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BIKND Helium Air-Cushioned Bike Case
Price: $599.95
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The first thing you'll notice about the Biknd Helium Bicycle Travel Case is that it has air bags for your bike. We should note, by the way, that it doesn't use helium in any way -- just air. The name 'Helium' stems from the lightness of the case. It weighs only 24 lbs empty, and considering the...
BIKND Jetpack
Price: $449.95
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If you've ever traveled with your bike you know all too well that security agents and baggage handlers are like bulls in a china shop. In fact, it almost seems that the case itself lets off a high pitch that beckons like a whistle to a dog, screaming --"abuse me, misuse me." The Canadian company,...
DAKINE Limited Edition Bike Case
Price: $374.95
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Make that trip to bucket-list destinations a smooth transition with the DAKINE Limited Edition Bike Case. Heavy duty urethane wheels and multiple handles get you to baggage check without hassle, while smartly designed packaging ensures everyone from freedom-trampling security to job-hating...
Evoc MTB Wheel Cover
Price: $99.00
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The Evoc MTB Wheel Cover fits everything from wide DH wheels to large 29ers so they are protected while traveling. The bag measures 75 x 5cm and is constructed from a PU-coated 600d nylon. A PU-board adds extra protection for axles, and a compartment stores small parts to ensure everything...
Evoc Road Bike Aluminum Stand
Price: $129.00
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Designed to securely hold a road or triathlon bike with the EVOC Bike Travel Bag, the Aluminum Stand stabilizes for safe transportation. It attaches with quick release levers at both the front and rear so drivetrain and forks are protected from aggressive baggage handlers. The mounting points can...
Evoc Road Bike Wheel Case
Price: $129.00
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The Evoc Road Bike Wheel Case fits into the Bike Travel Bag to protect racing wheels when in transit. It measures 70 x 5cm and is constructed from a PU-coated 600d nylon. 5mm of Atilon PE foam adds extra protection, and a compartment stores small parts to ensure everything arrives at its...
Pika Packworks EEP 29er Bike Case
Price: $462.00
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There aren't many bag companies that can claim they've been manufacturing cycling-specific travel bags as long as Pika Packworks. Since '94, they've been producing air-travel cycling bags for some of the world's top racing teams. There also aren't many companies that can claim their products are...
Pika Packworks EEP ISP Bike Case
Price: $484.00
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You may have opted for a lighter and stiffer integrated seatpost bicycle before considering that traveling with it may be a bit of a hassle. Luckily, if the measurement from the top of the post to the center of the bottom bracket is less than 37 inches, the Pika Packworks EEP ISP Bike Case will...
Pika Packworks EEP Standard Bike Bag
Price: $406.00
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Don't let the romance of riding your bike over famous cobbles or classic cols be tainted with the terrifying thought of gorilla-trained baggage handlers or the burden of schlepping around a hardshell type bike case. Pika Packworks makes the EEP Standard Bicycle Travel Bag to safeguard your bike...
Pika Packworks EEP Stretch Bike Bag
Price: $433.00
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Pika Packworks builds the EEP (Exercise Equipment Pack) Stretch Bicycle Travel Bag in Salt Lake City, Utah. It's designed first and foremost to protect your two-wheeled investment, and it certainly does that. Yet the packable foam and nylon structure is easy to transport and stow when you reach...
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