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Tacx Genius Smart Trainer
Price: $799.99
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For the most part, we only revert to the trainer for one reason: the weather is too inclement to risk 25m tires on the road. Tacx Genius Smart Trainer replicates every facet of the experience of riding outside except for the inclement weather that forced you indoors and the wind in your hair. The...
Tacx i-Genius Smart Multiplayer Trainer
Price: $1199.99
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Typically, we try to avoid indoor riding at all costs. We'd prefer to brave most storms in waterproof gear and booties before saddling up for a good ole' training session in the living room or basement, but sometimes even the toughest of winter riding gear just doesn't suffice, and we have to...
Tacx Neo Smart Trainer
Price: $1599.99
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The Tacx Neo Smart Trainer represents a new paradigm of training functionality. It's a true direct-drive machine that Tacx claims is the quietest, most realistic trainer to date. This realism even extends to mimicking the virtual road surface with compatible training apps, which is something that...
Tacx Neo Steering Track
Price: $249.99
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One of the most ingenious training accessories we've ever laid our eyes upon, the Tacx Neo Steering Track is an interactive steering track that's compatible with a Neo Smart Trainer with Tacx's interactive training software. You need to supplement your Neo Smart with the Upgrade Smart Kit in...
Tacx Satori Smart Wireless Training Base
Price: $399.99
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Providing speed, cadence, and power outputs, the Tacx Satori Smart Wireless Training Base does it all when you're pushing yourself into peak condition through indoor workouts. The Satori's magnetic braking system is controlled by a lever on your handlebar, allowing you to set the level of desired...
Tacx Vortex Smart Training Base
Price: $549.99
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The Vortex Smart Training Base doesn't quite recreate the extremes of Tacx's pricier models, but its 7% max simulated gradient and its ceiling of 950 watts are more than most of use in an actual race--let alone an indoor training session. These numbers allow it to recreate everything from a long...
Wahoo Fitness KICKR Training Desk Set Up
Price: $249.99
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You may spend all day in an office chair fiddling with spreadsheets and spilling coffee on your chinos, but your real work begins when you get home to the Wahoo KICKR Training Desk Set Up. It may resemble the cockpit of a treadmill because it's designed to serve the same purpose for your trainer,...
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