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Wahoo Fitness KICKR Training Desk Set Up
Price: $229.99
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You may spend all day in an office chair fiddling with spreadsheets and spilling coffee on your chinos, but your real work begins when you get home to the Wahoo KICKR Training Desk Set Up. It may resemble the cockpit of a treadmill because it's designed to serve the same purpose for your trainer,...
Zwift Arion Roller Flexible Package
Price: $2252.47
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The Arion Roller Flexible Package ups the ante from Zwift's Basic packages. Instead of relying on speed and cadence sensors in order to map your avatar's progress through the online Watopia environment, the Arion Flexible Package uses a power meter. It still transmits your numbers to a...
Zwift Kinetic Z Rollers Flexible Package
Price: $2211.48
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Zwift's Kinetic Z Rollers Flexible Package sets up a train of power measurement, transmission, and display -- the only thing missing is a subscription to the Zwift online training software and you, the engine. The ANT+ dongle receives power readings from the included Pioneer/Shimano Dura-Ace...
Zwift Sportcrafters Omnium Trainer Flexible Package
Price: $2351.48
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If every pedal stroke during training is a down payment that we'll later reap in racing form, then anything that gets us jazzed about training indoors during inclement weather, un-rideable winters, or inconvenient daily schedules is worth its weight in gold. Zwift's Sportcrafters Omnium Trainer...
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