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Retail Price: $49.99
Our Price: $37.49
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If you haven't heard of the BKOOL Training Program, you're missing out. Part training, part social media, this online platform provides hundreds of routes for you to ride indoors. If you're going to train indoors during the winter anyway, why not have some fun? The BKOOL ANT+ Dongle is the...
BKOOL Trainer Mat
Retail Price: $69.99
Our Price: $52.49
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When you ride indoors, you need a stable spot for your trainer, one that will keep your trainer from rocking back and forth. The BKool trainer mat is designed to keep all your contact points on the ground so that all you need to concentrate on is pedaling. The mat is constructed from a heavy...
BKOOL Wireless ANT+ Trainer
Retail Price: $649.99
Our Price: $487.49
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Are you are a group ride addict? On every donut ride, coffee ride and training ride to be found in your town? If so, when the frost and drifts of winter snow set in, you're bound to feel let down and isolated --relegated to the basement to spin away the hours on the trainer. BKOOL is a new,...
Blackburn Tech Fluid Trainer
Price: $299.95
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Blackburn's Tech Fluid Trainer uses fluid to sculpt a resistance curve that ramps up as your rear wheel speed increases. And just as you'd shift into a higher gear out on the road to get a greater workout, you'll do the same here. The beauty of the Tech Fluid Trainer is its simplicity. Unlike the...
Blackburn Tech Mag 6 Trainer
Price: $239.95
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The Race of the Falling Leaves traditionally signals the end of the season. And as we watch the leaves fall around us, we're reminded that it won't be long before we'll look to a stationary trainer to help us stay in shape for next season. The Blackburn Tech Mag 6 Trainer is a perfect tool for...
Continental Ultra Sport Hometrainer Tire - Clincher
Retail Price: $50.00
Our Price: $40.00
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Putting down serious mileage on your trainer isn't just hell on your brain, it's equally destructive to your rear tire. The severe heat generated by the drums of stationary trainers or rollers devours the rubber and causes the tread to break down and the casing to split. Continental wants you to...
CycleOps 200 Pro Indoor Cycle
Retail Price: $1799.99
Our Price: $1599.99
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Not everyone gets the luxury of year round riding. The antidote? We suggest that you square off against Old Man Winter with the CycleOps 200 Pro Indoor Cycle. Whether you have springtime race ambitions, or you simply want to maintain some semblance of your summertime fitness & weight, the 200 Pro...
CycleOps Bike Thong Sweat Catcher
Price: $24.99
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The main drawback to training indoors -- other than the terminal boredom it brings on -- is the sweat that pours all over your bike. It's hell on your headset and on the bolts of your stem and bars. The CycleOps Bike Thong is the cure. It's a Y-shaped piece of terry cloth that velcros to your...
CycleOps Climbing Riser Block
Retail Price: $25.99
Our Price: $23.99
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The Climbing Block levels and stabilizes your front wheel as you do a workout on your indoor trainer. What's unique about the Climbing Block, though, is that you can rotate it to set your wheel higher than your trainer, thereby increasing the level of difficulty of your workout. The goal here, of...
CycleOps Fluid 2 Power Training Kit
Retail Price: $499.99
Our Price: $449.99
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Riding your bike indoors is less than fun. Sure, you put in a few movies, or blast the music, but nothing reminds you more that you aren't outside and that you probably aren't maximizing those indoor miles. CycleOps knows how hard it is to focus indoors. Its Fluid 2 Power Training Kit is an...
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