2000 laptop on your back can be frightening experience. Mother Nature doesn't care what you paid for your computer any more than she cares about the sandwich you have in your pack, and she's happy to destroy either one without a second thought. There are...
Chrome Buran II Messenger Bag
Price: $155.00
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The Chrome Buran II Messenger Bag mixes style, function, and durable protection, so you get a bag that will get you and all your junk from home to work and back again, rain or shine. For this model, Chrome moved the laptop pocket so it sits against your back for a better fit and more natural...
Chrome Cardiel: Fortnight Backpack
Price: $200.00
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If you're the lavish type who needs an ivory-embellished trunk just to keep yourself clothed for a fortnight, than the Chrome Cardiel: Fortnight Backpack might not be for you. If you're like pro skater and fixed-gear advocate John Cardiel and all you need is a bomber waterproof bag and the fire...
Chrome Citadel Laptop Backpack
Price: $179.95
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The Chrome Citadel Laptop Backpack carries all your essentials for a weekend-long adventure or a really big day exploring the city. Durable material, plenty of storage, and messenger-bag styling make the Citadel the versatile fortress of a pack that it is. Ergonomic shoulder straps free you from...
Chrome Citizen Messenger Bag
Price: $160.00
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You don't need a messenger bag big enough to carry bank boxes, but you want a bag large enough to haul a six-pack, an extra jacket and your laptop. Look no further than the Chrome Citizen Messenger Bag. Constructed using tough 1000 denier Cordura outer shell and 18-ounce truck tarp liner, Chrome...
Chrome Ivan Messenger Bag
Price: $210.00
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These days a lot of emphasis is put on 'retro styling.' It could be a nostalgia thing, or it might be that we associate the 'good ol' days' with quality. Whatever the perception, sometimes the retro design actually just worked better. Take the Chrome Ivan Messenger Bag, for example. The rolltop...
Chrome Metropolis Messenger Bag
Price: $180.00
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Strap yourself into Chrome's Metropolis Messenger Bag and take a ride downtown. With 40 liters of interior space, the Metropolis is Chrome's largest buckle messenger bag and is ready to haul all the gear you need for a day on the town. It swallows 17-inch laptops for breakfast and still has...
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